The Fairy Princess was not planning to write for a while,


it is hot, while New York is recovering well, the rest of the non-mask wearing Red States are insuring our ultimate demise, she has an iced coffee to drink.

Was not planning on writing.


However there is some good news, which of course, is what one prefers, and let’s start with that –

TFP is going to appear on her pal, Musical Theater Juggernaught, HAYDEN TEE – of the INTERNATIONAL Musical Theater Fame – not just Broadway – ‘s show, and here is the trailer.

Hayden is the LUCKIEST because he is in NEW ZEALAND, where they have COMPETENT pandemic management and female leadership! OOOOH she wants to jump on a plane right now! You know he is going to be able to have a CONCERT with an AUDIENCE?!?!

Craziest thing.


ALSO, here is another cool thing to know, that you may view RIGHT NOW – the trailer for the feature film, FORTUNE COOKIES is out – and has some of TFP’s FAVORITE BRITISH EAST ASIANS in it!!!

This is a debut by Writer/Director, Brenda Lee (we love to see more Women who Film) shot in Northampton in 2020. Supported by the BBC Children in Need.

The logline is – would you give up your stage debut to go on a game show and help your struggling family win a lot of money?

Starring Carmen Pat, Belinda Duong, Helena Tang-Grosso, Siu Hun Li, Lucy Sheen, Robert Firth, Paul Courtenay Hyu, Velton Lishke, Eric Mok, Isabella Speaight, Daphne Cheung, Gang Chi, Cindy Humphrey, Natalie Chisholm and many more. Director of Photography Matt Riley. Production Designer Tamsyn Payne. Teaser edited by Connor Mclean of Haymarg Productions. Voiceover Robert Firth.


And now for the sh*tstorm brewing over at MARVEL…over the weekend, this livestream, which of course is now available forever on YouTube, brought together some of the cast from Daredevil, the series on Netflix.

Now, if you go to about the ten minute mark, Actor Peter Shinkoda spills the tea – and like, every last drop of it, on why there are very few Asian storylines on MARVEL shows – and TFP is going to grab the Twitter Clip from @WillamD1123 because

1. He is a white guy and people tend to respond more when a white guy says it

2. This is so offensive, a white guy could see it and say it without even having to ‘all white guys’ it, and more people should do that

Here we go & no, for some reason TFP can not center it, but you should be shocked enough that it was said out loud, that you will forgive that part of formatting:

But wait, even messier, today Mr. Shinkoda himself decided there needed to be a second cup…

and now everyone at MARVEL is freaking out except of course for those involved with Guardians of the Galaxy, where there are TWO (oy vey), and whoever cast Claudia Kim in The Age of Ultron – because in short – it is fairly anti- Asian as hell over there in the village of MARVEL.

You can see it on the screen, Folks, everything is laid out in glorious Technicolor.

We are there, but only in a ‘limited’ capacity – which is not to downplay ANY of the contributions of the Actors in question – they are all amazing and deserve MUCH MORE – who, you say? You have seen ‘them” on the screen you say?

Yes….you have….we celebrate it, but it is not in a Lead Capacity.

Spider-man has an “Asian friend”.

Dr. Strange  has an “Asian friend”.

The  NETFLIX division has “Asian Enemies”

Danny Rand has an “Asian friend/girlfriend”

and “Asian enemies” and Asian “frenemies”

Jackpot, Danny Rand.


For a company that literally created Captain rah rah America, this is some bullshit.

Meanwhile in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,  Showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen is like…


Cuz that LADY BOSS tweeted this photo:

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 10.49.41 AM

Holding up the sky, all on her own, on the Broadcast TV Side…for YEARS…how long?


So much so she has won Awards for it!


She is but ONE person, she cannot do ALL the work.

Essentially, MARVEL, which leans so heavily on Asian culture and fighting styles and legit (TFP watched Dr. Strange last night so forgive this rant)  erased Asians (except to ward off criticism that there were ‘none’ so they gave ONE OR TWO a supporting role), has ONE director on the feature side that allowed TWO Asians thus far – cuz SHANG CHI is not out yet – and that is James Gunn.

However you feel about James Gunn.


SHANG CHI is coming out, and is directed and written and starring Asians, and that is great but ONE film doesn’t fix the systemic racism of what is a broken at MARVEL.

Just like ONE Broadcast television show with two AAPIs Series Regulars on it does not fix what they have done to the AAPI actors on their NETFLIX shows.

It is a UNIVERSE, yeah?

We do not have room in a whole F*CKING UNIVERSE for some different faces – but you will keep painting all your people of color different colors so no one can tell what color they really ARE?

Where diversity is repped by red heads?


A MARVEL UNIVERSE – and AAPIs should be feeling SOME SORT OF WAY about what was said, to Mr. Shinkoda and then what was done to him, as well as Ms. Wai Ching Ho – who very RIGHTLY should be offended.

This kind of stuff has got to stop, Folks.

TFP does not care if it’s ‘cannon’ anymore. Cannon can kiss her ass.


The goal is to look at America – oh Captain, My Captain America – and SEE what America looks like, and cast accordingly.

Who is missing FROM this “Universe”?

Native Americans, Latinx, Middle Eastern & AAPIs are not in the Universe, with rare exceptions.

It would have been SO easy to make HAWKEYE, Native American.

It would have been SO easy to make Maria Hill – literally MARIA – Latinx.

ANT MAN! Who cares what ethnic background ANT MAN has – he is in a suit! He is a science nerd in a suit! He could be from anywhere where science is a thing!

The WASP? We have KILLER HORNETS coming to America from Japan, and WASP is Caucasian?



TFP wants Ms. Tancharoen, and Mr. Cretton (Director of SHANG CHI) and all AAPIS of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Guardians, and SHANG CHI to walk into MARVEL offices next week like…GIVE US ALL THE THINGS!!!

Their Agents and Managers need to understand that


‘taking what is offered’, it is unsustainable and needs to end.

Demand it.

Frankly, it is a bad business model given the AAPI disposable income in this country. What happens next, how much money you make on your pet projects featuring only White People, THAT time, is coming to a close.

The viewers of today have had a taste of seeing themselves, and the demand will not end.

You have a relentless buyer who will consume AAPI Content, consume it all over the world – and there is a void.



One film is NOT enough. No matter how good it is – one film will never be enough – but you know that, don’t you – that is why there are like, 20 Captain America films on Disney Plus!



Would you look at this MF-er who is a DOCTOR who went to KATMANDU to studied with an ANCIENT ONE who is CELTIC who is also yellowfacing it, and who is NOT ASIAN –



Damn, TFP could do this all day.


Wakanda Forever, Comic Book Movies for All!



TFP out.