The Fairy Princess has been informed that it is May – Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month – and so, while she would like to focus on some fun stories –

she is fully aware that the White Supremacists and those who enable their thinking are really, but REALLY ‘stepping it up’ with their attacks on our people. More shootings, more killings, more brutal attacks to elderly people when they are walking about – it is not enough to be horrified when reading about it – if you have kids, talk about it – talk about how wrong it is. If you are a community leader, speak on it. If you are a pastor, preach about it – all attacks on AAPIs do is pit ‘us’ vs ‘others’ – and the truth is – if we are divided, we fall.

If we unite – we can change the world.

Here is one way to ‘get into’ the month – take a look at this panel TFP put together just for YOU, yes she did.

It is frank, it is bold, and it is honestly ( if you can ignore TFP‘s very old headshot, which frankly, she does not use and has not used in several years) – you can get a lot of joy from the panel. It feels cathartic.

Talking to these people made TFP think that things are changing – not just because of the vaccines, but because the thought process behind what makes theater is changing.

TFP has two more interviews coming for BwayCon in May – one with Alec Mapa, and one with Jeffrey Omura who is running for NY City Council.

Second, there is a new book TFP wants you to be aware of –

RISE :A Pop History of Asian America from the 90’s to Now – by Jeff Yang, Phil Yu, and Philip Wang

You can order this book from your various websites, or may TFP suggest your local Indie Bookstore?

The book promises to be fun and informative, and for areas where they were not as versed, the writers reached out to friends – who maybe also have blogs that have expertise on these areas – so it is not ‘just’ a book by three men. It is a love letter to AAPIs from AAPIs of all kinds.

Buy it. You’ll like it. Pinky swear.

South Asian Americans should rejoice – everyone should, but in particular, biracial South Asians – because BHANGIN’ IT – the winner of the Richard Rogers Award, and the new musical from the team of Rehana Lew Mirza, Mike Lew, with Music and Lyrics by Sam Willmott is premiering at La Jolla Playhouse in March of 2022.

Yes, La Jolla Playhouse – (where they did The Nightingale, which started this whole thing off) – anyway, look how far they have come!

This musical revolves around a biracial college student who wants to join her college’s Bhangra team – for those unfamilar, it is a dance style unique that has evolved from traditional Punjabi folk dances – however she is told she is ‘not Indian enough’ to be on the team. She and her roommate decide to form their own team – but will it be good enough in time to win Nationals?

TFP saw a past reading, she really, really enjoyed herself – and frankly, the inclusion of the issues faced by multi-racial people was a surprise to her, she did not know about it going in – and she felt – though it is not ‘her’ particular culture – very ‘seen’.

Congratulations to the Creative Team – which includes now, her very good friend Vishal Vaidya as Associate Choreographer – and you can see/hear both Playwright Rehana Lew Mirza and Vishal speak on past BwayCon Panels hosted by TFP if you go to the Official Erin Quill FB Page.

TFP wants to thank you all for making MORTAL KOMBAT the film the number one in streams etc etc etc. Well done folks, appreciate it. If you have not seen MORTAL KOMBAT and you have HBO or a theater you think is ‘safe’ – give it a looks see – if you are squeamish about video game-esque violence – take a TUMS.

For those needing more Family friendly entertainment – you can breathe a sigh of relief – YOUNG ROCK – the story of a biracial AAPI child in the world of Professional Wrestling, based on the life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has been renewed. Many congratulations to the Cast and Crew and Creatives of that show.

Very Exciting for All.

Nice one, Jeff Bader and NBC.

Let’s hope more of the Networks and Cable Channels follow your example.

It is official – many of you likely know, but it is worth repeating – WARRIOR got a Season 3 Order, and TFP finds that glorious!

She’s very excited, and moved – and one of the best things she has seen in the last week, is a friend who posted about how much he and his wife were enjoying the show – and asked the question how was everyone on the show so talented and good lookin’ – and they WERE NOT EVEN AAPI!

To which TFP had all the emotions- cuz guess what – they gave it a whirl because of the blog, she felt…

Now, they are hooked – and again, if you have HBO Max and you have not watched it, you really, really should check it out.

It is bloody – but so is history – take a TUMS.

One of the things that makes TFP so very, very – very, very happy is seeing her Actor pals succeed, but it is extra special of course, seeing when their children succeed – knowing how very hard this business is, and how much inner strength is needed to continue in it.

So please allow TFP to introduce you all to Ms. Ayana Manji of the HOUSE of MANJI!!!! singing on Miram Royal Detective – where she is voicing the recurring character of Sadia Khan, as is her brother, Aariq, who plays Amir Khan on the show.

Congratulations to all!

Finally, there is a Marvel super hero fast approaching, and the name of course is…SHANG CHI – here is the trailer.

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton based on a screenplay by David Callaham and Andrew Lanaham – yes, oh AAPI Bigots, Cretton and Callaham, they are biracial – cool the purity jets.

This film looks to follow in the MARVEL Tradition just fine, comes out this coming SEPTEMBER, but you of course, can use May to purchase the MERCH.

So there you go – some things to be excited about – not all doom and gloom – HOWEVER, stay vigilant, stay prepared, do your stretching daily – you may be called upon to help or be a witness – and if that day comes, sadly – you pull on YOUR inner Dragon, and you sail forth with pride – you hear TFP?


You got this!