Hey Y’all,

TFP here…you know me…


Anyway, there has been a ‘sitch’ over in the UK – an Agent, who is white, who reps a reputable agency, wrote on a closed forum…oh here’s a hint – don’t think anything is closed, Gurl, cuz there is this thing called ‘screen shots’ and nothing is sacred....and TFP wants some cross support from Americans for the BAME Actors putting up with this ish.


Here is what Gemma Hamilton, who yes, has since apologized, wrote – and yes, she is one of the headlining Agents for this agency – because it is called Lowy Hamilton Artists.

“I’m bored of breakdowns asking for BAME Actors. (That is Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Actors)Casting them because of the color of their skin because it adds that va va voom to the cast list, or their skills in performance? And now I see a breakdown for BAME only that are actor/musos. It’s putting talented ‘white’ performers out of work. I think it stinks.”


Which has caused some noise – rightly so.

Only now, TFP wants it to make some NOISE – and get American Actors of Color if you fall under BAME categorization, go for it – to Tweet and Instagram a photo of youself, at work, in costume, going to an audition, and so on – #VaVaVoom – ing.

All y’all – get them up!


Broadway PoC – this is your moment, almost TONY time – eyes are on you.

Broadway has some truly extraordinary PoC working every day, 8 shows a week, telling the story , as does Regional theater (Looking at You #SoftPower) – and of course, on Television, Netflix, Cable, Cinema – and they are all valid stories, they are all people who should be seen.

Talented, hard working people whose skills and talents have put them on the top of their professions.


We are more than the color of our skin, we deserve more than to get some racist side-eye from some people who are sad that through will and skill we are slowly but surely beginning to #ChangeTheStage.

Get them UP, Get them Viral – because there are little kids out there who are not seeing themselves nearly enough. There are kids out there of all kinds, cis, trans, minority, who believe that there is not room enough for them in the world, that they are less worthy.

They are worthy.

Who can tell them better than YOU?

Who can show them, better than YOU?


Points of view like that of Gemma Hamilton pervade our Industry – and it is time that we answer, once and for all, with a resounding roar.


Go ahead, #VaVaVoom yourselves.

TFP out.