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The Fairy Princess is very happy to announce that Keanu Reeves is having a really good weekend, and it looks like it will translate into a great month of May for him.

Here are three reasons why:

First – he got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – as did Ms. Lucy Liu earlier this month.

TFP loves that they both got it, however let’s keep in mind that Ms. Liu was only the second Film Star of East Asian Descent after Anna May Wong to get it, one supposes we should point out that Scarlett Johannsen already had one…

Merle Oberon was of South Asian descent, however Ms. Oberon was not open about her heritage. Likewise Vivian Leigh, who also is supposed to be of South Asian descent or Armenian – her Grandfather’s surname was Yackjee.

Which tells you all you need to know about the perception of mixed race peoples throughout time.

So it IS very nice to see Keanu and Dwayne Johnson ‘repping’ for the Halfies.

Mr. Reeves is not the first or the second AAPI to receive this honor : Philip Ahn, Yul Brynner (he is of partial Buryat (aka Mongol) ancestry via Russia), Jackie Chan, Sessue Hayakawa, Ben Kingsley, Casey Kasem, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Toshiro Mifune, George Takei, all came before – but as one can see…numbers are low.

There have been 2,600 Hollywood Stars Awarded throughout time, and when one considers that Victoria Secret – not the models, the store – have a star, one can see there is MUCH room for improvement.

AHEM, Hollywood.

You are moving, you are just as SLOW AF with the AAPIs – but take your claps….we are getting there…


SECOND:  JOHN WICK 3, in which he stars alongside screen goddess, Halle Berry, beat AVENGERS by taking in $57 million in it’s opening weekend – which btw is still going on, run out and buy a ticket – though AVENGERS is in it’s 4th week since release, and has a few AAPIs in the cast – notably British East Asian Benedict Wong, David Bautista, Hiroyuki Sanada (who incidentally was beaten by Jeremy Renner in friggin’ SWORD FIGHT, wtf which took TFP right OUT the movie), Jacob Batalon, and the fab Pom Klementieff – this makes it a good weekend to be Keanu.

Third – he is rocking the sexual heat opposite Ali Wong in ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE which will premiere on NETFLIX on May 31st.

Look at this trailer – hot, hot, hot!

Anyway, the fact of the matter is – when good things happen to good people, you root for them – when good things happen to people with whom you share an ‘issue’ – like not being actually accepted in either ‘world’ because you do not fit the narrow confines of what they perceive x to be…you kinda do the world’s happiest dance.

Awesome, ‘Cousin!’


If she is LUCKY!!!!

TFP out.

The Fairy Princess  was confused over some stuff this past weekend but…what she will say – you have OPTIONS this May – in the theater and on television AND in movies, YES, and they are exciting.

And that is ALL she will say.



TFP is appearing at BROADWAY SESSIONS at the Laurie Beechman Theater on Thursday May 23rd at 10PM to celebrate the CLOSING of AVENUE Q.

Doors open at 10pm, TFP will be there along with other Original Broadway Cast members to answer questions and sing some funny songs – hosted by BEN CAMERON with DREW WUTKE on the ivories,  see ya there!

Remember, AVENUE Q is closing for ever (till it is not…) on May 24th.


On the “Everyone does a good deed, but not like Alec Mapa…” front – Alec Mapa, (DOOM PATROL) and his husband, Jamison Hebert when to Washington, D.C. yesterday to advocate for the rights for LGBTQ people to be able to adopt.

They are tremendous people and what they do – as advocates for LGBTQ Adoptive Parents, aside from their glorious work in Entertainment, makes a huge difference.


FIRST UP – you of COURSE know that Sandra Oh is KILLING IT on KILLING EVE on the BBC America- so we will leave it to her to continue her amazing work- as we are not yet through the season.

Turn your attention to NETFLIX, we have the comedy stylings of AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE’s Ali Wong and FRESH OFF THE BOAT’s Randall Park, with not so hard on the eyes, THE GOOD DOCTOR’s Daniel Dae Kim (as the reminder that you can never trust people that are too good lookin’!)

May 31st!

Take a look:

Directed by Nanatchka Chan, and co-written by AAPI Playwright turned TV Megahit guy, Michael Golamco with Ms. Wong – this will be THE film to have seen amidst our lusty month of May.


Kal Penn has a new show – SUNNYSIDE – which will be on NBC Thursday Nights at 9:30 – and thankfully for AAPI America – it has ALL KINDS of Asians on it – and THAT is the future – as we all mix and learn from one another and TFP is HERE for it!

Take a look at the trailer and fall in love with this cast, cuz they look super fierce and funny:

Four Asians on a television show and they do not all live in the same house?



ALSO on NBC this Fall – (guess they were watching ABC’s woke scorecard and got motivated) (?) – is a new show with TFP‘s favorite, Rizwan Manji and fellow Cast Member, Gedde Watanabe!!!!- called PERFECT HARMONY – no definitive night yet on schedule, but we have a trailer!

Technically the marquee name is Bradley Witford, but…take a look…there is music and comedy happening all around us – we are in “the Golden Age of Television”.

WARRIOR is still going strong on CINEMAX they have announced a Season 2 and added what? MORE AAPI Performers – so let’s continue to show up for this, truly AAPI American story – taking place from when Asians came first to San Fran.


HADESTOWN, the new Broadway musical directed by Rachel Chavkin that has an all female Creative Team – has given EVA NOBLEZADA from San Diego, CA – her second TONY Nomination for her second show on Broadway!

We have just ALL the LOVE for THAT!

You can also check out her breakthrough performance alongside Ms. LEA SALONGA in the film, YELLOW ROSE, which took home the Grand Jury Prize as well as being the Opening Night Film at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Ms. Noblezada took home the award for Breakthrough Performance.  Yellow Rose was written, directed, and produced by Diane Paragas.


Jeff Liu is directing Prince Gomovilas‘s THE BROTHERS PARANORMAL for Pan Asian Rep, Off Broadway in NYC, which runs April 28-May 19th. Starring: Brian D. Coats, Vin Kridakorn, Emily Kuroda, Dawn L. Troupe, Roy Vongtama

Pan Asian is in it’s 42nd Season, Folks – they have been through more issues with Representation than almost anyone else, so if you have the extra cash – throw some love their way. Right HERE.


Finally, in light of all TFP’s pals who found out whether or not their show or pilot was picked up and/or not, cancelled or extended -Y’all – it is just entertainment.

There will be another show. Another show, another opportunity, another option. Things have a way of circling back around. You will work again. Trust and believe.

Six years ago when TFP started this blog, there was nothing like this embarrassment of riches appearing on our television landscape.

Now, there is.

There are AAPI performers who get pilots every year, who are series regulars every year…which is AMAZING – not, of course, ENOUGH, but it is amazing to see rapid progress.


Though the work in television is exhausting…

it is not like trying to preserve the rights over your own ovaries in Alabama,

it is not like trying to preserve your rights to be acknowledged as a person to your government because you fall into a category that our POTUS does not recognize,

it is not like you are getting locked up into a cage for using your legal right to seek asylum in this country.

Those things are hard. They are life threatening.

So go out and VOTE to make the world a better place. If you live in ALABAMA, you better vote OUT all these old white men, and vote in some Women of Color & LGBTQ folx – because the white people you have in office now have been letting their state DOWN…..


Be aware of the world – not just your corner of it – and remember, if you ‘come’ for TFP... she doesn’t give a….


she will just pull out the receipts….

TFP out.