In the past day and a half, The Fairy Princess‘s I-phone screen has cracked, her new jacket got torn to shreds by a villainous door handle not retracting, and her Kindle has gone to the grave.


The Mercury in Retrograde is obviously taking the blog quite seriously.

Maybe it is telling her to get back to work – post BroadwayCon has been super cool – and btw you can catch both her Playwrighting and Actor Panels on the Official FB Page where they will stay forever, ad infinitum – but since all this absolute shite is going on – suppose the universe is also saying ‘get back to work’.

There ARE some great things happening – some endings, but more importantly many BEGINNINGS, and sometimes, when your life seems to be tanking out while everyone else is #Winning #humblebragging #SoGrateful – it’s good to look OUTWARD for inspiration.


TFP is particularly grateful it was not her laptop, this go round – that is all she is saying.

FIRST – TWO plays by AAPI Women have opened Off Broadway, TFP has seen them both – and they are exciting and clever and should be supported because they are both signaling a new wave of Playwriting that does not separate music from the message the way ‘traditional’ plays have – and TFP is HERE FOR IT!!


Last evening, CAMBODIAN ROCK BAND by Lauren Yee opened at SIGNATURE THEATRE, and TFP really cannot say ENOUGH about the Cast – two of whom she knew prior, and four of whom are new to her and she is so glad she knows them now. It has already been extended – twice.

Please keep these names on your lips and in your hearts, so that they are able to tell AS MANY stories of diaspora as possible: Courtney Reed, Francis Jue, Joe Ngo, Moses Villarama, Jane Lui and Abraham Kim.

Directed by Chay Yew, it is a simply stellar bit of storytelling.

WE’RE GONNA DIE – by Young Jean Lee has opened at SECOND STAGE – and it is a life affirming show about…death, but not only death and not death specifically – it is more like how you find the will to go on when bad stuff happens – and…you should see it, because without giving too much away, it is a storytelling cabaret of epic proportions, yet only just over an hour.

Directed by Raja Feather Kelly it opened on February 25th and runs till March 22nd.

The fun thing is – more people are writing! Yay!

TFP can share that playwright, Christopher Chen has his new show, THE HEADLANDS being produced at LINCOLN CENTER THEATER. 

The Cast includes, Laura Kai Chen, Edward Chin-Lyn, Mahira Kakkar, Mia Katigbak, Harry Stram, Johnny Wu, and Aaron Yoo.

Directed by Knud Adams, the show runs till March 22.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.10.42 PM

Nandita Shenoy’s new work, THE RAGE PLAY will open on March 28th at the Abrons Arts Center on Grand Street, and is inspired by the #MeToo movement.

Starring Leila Ben-Abdallah, Alexandra Curran, Yolanda K. Wilkinson, and Chris Wight, directed by Lori Elizabeth Parquet – this show is being produced by the Flux Theater.


LOTS OF THINGS HAPPENING – for example, TFP’s MVP, Sandra Oh has some good news – in addition to the next season of KILLING EVE on the BBC, she will be Executive Producing and starring in a 1/2 hour Dramedy written by Amanda Peet. The show will be on NETFLIX and it has a GAME OF THRONES team behind it – all exciting.

LYNN CHEN has had her DIRECTORIAL DEBUT film – I WILL MAKE YOU MINE, picked up for distribution by Gravitas Ventures – and it has not even premiered yet at SXSW!!!!


Check out when Lynn was Kickstarting and just think of her NOW!!!!

Congrats to the Team, and of course, DAVE BOYLE.

Knock it outta the Park, folks!


TWO highly regarded films of the past season directed by Asian heritaged folks,  available to watch in the privacy of your home, – THE FAREWELL by Lulu Wang is already on Amazon Prime , and PARASITE by Bong Joon Ho will stream on HULU in April.


FINALLY – because TFP is really just trying to get over all the stuff that keeps breaking around her – FOLKS, here are shows that TFP is watching, that she wants to keep on the air  – let’s hear it for diverse storytelling and casting and keep it going, we need second season ORDERS:

ALL RISE on CBS – it is a female driven narrative with a world that looks both like Los Angeles and the Court System.

PERFECT HARMONY on NBC – a music driven comedy about a choir and a crusty conductor is more of what we need right now – and TFP watches it because it contains music done in a way that is naturally integrated into the show.

It is not a competition show, it is not fantasy moments that we, the audience understands is not really happening – it is music as many of us grew up learning – in a choir.

These two shows give TFP hope!

As we journey forth into an election year – what the country needs most right now, is a way to have a conversation. Network TV is the way most Americans spend their evenings. It is what they talk about the next day at the water cooler, it is a way to share time with people you love, but do not necessarily want to argue with all the time.

When ALL RISE had an episode about ICE being allowed to pull people out of the courtroom, and the Court (Simone Missick) refused – when PERFECT HARMONY tackled the disconnect of a child not feeling like she belonged because of the dominant culture all around her – until the Rev. Jax (Rizwan Manji) was able to show her how everything can connect to us – those were television MOMENTS with a capital M.

They gave TFP hope that acceptance and understanding is possible – even in a world divided, which is what we are now.

We are divided – and divided, as we all know – is how we fall.

Let’s not fall.

Let’s give these shows a second season order.

Also – vote your asses off!

TFP out.