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The Fairy Princess was having a good week – she moderated a very successful live reading for the Asian American Film Lab‘s Unfinished Works series, featuring a script by Jennifert Betit-Yen, and one by Alice Cox, both of which – The Opposite of a Fairy Tale and The Plains, were well acted and well attended, as well as Live-streamed.


Photo credit: Peyton Worley

She was able to view the phenomenal talents of Lesli Margerita before she leaves the Broadway show MATILDA for the new Broadway version of DAMES AT SEA

Trevor Nunn decided to respond to ‘critics’, and it was all things “get off my privileged lawn‘ and ‘after all I have done for you lot‘ and…in general, super fun, especially when Danny Lee Wynter in The Guardian asked – “If Trevor Nunn is staying true to history, where are the pox ridden actors?”


Or when Jonathan Owen at The Independent wrote

Critics have questioned the verisimilitude of the production which amalgamate Shakespeare’s Henry VI trilogy and Richard III and is sponsored by Norway’s largest financial service group DNB, Norwegian actor Kare Conradi was chosen to play Edward IV and two British actresses, Joely Richardson and Imogen Daines, play the French characters Margaret of Angjou and Joan of Arc


Critics have, tis true.

Nice one, England, standing up for Diversity on your stages!


In more good news on American stages her AVENUE Q buddy, Natalie Venetia Belcon is returning to Broadway in MATILDA – she will be spectacular (here she is singing HAPPY TIMES from The Music of Alex Wyse at NYTB @ The Duplex)

Broadway vet J. Bernard Calloway is in this NBC Pilot you may view online and vote for called “The Bar Mitzvah Club”


ABC Family is renewing a show with Rex J. Lee…GO REX!


Amy Hill’s character on UnReal stepped up and demanded more screen time in the fauxreality reality show about a reality show…which is great because she is SO gifted and TFP was like, “Are they actually going to USE her and all her gifts or…?” and it looks like that is where it is heading, so that is a WIN for Amy AND the fans of the show!

unreal-107What TFP is saying is that, in general, in showbiz is diversifying, and in general, everyone gets – especially Asian Americans – how important diversity is on our stages and on our screens…well, everyone except perhaps fellow Hapa, Anne Akiko Meyers, the famed violinist – and here we go….


In a nutshell, British double bassist, Chi-chi Nwanoku and his Chineke Foundation, have formed Europe’s first professional all Black orchestra!


Not only have they formed it, but there is a premiere date of Sept 13, 2015 at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall where the 60 plus members of the ensemble will be led by Tai Murray and conducted by Wayne Marshall. The foundation is attempting to “champion change and celebrate diversity in classical music”, as well as to be a catalyst of change in the industry.


Now, here is the thing that many Asian American artists who work in classical music, both as performers and behind the scenes do not often acknowledge – people expect there to be Asian and Asian Americans in classical music!

John Q. Public who attends classical music events regularly, he/she expects to see Asians and Asian Americans on the stage!

There is such great representation of Asian and API talent in the classical world that if TFP is feeling sad, she strolls past Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall and almost always, there is an Asian or API performer coming soon to a fancy concert hall near you that did not fail their parental expectations.


There are a ton of examples from Conductors,

Conductor Alan Gilbert of the NY Philharmonic

Conductor Alan Gilbert of the NY Philharmonic

Seiji Ozawa, former Music Director of The Boston Symphony Orchestra, a position he held for 29 years

Seiji Ozawa, former Music Director of The Boston Symphony Orchestra, a position he held for 29 years

Tomomi Nishimoto - Artistic Dir/Principal Conductor of IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra

Tomomi Nishimoto – Artistic Dir/Principal Conductor of IlluminArt Philharmonic Orchestra

to Instrumentalists

Lang Lang

Lang Lang



to singers – check out Yin Huang in the movie version of Madame Butterfly

one could literally go on and on- and in fact, you will seemingly find more Asians and APIs in classical music regularly performing and being lauded than in ANY OTHER PART OF THE AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY!


People expect Asians and APIs in Classical music.


Quite similar, in fact, to the way that people who view classical music expect to see Caucasians performing. Asian and Asian American performers are actually sought out when they have talent in classical music – which, again, is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM THE AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT COMMUNITY IN ALL OTHER MEDIUMS.


One might even venture to say that Asians and API classical musicians of a certain level have a great deal of privilege.


Which is why it is so sad to TFP that Violinist, Anne Akiko Meyers, a woman who has released 32 albums and was the top selling traditional classical instrumental soloist of Billboard’s charts in 2014, could be such a brat.

She posted on her FB page something about fellow People of Color that was ‘questionable’ at best, and at the worst could be considered….


TFP leaves it for the reader to decide- but it is not good.

First of all, just from a mixed raced perspective, Ms. Meyers, you need to check yourself.


because if your parents had been married prior to 1967 in the United States of America, they would have been subject to the type of Bon mots that you so casually threw out and soooo much more, because America has not always been welcoming to what was termed “Mixed Marriages”.

Your website says you were born in 1970 and raised in San Diego, your Mom is Japanese and her Dad is American – they would not have been considered married at all. They could even have been arrested had they gone to a state where it was not legal for people of different skin tone to marry.

In point of fact, America has had a huge problem with Japanese people and no matter how insular it was in San Diego in the 70’s, TFP is fairly certain your Mom would have been victim to a bit of that good ol’ recovering from World War 2 kind of thinking – particularly given that it is a military area. It would not have been easy.


California repealed anti-miscengenation laws in 1948, ahead of the curve by almost 2 decades, but it could have put a crimp in their travel plans, no? Plus the day to day kind of stuff that she, and probably you yourself would have felt or seen could have made things uncomfortable…. on occasion.

Which makes it more annoying that you grew up and decided to turn around and judge people based on skin tone!

TFP knows a little something something about growing up as a Hapa kid, you cannot tell her it was all wine and roses.


In the sea of PoC, we all gots ta swim together Hunty, or no one is going to make it to dry land.


Second, according to your website, ahem –

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.36.54 PM

I regularly support classical music organizations around the world. Please support your local orchestra, concert society, chamber music festival, or radio station. Long Live Music!”


That is what you, Ms. Meyers, wrote for us all to do – support classical music organizations? And in order to support classical music, a realm in which you live and breathe the fanciest of air wafting from your amazingly fancy violin on lifetime loan…

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.41.13 PM

you saw a news item about classical music and wrote- supportively –

“I wonder if you have to be black to be invited to solo with this orchestra? #reversediscrimination”




One supposes you were trying to make some sort of joke.


The only thing that is hilarious about this is that you hashtagged #reversediscrimination .


Only White People use that!


Hold up – REVERSE DISCRIMINATION – what say you? Aahmer?

There is no reversing discrimination, not even when it is shown by a very talented, pretty Eurasian lady on social media!


You looked at THIS photo which, btw, contains mixed raced people, aka people who, once upon a time, would have had parents whose marriages were also outlawed in this country…..

All-Black-Chineke-Orchestra-Coverand then you mocked them from your seat of faux-alabaster privilege. Their orchestra has NOTHING to do with you or your 32 albums or your being named a top Billboard classical artist in 2014…you were, to put it mildly – offensive.


On the heels of all the violence that has been plaguing the United States, on the graves of the People of Color whose cries go unheard and who wind up wrongfully incarcerated or worse…you took a moment from the Chineke Orchestra- a moment that should have been a celebration heard around the world, and you shat on it.


Then when people tried to comment on your website, you took their comments down – which does not negate what you have done.

It compounds it.


From where TFP is sitting, it means that you feel you are above acknowledging that with actions come consequences. Just because you do not like what people have to say, does not mean that they are wrong. They called you on it. You are responsible for your own gaffs – take it.

Own it.

You messed up. Even though you have a fancy violin and a Julliard education- you messed up.

What you should have done is written a statement and apologized. Here, TFP will write it for you.

To the Chineke! Orchestra,

I am writing to apologize to you for my social media outburst.  I took what was supposed to be a proud moment for all of us in Classical Music, a celebration of Diversity that has been slow in coming and should be lauded – particularly by those of mixed race who enjoy privilege and success in our field and know how rare it is – and I tarnished it. As a Mother, I try to teach my daughters to not judge people according to the color of their skin and it is shaming to know that I failed to realize that i did exactly that on social media. I will endeavor to do much better, and I wish you every success at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Play Wagner if it makes it more comfortable to write, but write something!

Give your kids a good example. Ms. Meyers everyone has already noticed.


Chineke Orchestra – TFP wishes you much, much success – and to negate Ms. Meyers comments – TFP suggests this – if you are a person of Mixed race heritage or a person of any kind at all – please buy a ticket and go see the performance because #BlackLivesMatter – in Art and in Life.

Let’s stand together – not because we are keeping invisible score cards of rights and wrongs, but because standing together is the right thing do to.

Compassion is infinite.

Expressing concern about an issue is not taking it away from other things.

Another person’s success does not pull down our own.

(Jeez writing about Hapas behaving badly is depressing….embarrassing too. Cuz, TFP is one as well, just ick. )


For exhibiting discrimination on social media and then compounding it by disallowing people to comment on it, TFP fines you 30 whacks with the wand – Ms. Meyers, get it together!


The Fairy Princess was excited about the new show – CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND  on The CW for several reasons –

It’s a Musical – whaddaya talk, whaddaya talk…conceived of by Rachel Bloom, who TFP has been a bit in awe of for a while because of THIS video…

The show has an API Male, JOSH CHAN – ( Vincent Rodriguez III) as a romantic goal (NOT since SELFIE!)


Has one of TFP‘s very dear friends as one of the principals – get to know Ms. Donna Lynne Champlin, one of the most talented people on the planet…


So it was not a huge surprise that she loved the trailer – take a look!

It’s like if Ariel got legs, jumped animated films, fell for General Shang in summer camp, but will probably wind up falling in love with Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (no, truly, cuz the character GREG is played by…wait for it…Santino Fontana, who voiced Hans), even though she will truly NOT realize she is in love with Hans until many, many seasons later, even though she has the venerable advice and encouragement of a Charlotte La Bouff to encourage her to believe in love and….anyway...


The show has it’s premiere MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2015 on The CW (website)

TFP thinks the show is going to be SUPER FUN and she is all for more theater people going and working in television.


However, being THEATER people…and for the Brits it is, of course, THEATRE people, the actors involved have a triple threat background – sing, dance, act, AND give to charity.

(Ok, yes, that is FOUR, but TFP did not get the math gene)

Because…theater. It’s what we do. We do charity, a LOT!


In fact, it is SOOOOO much a part of what we do, there is an organization devoted to it called BC/EFA – Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS –  and they raise money all year and fund programs all around the country through grants for research, medical equipment, free clinics for health care…well, take a look:


To that end, the brilliant cast of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND on The CW has issued a #TAPCHALLENGE – and here is what – FOR EVERY #TAPPED video made by people on another television show who accept –The CW is going to donate some money.

But why should people on TV have ALL the fun?

YES, PEOPLE AT HOME – YOU CAN DO IT TOO! (Variety Article Here)

  1. YOU, the Tapper must donate to BC/EFA something, be it Baubles, Bangles, and Beads, or $10, $20, $200…
  2. The TAPPEE, the one that has been challenged, IN ORDER TO ACCEPT IT, must ALSO donate something to BC/EFA


Currently the CW Cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has #Tapped people in Modern Family, Madam Secretary, The Flash, Jane The Virgin, Supergirl, and the ENTIRE Cast of Blood and Oil!

However, with regards to that…seems they only picked people who they knew could tap…Bebe Neuwirth?





(Dr. Ken will have his show on ABC on Friday nights this fall)….but back to the MT folk and who else could be challenged…

Harry Groener, most may know him from the films Road to Perdition, or About Schmidt… or more specifically as Mayor Wilkins from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer series….but also he can…

Maybe you may have missed Erich Bergen from Madame Secretary and his Bob Gaudio? He comes in at 1:31

Or Patina Miller – ALSO on Madame Secretary...well….

That Madame Secretary Cast is overrun with talent….second season!

Heck…even their Guest Stars like BD Wong are musical!

What about Aaron Tveit from Graceland? He might have a shuffle ball change in there…pick it up at 4:01

TFP is just sayin…there are a lot of people and TV Casts who could help the Cast of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND raise some big money for BC/EFA


So let’s get to steppin‘ there Hollywoodland Peeps!

No one cares how good it is, the important thing is to have fun and raise some money for charity!


Also, Hollywood TV Show stars, it is ok – no one expects you to go to Nationals…so, no pressure at all!


Just kick ball change your way to a fundraising place and tap all our troubles away!



TFP out.

The Fairy Princess has had an interesting week since that Playbill article came out about people in theater to ‘follow’ on social media.

Not one, not two, but four colleagues rang or emailed to ask about diversity in casting, from all different genres of entertainment – opera, local theater, children’s theater, and television – and the International breakdown of those people happened to be Canadian and American, in case one needed to know.


Honestly, she was quite touched, because truly, she never really thinks anyone actually listens to a damn thing she writes.


She should probably do a blog just on the conversations she has had in the past week, but she wanted to take a moment and congratulate the cast and crew of HAMILTON, which just opened on Broadway, on all it’s rave reviews, and extended box office bonanza since said reviews came out.

ONE MILLION DOLLARS in tickets were sold before the Opening Night party ended, and that puts them at about $33 MILLION DAMN DOLLARS in advance ticket sales.
make-it-rainRise up and take a shot, shot – Lin Manuel Miranda….you deserve it, and thanks for all you do, TFP is a fan.

50f8d9810e7c2642056c8c31d202ece1Across the pond, another play is giving jolly old England a run for it’s diversity dollars – WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE produced by the Finborough Theatre, congrats on your successful opening! Tickets are apparently quite hard to come by, which is great news for London’s premiere Off West End theatre.

It is a play about the changing face of London as it heads towards a historic housing crisis – ie, no one can afford to live there because of constant gentrification – and TFP wishes she could see it in person.

Here is a link to purchase tickets if you happen to read this in London, and good on you for going! One should always try and support live theater if at all possible, and buying a ticket for this particular show, is supporting diversity on stages as well, so you will get double theater heaven bonus points!


The Cast: Ritu Arya as Asma, Gary Beadle as Roy/Policeman, Ross Hatt as Estate Agent/various roles, Paddy Navin as Mary, Matt Whitchurch as Ben, and Daniel York as Keith/Policeman 2 have all been working on this new play written by Steven Hevey and directed by John Young.

To quote HENRY V – “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...” – off you go then, have a hit on your hands, why don’t you?

All this pond jumping has had TFP looking into what else is happening in London theatrically, and whilst yes, Finborough Theater is doing it’s best to uphold the pact it has to reflect the London scene, there were other companies that, sadly, were not – and it is not a mistake that TFP uses the words of The Bard to usher in this section, read on, dear friends…read on….


TFP was reading about the  Trevor Nunn directed The Wars Of The Roses piece that is being produced by The Rose Theatre Kingston. It is being adapted from Shakespeare’s plays HENRY VI, parts 1, 2, and 3 and combining them with Shakespeare’s RICHARD III – with the compilation is being done by John Barton in collaboration with Peter Hall.


Now, truthfully, The War of the Roses is one of TFP‘s favorite periods to read about in British History, and of course, it IS British History – and in case you were wondering, no, there are no BAME Actors cast in this production – because the team wanted this production to be….wait for it….’historically accurate”.

British Actors Equity, the union for Actors, has issued a response of their own, and good on them for doing so.


Here is the issue, in a cast of twenty two – which, by the way includes Joely Richardson of the very famous British Acting Family, The Redgraves, there was no room for an expanded palette that would honor the England of yesteryear but include the United Kingdom of today because…wait for it…‘history’.


 TFP was wondering – as the House of York and the House of Lancaster battle onward, if that was really true, and thus, she decided to go a’wandering through the world wide interweb and find out if England was truly a Caucasian only bastion for it’s entire existence.

As she begins to write this blog, TFP honestly does not know….so let us all find out together.

Were there only ever Caucasians in England?

Here is a map of the war of the houses of York and Lancaster and their many battles


Now for those of you not familiar with The War of the Roses, (which during it’s time was known not as The War of the Roses, but as The Cousin’s War) it happened as a series of small wars within England between two ‘houses’, aka branches of the Plantagenet Family, one was named York, and one was named Lancaster.


These wars took place in the years 1455- 1487 and were finally ended when Henry Tudor ascended the throne christening himself as HENRY VII and married Elizabeth of York, the eldest daughter of EDWARD IV. The two houses thus were united under the Tudors and that family ruled the throne of England and Wales until 1603.

Or you could just say one day the Royals all woke up and said….


The House of Lancaster had a red rose on their heraldic badge, and the House of York had a white rose – hence the name that was given to these dynastic wars later by historians. The war itself occurred over 30 years, but the significant battles were less than 20 –  the worst being the Battle at Townton where estimates are as many as 50,000 men were involved with potentially 28,000 killed.


While one could look at England think that there were only Englishmen fighting  – one would be wrong- there were mercenaries from other countries as well. The reason there were foreigners fighting on British soil was, of course, money. Ah, but how did the mercenaries get to England?


England was a seafaring nation. In fact, England and it’s denizens had been traveling the known and yet to be known world beginning in 1096 at least, for that was the time of the First Crusade.


You know – when the Roman Catholic Church decided it needed to conquer The Holy Land and sent soldiers over to rape and pillage the Saracens (as they were known at the time) into submission.


Today we would call them Muslims, and the territory The Middle East.


Did not work. All The Crusades did was slaughter people for no good reason, simply because the Pope decided that Jerusalem should be under the control of Rome. The Crusades led to the slaughter of everyone – Jews, Muslims, and Catholics alike – it was a terrible, terrible idea. And yet, there were  8 major Crusades and several minor ones.


What the Crusades did do, aside from slaughtering mass amounts of people, was open up The Mediterranean to travel and established trade routes. This lead to ports and cities being expanded, peoples began to travel. The Knights Templar established the first bank and lines of credit during the Crusades, which enabled people to travel their wealth with lines of credit, which led to the Knights’ rise in power, which led to their eventual slaughter on Friday the 13th, 1307.


Lest one think that only men went on The Crusades, that was not true – women went too – some fought, some accompanied family members, and some simply ‘followed the drum’, and served the various armies in various ways – washerwomen, cooks, prostitutes…and where there is potential for rape and pillage, there is potential for pregnancy.

In fact, you do not have to trust TFP, there is a book written by Natasha R. Hodgson called “Women, Crusading and the Holy Land in Historical Narrative” that tells you all about it.


So we have British people traveling to foreign countries, countries that are also port cities, port cities that have trade routes all over the known world – which included parts of the Middle East and the Far East – from 1096.

The War of the Roses started in 1455.

1455 minus 1096 equals = 359 years of potential racial diversity.


Generally the mercenaries in The War of the Roses came from France- port city – which again, potential for racial diversity.

Now, TFP is not saying that all of Britain was diverse at the time of the War of the Roses, that would not be true – she is simply pointing out that the world is never ‘as pure’ as any one person thinks it is.


Why? People travel and have sex. They travel for all sorts of reasons, and they have sex because that is – just like any other animal – what people are driven to do, repopulate. The war was not fought only by Brits – there were foreign mercenaries there as well, bringing non British DNA into the War of the Roses.

Which brings us back to the Cast and Crew of The Wars of the Roses and Trevor Nunn.


The Cast, has twenty two roles – TFP is sure that all of those Actors are talented…but no diversity amongst them…


Though the House of Lancaster and York were of course Caucasian, these stories have been around long enough that one can be more inclusive with them, particularly in the roles that are not the main family, and it would still have the potential for historical accuracy because of England’s brisk trade culture.

One could investigate, as TFP did, that there was the potential for racial diversity and that hiding your choices to not see or cast any BAME Actors in a cast of 22 individuals behind the label ‘historical accuracy‘ is not only lazy, it is detrimental to theater…sorry…forgot, British – theatre – because what you are doing, Sir Trevor Nunn ,


is drawing a demarcation between your production and the audience you desire.

What you are saying with this casting is that there is an ‘us’ and there is a ‘them’, and that this production is for the ‘real’ English people.

Though you did cast one Norwegian.

Would have understood more if you cast a Dane, but a Norwegian?


Did you also, Sir Nunn, make sure that all the roles that are to be representative of French natives…did they also go to French Actors? I mean…for example who is playing Joan of Arc? Really named Jeanne d’Arc, also known as The Maid of Orleans and considered a French hero?

Who is playing the Bastard of Orleans, a Frenchman?



No French people. First step to historical inaccuracy.


On to Richard himself, now Richard, as everyone knows, had an affliction – Shakespeare, that wonderful fellow whose words you are making a mash up of, spoke at length about Richard when Queen Margaret decides to speak of him thusly to Queen Elizabeth…

….The day will come that thou shalt wish for me to help thee curse that poisonous bunch-backed toad”

Because of these lines among others, Richard has always been played as having a severely malformed spine. Today we know that while he did have a severe form of scoliosis, his spine was twisted, not hunched – however it did affect the way he held himself, and it would have made him appear shorter.

Does the Actor cast have a severe form of scoliosis?


Because that would seem to TFP a prime opportunity to be both historically accurate and cast a less physically abled Actor.

Furthermore,  what about the inclusion of women at all in this production – historically there were of course actual women, but if you are in this muddle of ‘kinda sorta historic to Shakespeare’s time’ then should not the women all be played by men?


Which bit of historical accuracy are we involving, theatrical history or world history? How real is real?


TFP must call to the carpet this reliance on mash up history as a way of shutting out BAME performers, because this show is not historically nor theatrically cohesive….there are real and actual women playing female roles,  no French actors, a Norwegian, and an actor without a twisted spine….and the audience is meant to ‘buy into’ this simply because there are Caucasian faces on the stage?


This audience is supposed to be sophisticated enough to overlook these ‘inaccuracies’ but unable to see diversity on the stage? Because it might throw off their potential enjoyment?


If one is holding forth the holy grail of historical MUST be accurate, Sir Nunn.


You cast three young chaps fresh from Drama school who are making their professional debuts – hard to believe they would be better than a BAME professional actor with lots of experience, but…hey – both you and your Casting Director, Ginny Schiller have worked extensively with The Royal Shakespeare Company, and TFP always has thoughts when she reads those initials on a bio….


TFP knows that is your right as a Director to say that the history of England does not include any racial diversity – but, as she has pointed out, Brits have been traveling abroad for glory, honor, and financial gain since 1096…so that is not entirely true –  you could have tried a bit harder, methinks.

Or at least let people audition.

Because you see, England is changing


and being inclusive means that not only are you investing in diverse and vital talent to tell these classic tales, you are providing a chance for audience expansion for classical theater productions, something which the greater profession at large bemoans as being in the death knells.

TFP supposes what is most troubling, is that Shakespearean productions have been really investing in diversity for the last decade or so – at least here in the United States. When one goes to see a classic Shakespearean play, usually ‘in a park’ – no one blinks an eye if the casting is diverse. In fact, the productions are usually quite successful and well received.





thus it is discouraging to think that your Creative team supposed that seeing diversity on the stage would divert an audience member’s attention from the story of the play. The subtext being that you, as a Director, find diversity on stage ‘distracting‘ in Shakespearean drama – that is the underlying message in this production with this casting.


No one disagrees that the Houses of York and Lancaster were Caucasian – but not every part in this production is that of landed gentry or noble – and yet you would rather choose three chaps fresh out of drama school, have women play women, engage a Norwegian actor, and non French people and then cite ‘historical accuracy’ rather than see any BAME Actors for these roles….

1408573535774Yes, very troubling.

Uneasiness is not just for the head that wears a crown in this instance….fie on you, Sir Trevor, TFP says FIE!

Fifty smacks of the wand to you and your Creative Team, you chose to be exclusive in casting, and ‘historically’ your casting is shaky, no matter how much you cite accuracy to justify it. On the plus side, we of the theater vote with our ticket purchase, do we not?

what-not-to-say-to-short-girls-7TFP knows which show she would purchase a ticket to out of the two productions in the UK mentioned in this blog – and it is Finborough Theatre all the way.

As for those at The Rose Theatre Kingston?

They can Kiss My Fan, Tan Fannie!

The Fairy Princess woke up this past Friday to find herself on a “little list‘ put together by –  she was totally flattered to be on the list of “useful” women in theater who utilize social media.


Who would not want to be any list that included Kate Shindle (@AEAPresident), Jennifer Ashley Tepper (@JenAshTep), The League of Professional Women in Theater (@LPTWomen), Audra McDonald (@AudraEqualityMc), Lia Chang (@LiaChang), Sydney Lucas (@SydneyLucasNYC), The Kilroys (@TheKilroys13), The Interval (@TheIntervalNY), and from the UK, West End Wilma (@WestEndWilma) ?

Certainly not TFP – she totes wants to be on that list, and she thanks the…ummm…The Playbill.


One likes to be thought of as ‘useful’,


must be America’s Puritan Work Ethic trickle down…but TFP certainly enjoyed being included.


Many thanks to Laura Heywood aka @BroadwayGirlNYC and Cary Purcell aka @PlaybillCarey for reading what TFP wrote, and thinking that it mattered to not just API Theater lovers, but to the community in general.


One often imagines that one’s writing is sent out to the Universe and gets left in the ether for aliens to come and find it – they would find it and and then decide it was good that they came in and took over since we cannot quite get it together here on this planet.


It was honestly thrilling to wake up and see oneself tagged by Playbill in an article, and in such a nice way.


This is perhaps the first blog post by TFP where she did not have to tell someone to Kiss Her Fan Tan Fannie at the end of it, and that in itself is a remarkable thing – since TFP usually has to be ironically enraged to do so…mayhap this will lead to a kinder, gentler TFP?


Probably not.

Lest one thinks that TFP was the only API on the list, TFP was very happy to note that the lovely Lia Chang, @LiaChang,


was lauded for her consistently excellent work, and this was an even bigger example of how the face of theater in New York and around the country is changing.

Heck, it was even picked up by AsAmNews – wow!

A sincere thanks to Playbill for noticing TFP‘s blog and for the encouragement….


TFP wakes up every day hoping she will not have to be quite as useful…but until that day comes – she will soldier on!


Also HAPPY OPENING to the play, WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE being produced by The Finborough Theatre in London – it looks like a wonderful piece and it also gives TFP hope that things will continue to change.



TFP out.

Happily out, which is odd, but out nonetheless.

Have a great week Y’all!