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The Fairy Princess is a lover of Dancing of the Stars – and she likes, as Scott Nevin’s and family says, ‘the glitz”


She does not watch all the time, because…she is a grown ass person with -ish to do, but recently her buddy at Onstage Blog, Chris Peterson, tagged her in a photo he snagged and….here it is


Yes, that is openly Gay Olympian, Adam Rippon – with body paint and a wig. A wig, btw, that he chose. He was told the other dancers were wearing a wig and so he wanted a wig – specifically a bowl cut wig.

Because what is funnier than doing some Asian inspired dance than making all Asian men look like the worst bus and truck non Equity tour of The King and I, starring a distant cousin of Stacy Keach?

Apparently Asian Americans and AAPI men in general are there as window dressing, and have no style.


Any of these guys have a bowl cut?


And what about the Ladies….all red wigs and fans?

Didn’t think so.


Here is the Freestyle

Let’s break it down – we have the music, in Spanish – because K-Pop would have been a bit too on the nose, then we have the dancers all made up to resemble Asians – TFP says that without any irony – they are holding red fans and snapping them hither and yon. Even if you were trying to desperately trying to say it was ‘just wigs’ or whatever, the combination is supposed to reference Asian women.

In this routine there is bowing. There is shuffling. There is faux giggling.

All Adam is trying to do is serve ‘Full Non Specific Asian Pimp Realness’– not his best look.


So all of the ‘badass-ness’ that could come with doing a tribute K-Pop number is lost, because it is not a tribute, it is number that has a lot of mockery behind it.

TFP has to land the choreo squarely on the shoulders of the choreographer, Jenna Johnson.

No Bueño, Ms. Johnson!


Likely because it IS MAY, which is AAPI Heritage Month, they thought a K-Pop number would be a great fit.


But it is NOT a great fit, it is YELLOWFACE and here is why – Adam Rippon is painted.

Yes, Adam Rippon, for those at home who do not get this, the role model and who is always spouting that he wants to represent for his peeps – is spray painted a different color and they put him in a bowl cut black wig, (at his request) and that – in a very, VERY nasty way, does make him resemble – not completely – another ethnicity.

Also, perhaps his Peeps, to him, are not AAPI – but that would be hard to fathom, as the LGBTQ Community in Cali does have quite a lot of AAPIS in it.


Now, many of you will say, “Well, but Rippon is gay”, and the answer to that is this – even members of a minority group can display ignorance and racism to a different group.

If members of the LGBTQ Community can put on their Tindr or Grindr or whatever dr they subscribe to quantifications like “No Fats, No Femmes, No Asians“, or hide their racism behind the old trope “I’m just not attracted to that”  to hide that they do not consider people of other backgrounds sexually attractive  or just ‘less than’ – then the LGBTQ community has some issues they have to work out, ‘in house’.

In other words, you can be Gay, and still have problems with People of Color, Trans people, Trans People of Color, and LGBTQ people with Disabilities.

TFP is not saying Adam Rippon has issues with any PoC in any category, but she is saying there is often a disconnect about the intersectionality of bias and how it affects choices made by various peoples.

Adam Rippon is a White Cis Homosexual Man – and while in many ways he did not have privilege because of who he is, in other ways, he does have it. For example, the idea of painting oneself did not seem offensive to him, because his skin tone is, ahem, without extreme melanin of any kind.


There were several steps to get to ‘this approved look’, and literally any one of at least a dozen people at ABC could have pulled the plug on the wig and the spray tan.

A costume is a costume – this one looked like it was stolen from a regional production of La Cage Aux Folles out of Jacob’s closet of Albin’s cast offs, but…it was a costume with M.C. Hammer Pants and glitter.

The body paint and the wig – that is the issue here. White People do not get to be ‘Asian for fun!” – cuz TFP will tell you, when you turn on a television, and see people mocking you, it is not fun.


The stylist, the make up artist, the executives, CARRIE ANN INABA, any of them could have said “Y’all, this is not flying as long as there is breath in my body, especially as this is AAPI Heritage Month, it’s about as sensitive as a meteor shower hitting Utah’.

But they did not. Because even though ABC is the home of breakthrough, landmark shows like….oh – FRESH OFF THE BOAT, which is the ONLY show on all of network television to portray an Asian American Family – it did not occur to them that YELLOWFACE was offensive.

So how far have ‘we’ come, honestly? How much are ‘we’ accepted? One must wonder.


To the MUA and Stylist and to Adam Rippon himself, TFP is gonna say “You missed the Boat’ on this one, this one is fresh off the racism.

Check your privilege.

Or take it up with the Huang Family on Friday Nights this Fall.


Also, Adam, how you gonna paint yourself when you are on the same damn show as Mirai, and you know personally the Shib Sibs, and Nathan Chen – what are you gonna say to them about this mess? How are you going to make this up to Kristi Yamaguchi?


Also BOO to Carrie Ann Inaba, who, in her critique, did NOT call this sh*t out!



This is not where you hold yourself back and say ‘Well I am a judge and ballroom dance is crazier than a rat in a coffee can with it’s costumes and spray tans and ruffles so I am not going to say a damn thing.”

Speak up and speak OUT!

This is where you say “Look, I know that you wanted to free dance and pay tribute, and everyone loves a good dress up, but this is not a tribute to K-Pop or in any way appropriate – what do you think you look like, what were you going for here?”

Cuz Carrie Ann, you are ON THAT SHOW!


People look up to you!

AAPI’s watch that show, in part, because YOU are a representation of US – top of your field, visible, not acting, having opinions – you know you had opinions, you should have said all of them.


However TFP doesn’t hold Carrie Ann responsible for the bad choices made by Adam Rippon, Jenna Johnson, the Make Up Artist, and Stylist, this mess is strictly on them and whatever Executive said this was ok.


TFP fines them fifteen days of 8 hour barre class and a hundred and twenty whacks of the wand to all involved – Adam Rippon, Jenna Johnson, the MUA, the Stylist, the Wig person, and the Executive.

This was a big mistake, huge.


TFP out.


Hey Y’all,

TFP here…you know me…


Anyway, there has been a ‘sitch’ over in the UK – an Agent, who is white, who reps a reputable agency, wrote on a closed forum…oh here’s a hint – don’t think anything is closed, Gurl, cuz there is this thing called ‘screen shots’ and nothing is sacred....and TFP wants some cross support from Americans for the BAME Actors putting up with this ish.


Here is what Gemma Hamilton, who yes, has since apologized, wrote – and yes, she is one of the headlining Agents for this agency – because it is called Lowy Hamilton Artists.

“I’m bored of breakdowns asking for BAME Actors. (That is Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Actors)Casting them because of the color of their skin because it adds that va va voom to the cast list, or their skills in performance? And now I see a breakdown for BAME only that are actor/musos. It’s putting talented ‘white’ performers out of work. I think it stinks.”


Which has caused some noise – rightly so.

Only now, TFP wants it to make some NOISE – and get American Actors of Color if you fall under BAME categorization, go for it – to Tweet and Instagram a photo of youself, at work, in costume, going to an audition, and so on – #VaVaVoom – ing.

All y’all – get them up!


Broadway PoC – this is your moment, almost TONY time – eyes are on you.

Broadway has some truly extraordinary PoC working every day, 8 shows a week, telling the story , as does Regional theater (Looking at You #SoftPower) – and of course, on Television, Netflix, Cable, Cinema – and they are all valid stories, they are all people who should be seen.

Talented, hard working people whose skills and talents have put them on the top of their professions.


We are more than the color of our skin, we deserve more than to get some racist side-eye from some people who are sad that through will and skill we are slowly but surely beginning to #ChangeTheStage.

Get them UP, Get them Viral – because there are little kids out there who are not seeing themselves nearly enough. There are kids out there of all kinds, cis, trans, minority, who believe that there is not room enough for them in the world, that they are less worthy.

They are worthy.

Who can tell them better than YOU?

Who can show them, better than YOU?


Points of view like that of Gemma Hamilton pervade our Industry – and it is time that we answer, once and for all, with a resounding roar.


Go ahead, #VaVaVoom yourselves.

TFP out.

The Fairy Princess wants you to know it is May….of course you know to basic people, that means it is Justin Timberlake month, however it is…drumroll please – ASIAN AMERICAN PACIFIC ISLANDER MONTH!


Which means that for this month of May, the lusty month of May, AAPI’s are going to be deservedly ‘extra’, and will not apologize for it!

Get Crazy, Get Cultural, and Get IT, APPIs  

To prep y’all – here is a video from NBC Asian America


Everyone got it? Great!

Moving On….

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.48.17 AM

THE TONY AWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the non-theater going public they are likely confused, but for those who love illogically bursting into song while walking down a street, where then it magically rains, but you still survive the fall from the tree where you were trying to off yourself – there is a lotta leeway in musical theater. Of course, there are the requisite ‘straight’ plays – ie. no singing.

TFP feels some sorta way about straight plays,

no, no no – she is a kidder. She loves straight pe…plays too.


No really, she saw LOBBY HERO, it was  great!

But of course, she does love the musicals…


This season, unlike seasons of the past there are actually, AAPIs nominated in roles and in the technical categories.

Supercool – we maybe get one nomination every ummm, well in terms of performers there was BD Wong and Lea Salonga and then nothing till RuthieAnn Miles (Love you RA), and now, to add to that list –

Robert (Bobby) Lopez & Kristin Anderson Lopez  for Best Original Music and lyrics for the Theater –


Ashley Park – Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical for


Clint Ramos – Best Costume Design in a Musical –


Kal Harada – Best Sound Design for


Speaking of THE BAND’S VISIT – it must be noted that if any of the cast would like to identify as Asian – specifically Central Asian because that is the region their heritage hails from, you may also know it as The Middle East...TFP is all for that, and it is completely  up to them, but if they wanna…let her know, we need the numbers.

This is a remarkable TONYs because there are more than a few female nominees, and TFP would like to acknowledge how special it is, and how difficult it is, on the Creative side, to ‘get there’ because you have to kick ass and take names – so if you see any of the Female Nominees, pour one out for them, they deserve it.


The TONYS are broadcasting on CBS on June 10th at 8PM.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.47.01 AM

Yet another cool thing –  Asian American Film Lab’s 72 Hour Shoot Out

Yes, you want diversity. When do you want it? Yesterday.

Check out the website, competition and rules to compete in the 72 Hour Shoot Out

If you were ever curious about what it takes to be an AAPI Filmmaker or even wanted to appear as an actor in a short film, this competition is the way to go.

You have 72 hours total to assemble your team, cast, write, produce, edit, add music and submit it before it is over.

You can win all sorts of cool stuff, including mentorships with Network people so…take TFP’s advice and check it out.

Also – full disclosure, TFP is a judge this year.


May is also the annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, beginning today – may the Fourth be with you. Check out their schedules and information on all their panels and cool parties here!

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.50.37 AM

SOFT POWER is now in Previews at the Ahmanson in LA!

What better way to celebrate the month than by taking in David Henry Hwang’s latest work that is Broadway Bound?

 Looks great!

Listen you do NOT have to be in New York or Los Angeles to be a theater or movie going AAPI! There are Film Festivals celebrating this month literally EVERYWHERE – for example…

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.57.00 AM

Center for Asian American Media is in San Francisco and is a HUGE resource all year round for people with an interest in all types of representation. Check out what they do and how they do it, here.

Again, if you do not know some cool stuff to do – one search engine ought to do it for your city, helping you find some gems of representation that you did not know you needed before you saw it.

Like this one from HAMILTON – all the Asian heritaged Elizas, including TFP’s personal favorite, Shoba Naryan (She did the panel for BroadwayCon) however excellent, heartwrenching performances by Arianna Afsar, Lexi Lawson, Rachelle Ann Go, and Julia Harriman.

TFP was all….


Though in the States, May is the month, last month in April, for British East Asian and Southeastern Asians there was a theater conference!


According to  reports, it was a doozy.


There was verbal hostility between Academics, which…TFP thought the Brits were too reserved to do, but…anyway, it happened.

Hopefully apologies were given, if not, one imagines there will be long term ramifications, and honestly – the kerfuffle does dim the spotlight on what seemed to be a great event.

Chinese,Welsh, and British Dragons should all be able to get along…


After all, TFP is all three of those.


Pull it together, Dragons.


One of the highlights for those of us in the States who want there to be more recognition of British East Asian Playwrights, was the premiere of a new work.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 11.09.36 AM

Yanks can obtain a copy of a newly published collection by British East Asian Playwrights – and guess what? You can get it on

Plus, do NOT forget, on May 23rd, the anthology to help Puerto Rico recover – RICANSTRUCTION, drops – and TFP has written a story for La Boriqueña’s BFF, Lala, who is Dominican and Chinese!

Shazam!!! AAPI Tie in!


Isn’t May AMAZING?

And lastly, you cannot see it in May, but you can think about it all summer before it drops in August…it’s out there, it’s coming….Crazy Rich Asians

There ya go…just a few things..history is happening….be there!

TFP out.