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The Fairy Princess was feeling good…


Nothing is “perfect’, but there was some good news out there – and by the way -there still is:

MISS SAIGON is opening this evening on Broadway tonight, and we wish them very well – break everything and slay the people!


Several people have booked pilots, and several series with API leads were renewed – more on that later but very quickly – off the top of the head – Congrats to B.D. Wong, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park, Masi Oka, Kunal Nayar, Parvesh Cheena, Leonardo Nam, Rodney To, Isabella Russo, Amy Hill, someone TFP is not supposed to say because he is believes in curses and bad luck, and all others who are waiting to hear if their shows were renewed or whatever – may the odds be ever in your favor. (Also, she may have missed a few names, she will get there)

The 72 Hour Shootout by the Asian American Film Lab has applications open and here is the trailer.

This year’s shootout will take place from June 1-4th and will be judged by ABC’s Exec Dir of Casting, among others – and prizes range from cash to NBC Mentorships!

The one requirement for the Shootout is that one of your key production members be of Asian descent, and one of your principal cast members.

You get 72 hours to write, cast, film, and produce your masterpiece – so get your teams together and get ready for summer!

We all know that Marvel has released IRON FIST and the reviews have been less than stellar


Now, they sent their, ahem, first string – their FIST string if you will, out there to defend the casting of a white male as Iron Fist and…it did not go well.

Poor Finn Jones.

It got so bad – he quit the Twittah!




(For like, a week)

He had to get his ‘zen’ back so he could look at that ridiculous poster.


Then in an attempt to “clap back” as the kids say, the co- creator of the comic – Roy Thomas, said in a interview with Inverse:

“…I have so little patience for some of the feelings that some people have. I mean, I understand where it’s coming from. You know, cultural appropriation, my god. It’s just an adventure story. Don’t these people have something better to do than worry about the fact that Iron Fist isn’t Oriental, or whatever word? I know Oriental isn’t the right word now either.”


First Marvel casts the Iron Fist as a white guy – (which, btw, TFP always thought they were going to do, because the character was written that way originally and though MANY thought, and TFP agreed, that this would be a perfect time to re-imagine the character as either Asian/American or someone of Asian descent – to both negate the co-option and to still give the character an ‘otherness’ when he went to China – they did not) and then Mr. Thomas decides, deliberately, to insult Asian/Americans by negating their concerns in a half-assed manner.

Hold my earrings!


However,  Iron Fist Co-Star, Jessica Henwick tweeted back at him that

Oriental is a term used to describe rugs, not people”.


Which is pretty badass.

She can come sit next to TFP at the next Hapas of Hollywood round table.

Totally kidding – no such roundtable.


Ok Mr. Thomas – yes, we all realize that the casting of Iron Fist was problematic, essentially because – if you are going to whitesplain China to us, you are going to have to pick someone with a bit more, shall we say, range.


However, TFP realizes everyone already discussed the many shortcomings of Finn Jones as Danny Rand – and whether it is fair or not – it is already out there and she is not going to add to it.

It’s been done.


What she will do, however, is give you just a little lesson on using words that you realize are not the correct words – in fact, your use of them is designed to set us all spinning and simultaneously remind us all of our ‘place’ within the Marvel world.

Which is that we are there at all, only by your good graces.


Which is not, really, as we soldier on into our intersectional world, something that we want to encourage. It is not something we will even tolerate, given the disdain that you have repeatedly shown for Asian/Americans and their viewpoints.


“Oriental” is a word that was used back in yon olden days until likely the last 25 years or so to yes, describe Asians.

Now – it came originally from a map perspective – what was Occidental was Western, and what was to the East was Oriental. This was from the map maker’s perspective, which was a Eurocentric perspective. After all, they were making maps of what they knew, and not everyone at the time, way back in the day knew a hell of a lot about China and so on because…no internet, no planes – just boats, and things that could be pulled by animals.


Makes sense, except however this usage extended to everything – grouped everyone together and made ‘us’ and our many variables one giant mass of “Not White People“.

To put in language that you can best understand, our origin stories, if you will, got lumped together into one big morass of “Other’. We were not Persian, or Chinese, or Japanese, Korean, Thai, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Indian, Pacific Islander, Pakistani…we were just them.

All look same dot com.


Terms like exotic and foreign and Far East were also used adjacent to “Oriental‘ and that is part of the whole ‘appropriation‘ that you scoffed at, but which you made money from. You had the character go to China, learn martial arts and mystical stuff and then return to the USA, inherit a fortune and then solve crime, all the while relying on his ‘mystic martial arts’ to pull it off.


It was part of a movement that pandered to the dominance of white culture – and we see it’s effects even to this day.

(It is the kind of thing that well, led to electing the Orange Combover Twitler to office.)

Now, do white people get described in terms of their relevance as objects?


As Rugs?


Would TFP ever say Oh, don’t invite those Shag Carpets, the last time there were here they got wine all over the linens.”

Does she say “That is a Caucasian vase from the Early Elizabethan period known as an Occidental, notice the etchings on the side?

Has she ever uttered “Darling, wherever should I place this lovely painting that the Wall to Walls sent us? So thoughtful. It’s part of their culture you know….”


Even with as much as a pain as those fans are, how their devotion to a comic book character interrupts your ability to sip whisky by the fireplace and contemplate your navel – they need to be given more dignity by you. “Nerds’ that have literally funded your life and art who are weighing in and campaigning for what they would like to see going forward – you should give them more respect than the rug that you are likely walking on even now in your study and address their concerns with thought.

Not to mention your Actors who happen to be of Asian descent – Jessica Henwick and Lewis Tan – who are working on your show and helping it have life again and thus ensuring a very comfortable retirement for you – don’t they deserve more respect than being compared to a rug?


Because you have been a very poor student if you do not realize one of the basic tenants of Chinese culture, of Japanese culture, of almost every Asian culture – is respect.

Especially when you know that they can do this?


One would think you would do everything you could to keep them happy.


So when you speak of us again, and you will – you WILL – please remember – it is Asian/American or East Asian or South Asian or even just Asian and not, ahem – RUGS!


TFP fines you 500 lashes with the wand!

It wasn’t so much that you ‘accidentally‘ used the word Oriental, TFP could just chalk it up to your ‘generation’ and mark it as a misuse of an outdated term.

It is how you used it to show that, for you, Asians do not really have a valid viewpoint and that they should just shut up. You used it deliberately to hurt people and why?

You already won – sorta. Iron Fist is Finn Jones. Got it.

Everyone likes Lewis Tan better, because…well…they do.


So take it – take all the backlash – and you think about it.

Think hard.



The Fairy Princess has been disgruntled with the ‘whole thing’.


Like, the whole Orange Combover Twitler POTUS and his Deatheater cronies destroying the country in plain sight, with the rest of us left to observe in abject horror. It is a combination of absolute power and absolute disregard for anyone who is not a white heterosexual male who makes a living on Wall Street.


It is staggering.

In a nutshell, she has not been writing because of the supreme sh*t show that the United States of America has allowed itself to become.


Also, there are people to whom that category does NOT apply, and for those of us hanging on like that friggin’ cat – yes, TFP acknowledges that the above does NOT apply to everyone, although she does not NOT apologize for that generalization.


You just have to be strong enough to weather the ‘does not apply to me’ burden and carry on like you are British royalty or something.


However – there have been some GOOD things happening and TFP thought she better list them because some are SUPER cool, and she would be remiss if she did not do a little dance over their news – so onward we go. (Yes, country still a sh*t show, but like James Thunder Early says ‘”There have GOT to be some good times!“)

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of SNOW IN MIDSUMMER is coming to the end of a VERY successful run – it closes on March 25th. The reviews were stellar, The cast was, for the very FIRST time in RSC history – ALL East Asian, and they told an East Asian story.

This would NOT have been possible without the advocacy work of the British East Asian Artists, Daniel York, and Lucy Miller-Sheen. They have been ‘hammering away’ at the British Establishment for a number of years, and what this shows all of us, is that advocacy works.

Standing up for yourselves and your talent – your writers, your composers – it works. Eventually, as was sung in RAGTIME, you can ‘Make them hear you’.

This show will be making it’s U.S. Premiere at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival next season! 

As we leap back across the pond, we find some more good news – for example, here on Broadway, we have the opening of AMELIE starring Philippa Soo, it has begun previews and we wish it a long and happy run. Also in the cast is Maria Christina Oliveras, who is amazing – so...toi toi toi!

GROUNDHOG DAY, which features Raymond J. Lee and Vishal Vaidya, has also begun previews. Toi, toi, toi to them, them, them as well!


Other Broadway shows that have API Cast Members include HAMILTON, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, CATS, SCHOOL OF ROCK, COME FROM AWAY, IN TRANSIT, and of course, coming BACK to Broadway is MISS SAIGON.

So there are PLENTY of shows that do have API Cast members, and that is a great thing to remember as we head into this next Broadway season.


Off Broadway, there is some rather excellent news – The Classic Stage production of Stephen Sondheim’s PACIFIC OVERTURES has broken box office records for pre-sale!


Directed by John Doyle, performances are scheduled from April 6-May 27th.

This has a cast headed up by the inimitable George Takei, and features some of Sondheim’s most beautiful music – it is also worth noting for those who were quick to point out that ALLEGIANCE did not SRO- that THIS show, which features all ALL ASIAN AMERICAN CAST – is doing just fine

Which negates to TFP, the argument that “Asians don’t sell tickets” – this crew will knock it out of the park, and that…is pretty awesome.


BD Wong and his writing partner, Drama Desk Winner, Wayne Barker, are turning the 1995 film, Mr. Holland’s Opus into a musical! Very exciting news that this TONY Winner is continuing his journey, whilst being made a Series Regular on the TV Show, GOTHAM, as an author.

 Our very best wishes to both Mr. Wong and Mr. Barker as they head down to San Diego State University to work with the students in the MT program there on the workshop of this piece.



That is a pretty great thing – she is a phenomenal actress and frankly, television has been missing her. 

She will be on the third season of AMERICAN CRIME, in a multi-episode guest star arc -helmed by John Ridley.

The show began on March 12th on ABC, and reviews are great!


New on Disney Channel is the ANDI MACK show, which premieres on April 7th at 8:30pm.

The later time is because, for a ‘kids show’ this has a rather mature story line – ie, much like Jack Nicholson, the child, “Andi” finds out that “Mom” is really “Grandma”. 

This alone would not be enough to get you ‘there’, except for the fact that, of course, “Bex”, her cool older sister returns home after an extended time traveling about. 

The trio of Family is played by Lauren Tom, Lilan Bowden, and Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Andi.

Finally, Trans Actress, Ivory Aquino starred in the miniseries WHEN WE RISE, penned by Dustin Lance Black.

This is very exciting and huge breath of fresh air!

They totes WIN!


Good times!



They have consistently been the best at incorporating diversity in front and behind the camera.

They also have FRESH OFF THE BOAT and DR. KENTFP is very pleased with ABC, very pleased. 

They keep this up and she’ll retire the blog!

Thanks, Y’all!


Just because, you know TFP cannot go one blog without trying to scold someone – she wanted to bring up the live action version of MULAN – which now, reportedly will NOT have music.

TFP has noticed that some on the internet are ‘upset’ to put it mildly.


Folks, this is ok. 

You will be FINE!


Fa Mulan as a legend existed way before the animation team at Disney existed. Literally it has been around for thousands of years  – she was believed to have lived during the Northern Wei dynasty which is late 386CE – 534CE.

Frankly in a live action version – it will be very hard to sing whilst battling hordes of Mongols.


Further more, no one wants to go up against the singing chops of Lea Salonga.


She is, of course, a ‘double Princess’ in the Disney canon, and let it be known – she remains the Queen.

A Princess plus a Princess equals a Queen.

So let the animated film do what it does, let the live action film do what it does.

Heavy is the head that wears that crown, so we shall see how whomsoever is cast, does in coordinating the action and the acting.

After all – with the voice, they needed two people!

That is Ming Na and Lea Salonga right there – tough combo to beat. Not to mention talking dragons that were on pedestals and a lucky bug.

TFP is in a wait and see mode with this new live action MULAN.


So there, see – TFP did a ‘feel good’ blog – we can feel good-ish about so many API’s working and being seen in America.

When MISS SAIGON closes, and goes on tour,  the numbers will go back in the toilet, but there are a lot of things to be grateful for and we should all #RESIST and stay focused, but also…be aware that whatever state the Country is in, we’ll always have Broadway.


TFP out.