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The Fairy Princess saw a happy tweet from Actor, Lewis Tan.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.05.13 AM

She tweeted back.

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And…Lewis Tan ‘liked’ it. (No, she is not blushing, YOU are blushing)


As there is no “official’ announcement yet – but as he is an Actor of Mixed Descent, who does Martial Arts, all she can say is HELL YAAAAASSSS (HELLYES) for Lewis Tan – and thanks again, Ed Skrein for being a mensch.

Happy Dance!



Variety says the role has gone to Daniel Dae Kim. Very fine actor. Not Mixed race. But all rights- congrats DDK!

Continue Dancing!

Let it be known that TFP is watching the tomfoolery that is happening at North Shore Musical Theater in Mass – casting a EVITA with no Latinx leads – and she had a thought, oh Actor’s Equity.

The Artistic Director cited in his only response thus far, that the theater is the recipient of the Rosetta LeNoire Award from AEA, which was under the LAST Artistic Management Team – she would venture to guess that now is the time to revisit if that award should be rescinded or not.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.10.09 AM

TFP is getting REALLY GOOD at screenshots!

Something to consider AEA.


Then, she read this article from VULTURE where GOT Creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss defended their choice to continue on with their new greenlit show, CONFEDERATE- with African American EP’s Nichelle Tramble Spellman and Malcom Spellman, who have worked on The Good Wife and Empire respectively.

Now, this foolishness is going to be about what America would be if the South had won the war.

The Civil War.




TFP knows.


Hideous idea.


Cuz we do not need to see a altered reality where Black People are still enslaved!The only people who think this is a good idea, are the four people above. Who are getting paid and paying people to like it.

WHY do they want to do this show the way they are going to do it?


Because they are both – the GOT Dudes – wait for it –  ‘history buffs’.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.29.25 AM


They want to do their own The Man in the High Castle (where the Germans and Japanese won WW2) because then they can use all the Unsullied again. This is not a great idea. TFP knows they THINK it is a great idea – but it is NOT a great idea.

Not for this country right now, where we are – with White Supremacists marching openly and shooting at people and #Charlottesville.

So HERE is an ‘alternate reality’ that these ‘History Buffs’ may also consider – one that would not be offensive to anyone, save perhaps the White Supremacists who love, love, LOVE to see People of Color in chains – be they actual physical chains, chains created by educational mobility and social status, or chains that are institutional systemic racism.

White Supremacists love that sh*t – which is a great reason NOT to do it.


Here, oh HERE is TFP ‘History Buff Fantasy” – and HBO, seriously, call her because there is a need for some new thinking up in there.

WHAT IF: The Columbus and subsequently the Pilgrims had never come to America and it was ruled by Native Americans?

WHAT IF: The peoples that were here were overwhelmingly Native American, with pockets of Vikings and Chinese – because those ships actually got to America – oh yes they did?


The Vikings have beendocumented landing in North America500 years before Columbus in Newfoundland, Canada.

Researchers discovered Chinese pictogramsetched into the rocks around the country that are an Ancient Chinese script in Alberquerque, New Mexico which indicate that they arrived around 1,300 B.C. In fact, the pictograms detail (in so far as historical etchings from thousands of years ago can) interaction between the Chinese and Native Americans.

Columbus arrived in 1492.

Not in America – in the Carribbean. At that time, “The New World”.


What you have now, is an actual premise that elevates people – what if the Vikings took Canada, which is where they landed, and settled there. Of course there would have been bloodshed, because…well, Vikings. That was their ‘thing’. But they have managed to have a peace between the Indigenous Canadians and themselves, a wary peace that is often at odds with individual ambition?

Meanwhile… the Native Americans are trying to mange the vastness that is the Country, and the many tribes that are fighting for supremacy – while also trying to manage the Chinese, who of course would like to settle here en masse .

Meanwhile… people from the Caribbean have made it this way – perhaps on Chinese Armada ships which docked there en route?

Meanwhile…Latinx people who have naturally wandered up through what is now Texas to…who knows? Look for gold because the Aztec Empire is running out of gold and they want everyone to play jai alai?

Everyone is still scheming. Everyone is looking for an ‘up’.

However it is PoC all the way, all the day, in every way!


Then you could have an exchange of ideas, negotiating, intermarriage perhaps between the Chinese, the Native Americans and their MANY tribes, Caribbean natives, Latinx peoples and the Vikings.


And if there are a few intrepid French people or English people that have ventured to the Alternate America – they are immediately captured, made to run gauntlets where they are beaten with clubs and  THEN are forced to become servants.


See what TFP did there?

She changed the narrative, so that it is not offensive.

People are empowered. They have their cultural identities, and yet – of course there is strife and conflict, but it does not come from the open, running wound that is slavery in America.

You need TFP‘s take on ‘alternate history’  – cuz one of her FB friends said it was ‘genius’!


Now TFP knows some white guy is going to steal this idea. That is what happens – someone is going to run with it, and she will be sad. However – if HBO is serious about all it’s competitions, and searching for diverse talent, well – here is what diverse talent can do.

It can change the narrative.

(Luedtke Agency – call it)


TFP out.

The Fairy Princess is weighing in on all the whitewashing – and no, it is not Asian…this time.


It’s the Latinas…they need some intersectional support and TFP gives no f*cks about whether folks agree with her or not – they are going to hear about it.


We need to talk about Latinx folks losing roles that were literally written with them in mind to Caucasian women who belt and can wear a white dress.

What is she talking about?


The musical, EVITA, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Tim Rice – originally staged by Hal Prince which starred West End legend, Elaine Page in 1978. Now a staple of the American Musical Theater, and currently, a problem.

Follies Set-Ups

When it came to Broadway in 1979, it starred current Broadway legend, of the Italian American House of LuPone, First of her Name, Destroyer of Cell Phones, Khaleesi Against Illegal Taping of Shows, Patti LuPone.


Come back with TFP to the 1970’s…

The year is 1972, Tim Rice the lyricist was able to view Carlos Pasini’s film about the second wife of Argentine President, Juan Peron – Eva Peron. It was called Queen of Hearts. He arranged to watch it over and over again, as well as read anything he could get his hands on about her.

In short, he became obsessed. Obsession with writers is the thing to aim for, because that is how work gets finished –  his need to know more about Eva Peron grew.

Rice did the typical things when one becomes obsessed with a subject – he traveled to Bueno Aires to research her extensively, he named his first daughter after her,


and eventually, he suggested to Andrew Lloyd Webber that they collaborate on a rock opera about her.

They added a character called Che that was loosely based on Che Guevara to act as the Narrator, a giant chorus, and off they went on this delightful rock opera tale of a young girl rising from poverty to power – also, not a bad looker.

Picture taken in the 1940s in Buenos Aires of Eva Peron (1919-52)

That the show was supposed to portray Argentina, was somewhat of a secondary consideration – this was a West End/Broadway musical about a plucky gal from the sticks, who is scolded for her ambition, successes and failures by a man who is an idealist, functioning ironically as commentator.

(He’s like every crunchy guy you dated in college that tells you all about yourself, all the time, in a way that destroys your self esteem, but still makes you fall in love with him – that guy.)

OH – see that, TFP can side comment too….easy Che.


Back to Eva. Who was a real person.

She dies. That is where the magic lay – in the fact that the show was ultimately tragic. What Eva Peron would have done with the rest of her life is anyone’s guess. The Peron’s were, as so many dictators at the time – beloved, feared, and hated. But they were gorgeous.


Eva Peron dyed her hair – this is fact. She was dark tressed – and in all the productions of EVITA, the penultimate moment is when she comes out in a giant white ballgown, as a blonde, and sings “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina.”

Now, because Eva dyed her hair – and because of show business in the 1970’s being what it was – a Latina never played Eva Peron. That she dyed her hair is often used as a justification of having her played by a non-Latina.

Here is the interesting thing about Eva Peron – she was descended from Basque people. Now, the Basque region is a mountainous region that borders France and Spain – let us look at map, TFP loves a map.


See that little tiny orange sliver that is a mountain range?

Well, Eva Peron was descended from that DNA, which has recently been found to be distinct. In fact, it was because the Basques were so isolated, and developed their own language, that they remained in tight knit communities even after many immigrated to countries such as Argentina. It is because of Basque traditions, for example, that Eva Peron’s father could be married to another woman, but still give his last name to his children.

Eva Peron was a proud Latina, and her whole work ethic and cultural identity came from being a Latina, descended from Basque immigrants. She grew up in poverty and she became the First Lady of Argentina. She would insist that Argentina show it’s pride both through the story of her rise, and through the casting choices, and truthfully in this day and age, there is no reason to NOT cast this role with a Latina.

However one of the problems with EVITA – it is very rarely played by an Actress who has Latin or even Hispanic heritage, because it was initially in England played by a Elaine Page and here in the States, by Patti LuPone. That gives some Artistic Directors license, they wrongly believe, to ignore that they are telling a story from a Latin country and they should do their best to reflect that – and they just cast whoever sings loudest.

In fact, right now in Australia, directed by Hal Prince, Eva Peron is being played by Tina Arena, who is a big star in Oz who speaks and sings in several languages fluently, who identifies as Italian. Ms. Arena is a spectacular performer – in this role, she is miscast.


What was acceptable (but questionable) in the 1970’s does not improve with time. The range and scope of Actors and Actresses who identify as Latinx or Hispanic is broad – far more wide ranging than in the 1970’s and that should be reflected in the portrayals on the stage, television, and film.

With the many conversations going on in Oz about diversity and the lack of it amongst Musical Theater Performers, Mr. Prince was in a rare position to ‘show them how it is done‘, given that New York Theater community is actively courting inclusion.

(Pour one out for The Great Comet)

In truth, the last time that EVITA was done on Broadway, it was not directed by Hal Prince. The show was directed by Michael Grandage who had  Argentinian, Elena Rogers play Eva Peron- but sadly, this is not to be the case Down Under.



(TFP had no real hopes for this production, given that they cast a white man as The King in THE KING AND I because he was the real life boyfriend of the woman playing Anna Leonowens. That part, incidentally, had to be recast with an Asian American lead because the theater community there rebelled.)

She had hoped they could turn it around with EVITA, but they chose not to. As far as TFP believes that Australia has come, you know – since they pardoned a white man for murdering her Great Grandfather because they did not want a man to go to jail for killing ‘a Chinese’, is that they always have some way to showcase racism and homophobia, that just tears at her insides.

Another example of people here in the States choosing not to try for a Latina Evita is the casting of Dee Roscioli, a former Elphaba on Broadway, at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival – Ms. Roscioli is, like Ms. LuPone, of Italian heritage.


These two productions have relatively large budgets, and of course, are hiring stars that are going to bring a ‘name’ recognition to the show – but the question is – was there an attempt to find a Latina Evita in those cases? Obviously they could afford to look around and offer contracts that were attractive, so the question of looking for a Latinx actress who was a Broadway name should not have been an issue.

From emails between Project Am I Right founder, Lauren Villegas and Artistic Director of the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, it seemed that the attempt to find a Latina performer to play Eva was not actually a concern of his. Ms. Roscioli was a ‘local’ of sorts – she went to college in the area at DeSales University, she had recently played Mrs. Lovett in a Sweeney Todd – there was no way they were not going to go with Dee Roscioli.

The AD’s responses, which TFP  has read, conclusively proves that the issue of white men being the majority of Artistic Directors around the country, has a trickle down effect of white washing roles that should go to people of color.

American Theater Magazine recently did an examination of the Artistic Director positions around the country, and it is safe to say that the overwhelming majority are Caucasian Males – some are ‘woke’, most are not. They ‘care’, they ‘program‘, but they do not take stands often.  For example, they do not seem to program for female playwrights, they do not cast “ethnic’ roles with an eye for inclusion, they seem to revel in male playwrights that are Irish and English and Male, who write roles for people that are Irish and English and Male. They give grants and commission works from other Caucasian males – the cycle is endless.

Even when they cast, say, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, say in Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, they rarely wonder if they should include Jewish performers in their casts  for the same reasons they are excluding Latinx people in EVITAbecause they are in the middle of the country, because they do not have a large population to pull from of diverse actors…..


What comes of this lack of vision, this reliance on ‘that is the way it has always been done‘ is that People of Color – in this case the wide, WIDE diversity that is the Latinx and Hispanic Acting Community – in many cases, are shut out.

Unable to get appointments, even with Agent representation – most have to try and get a spot at Actors Equity Mandated calls, but honestly, because the majority of Artistic Directors are Caucasian (unless they have lived or attended college in a multi-ethnic city or suburb) they do not have a feel for what the many, MANY varieties of Latinx Actors look like.

In other words – they are not Italian or Greek.


We know that Italian Americans and Greek Americans are a proud groups – and this is not to disparage them.

Hollywood and Broadway have long worshiped the Aryan appearance, relegating those with slightly more pigment and darker hair to the ‘ethnic’ parts – that was the way showbiz was for decades. It is not anyone’s ‘fault’ – it is the way that show business functioned for years. That was the norm.

It is no longer that bubble where blondes are the heroes, brunettes are the villains and ‘the ethnics’. We cannot just leave it to various groups to portray a variety of people that range from Native Americans to Latinx to Middle Eastern to East and South Asians – it is no longer that ‘simple’ a choice to do that.

In other words, it is not the 1950’s. Or 1979.

It is 2017, almost 2018.

Actors of Color need to be included, and the boiling point is nearing for many of us.


The most recent entry in this ongoing complexity of establishment versus cultural advancement is the just announced is North Shore Musical Theater’s production of EVITA, which will be going up September 26th – October 3rd.

There are no Latinx leads in this show.

This show about Argentina.

Where is Argentina, you may ask – where, precisely?

It is in Latin America.

Let’s pull up a map – TFP loves maps.


As you can see, there is Argentina right next to Chile and Uruguay, it borders Paraguay and Bolivia.

Here is who is playing Eva Peron, Miss Briana Carlson-Goodman, who identifies as a white Jewish woman.


She is absolutely adorable, she can likely sing her face off, TFP would likely like her if TFP met her – this role is miscast.

Not because the Actress did not go in and give a great audition – she likely did, but masquerading as Latina is not, as TFP‘s old improv teacher stated often “the highest percentage choice‘.

Someone always finds out, and in this case, Ms. Carlson-Goodman told Ms. Lauren Villegas, founder of Project Am I Right? that she happens to be Jewish, but she has been told to not self identify because that would impede her ability to get roles.



That the central character of EVITA is not Latina would never be 100 per cent ok in 2017, but if she was perhaps, supported by other Latinx leads – the people playing Che or Peron or Magaldi, with a large, heavy percent of the ensemble being Latinx – perhaps they could argue that Ms. Carlson-Goodman was just ‘the best that came in’, and we would have to accept that.

Except that none of the leads happen to be Latinx.

How can you do a show about ARGENTINA and not have Latinx leads?


TFP has worked with some blockbuster talent out of the Latinx community – staggeringly gifted people, this  production of EVITA is simply extremely short sighted.

That this does not bother anyone at North Shore is an issue. What it means is that their production is not particularly thoughtful or designed to represent the show in any responsible manner, they are putting forth a caricature.

With what is going on in the country, seeing strong Latina women becomes ever more important- because our current POTUS has done his best to demonize Latinx people. He wants walls, he wants to send children home who have only ever know the United States, who work and pay taxes and build communities.

 If you do not think this constant barrage of dross towards Latinx people from the current administration is NOT part of North Shore’s ambivalence about the choices they have made- you are fooling yourself.

There is no greater source of systemic racism than the examples shown at our highest level of power right now. It is America’s shame to be represented by this administration and it’s pandering to White Supremacy. This lack of empathy, is not only displayed nonchalantly- it is encouraged- and it is what North Shore has effectively co-signed.

They cast Constantine Maroulis as Che – he happens to be…Greek American.

2014 Garden Of Dreams Foundation Talent Show

Again, if Constantine was the only non Latin lead – if effort had been made to cast the rest of the show to reflect Argentina, again, perhaps that would – while still NEVER BEING 100% OK, – it would be simply a roll your eyes moment. We would realize that the show had genuflected at the altar of ‘celebrity’, and roll with it – but again, this is not the case.

 (TFP also wants to acknowledge that Greece is a seaside nation, and as such – genetically it benefits from many invasions and wars – what that entails is a variety of DNA mixing, so it is entirely possible that even though Constantine identifies as a Greek American – there may be more ethnically going on there – generations prior – than simply Eurocentric stuff. African, Arab, Moorish, and European are all involved within that heritage. 

However if Mr. Maroulis has not ever claimed to be anything other than a modern day Greek American, he is a Greek American and his casting here is still problematic.)

Does North Shore honestly believe that PoC are going to come and see this show and say, “Well, looks like Argentina to me?”


North Shore has a problem – it’s audience is older. It is largely Caucasian. It needs to bring in a larger crowd, a younger crowd, a more diverse crowd to support it’s productions.

They could have done that, had they chosen to have more Latinx Actors and Actresses in this show, and they did not. Eventually what will happen is that they will either change and embrace inclusive casting – or they will continue to exclude PoC, while trying to perform their stories – and the theater will close.

Honestly, it is that simple.

It would be a shame – because it serves up great theater – and people appreciate it, it is a great Massachusetts business, but eventually, karma comes calling, and she is most proudly, a bitch.


It is not all bad, for those of you collapsing in a heap in the back.


There are people making an effort, and really coming through – and that is to be acknowledged as well – let’s mention some of those places, places that care. Places that you should support in person if you can – if you cannot be there – perhaps consider purchasing a ticket and donating it to a local who cannot afford to go, but who would love it?

Check it out –

At Asolo Rep in Florida, they have cast Ana Isabelle!

Nov. 13-December 30th, Floridians! Get those tickets, Snowbirds!

At the Actor’s Playhouse in Coral Gables, Florida they have also not only made an effort to cast someone Latina to play Eva, they are also doing half the show’s run in Spanish!

Yes, from October 25 – November 26th, performances will be in English, and then from November 30th – December 17th, they are doing Spanish performances!


Now, one must ask – why are they doing EVITA in Spanish and English? Because they are located in Miami-Dade County Florida, which has a LARGE Latinx population. They are serving their community and the arts in one fell swoop!

Also this past year – in TENNESSEE, where you would wonder if they ‘could’ get a production of EVITA going correctly – they jobbed in the talent. What is that, North Shore? Yes, they felt they did not have big enough Latinx names so they brought in Eden Espinoza to play Eva Peron at Studio Tenn.


Likewise in KANSAS CITY, they went about as far as they could go, by casting Marriand Torres in the role. That production, incidentally, is specifically cast with Latinx actors in the main roles. Beginning September 9th!


So while, yes – North Shore Musical Theater managed to both stunt cast and blow it – elsewhere, in the middle of the country and in Florida, there is hope.


Who would have thought TFP would be saying that?

North Shore Musical Theater, Aussie EVITA, and Pennsylvania Shakespeare – you get 100 whacks of the wand for pulling this crap – each.

TFP is tired.

Why does this have to be explained over and over?

Latinx actors and actresses are tired.


Why, when it is SO EASY to consider inclusive casting, do you go SO FAR OUT OF THE WAY to NOT cast with an eye towards authenticity in telling a story?

No, not every Eva needs to be Argentinian descent – but she needs to be Latinx. You have an obligation to tell the best story you can tell, and that includes being inclusive and searching out the people who can authentically tell the story.

If Lin Manuel Miranda can write and cast IN THE HEIGHTS on Broadway, and then go on to write and cast HAMILTON on Broadway, and oh yeah, redo the lyrics to WEST SIDE STORY on Broadway with Latinx and Hispanic talent – then you can find an Eva!


TFP out.


The Fairy Princess is mixed race. We sometimes refer to that as Hapa in the Asian American/Pacific Islander community. Hapa comes from the Native Hawaiian language and it began as Hapa Haole – which meant, “half-foreign’.


Hapa does not refer to the content of anyone’s Asian or Pacific Islander heritage – and that is something that sometimes gets confused – but refers to the thing that makes them different, the ‘other’ that is oftimes considered a marker of losing one’s heritage if you are of Pacific Islander or Asian heritage. Or honestly, any kind of ethnic diversity, once you mix ‘the other’ into it, people start to lose their minds over it.

The mixing.


Nowhere in the history of Asian or Pacific Islander peoples have people particularly welcomed these ‘half breed’ children. Though the Native Hawaiians were the most welcoming and Hapa (again, shorthand for Hapa Haole), was not a slur. Which explains why mixed race people particularly of Pacific Islander or Asian descent enjoy using this term, and why it’s usage had expanded into the general lexicon of American language.

Not ‘co-opted‘ – it’s usage is commonplace now, that is an entirely different thing. If we all stopped using words from other languages, we would all have to go back to hand signals and grunting.


Oscar Hammerstein wrote a whole show about the horror with which mixed raced children are viewed called SOUTH PACIFIC, if you are interested. There are plenty of derogatory names for them, which TFP will not go into – and in general, unless these kids happen to be super smoking hot like Miss Universe Brook Lee,

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.57.03 PM

who yes, hails from Hawaii, most ‘pureblood‘ people do not welcome Hapas.

(Happy Harry Potter’s Kid goes to Hogwart’s Day, btw)

It is an ‘actual thing.“, as the kids say.


TFP, she is ‘half-other’. Her heritage is Irish, Chinese, and Welsh – as well as being of dual nationality – Australian and American. She is married to a Korean of Chinese descent American, and thus her child is Korean, Chinese, Irish, and Welsh.


That someone is of mixed heritage is important because being of mixed heritage, is enough to get one publicly flayed for not being ‘enough.’


This is not solely the view of people within Pacific Islander or Asian American groups- this is a cross cultural problem within EVERY  group.

If there is one thing that unites us all, it is that the mixing of ethnic heritages (we are not talking Irish/English, or French/Norwegian) that results in different skin tones has never been welcomed by any group.



Here is the issue this week- very well considered by ReAppropriate there is a Native American Actor named Adam Beach.

You have likely seen him in films and on television – he is quite a good actor. TFP has always enjoyed his performances, and he is an advocate in his community as well as being a commercially employed Hollywood actor.


All to his credit.

Mr. Beach is a leader in his community, and so – people listen when he talks, or posts on social media.

This past week, Mr. Beach took issue with a mixed race Actress named Kelsey Asbille, being hired to play a role of a Native American.


Mr. Beach identifies Ms. Asbille as Asian American, or rather mixed race Asian American – aka Asian and Caucasian.

The issue is, that Ms. Asbille identifies herself as Asian, Native American, and Caucasian in an interview with The New York Times, and has played Native American before in the film, WIND RIVER.

Here is the direct quote from the article “What’s so Hard about Casting Indian Actors in Indian Roles?” in regards to her playing the role in WIND RIVER:

Kelsey Asbille, who plays Natalie, the young Indian woman who is raped and murdered in “Wind River,” is of Taiwanese, British and Eastern Band Cherokee descent. Although she did not grow up in an indigenous community, she said she had an “intense connection” to Natalie and what she stood for, adding, “This role, more than any other, it’s in my blood.”

In the film WIND RIVER – a film where concerted effort was made to cast authentically – Ms. Asbille passed the test. That film, incidentally, won Taylor Sheridan a Best Director trophy in Cannes.

Then she got another role, a role Mr. Beach felt should go to someone who has been more active in the NA community. This role involves portraying a young wife of Native Heritage who lives on a Reservation in a project called YELLOWSTONE.

Now, the Writer/Director of YELLOWSTONE is Taylor Sheridan, the man who cast her in  WIND RIVER, she is not the main star of the series. The main star is Kevin Costner. She will play the wife of his youngest son.

Did she read for this role, or was it offered? We are not her agents and we do not really know, but it is likely that if the Actor/Director relationship worked well the first time, she had a bit of a head start over other NA Actresses who may have gone in. Again, the Director believes that she has NA heritage. He is accepting of her mixed heritage, as he should be.

Interestingly quoted in that same NY Times article, is Professor Carla Pratt who stated:

“Being Indian is more of a political and cultural identity than racial, explained Carla Pratt, a professor at Penn State University and a justice of the Supreme Court of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. “We do have a reluctance to accept someone who doesn’t fit that stereotypical image.”

Which explains why Mr. Beach is very ‘dug in’ in his opinion about her playing the role.

In other words, while the Census and the Director would perhaps consider Ms. Asbille to ‘count’, Mr. Beach would not – because he is concerned with both community awareness and participation, as much as he is concerned about acting.


That this ‘controversy’ is really a thinly disguised purity test is not a surprise to TFP.

No one has ever truly welcomed racial mixing, and even as our world continues to evolve, those of us on the front lines will continue to take the hits. This, even as it is acknowledged that racial mixing will continue and it will be a larger segment of the population of America moving forward.

Lest we forget, Chloe Bennet recently had to respond to people who criticized her for changing her surname from her Father’s last name to his first name, because of what she called out as the bias of Hollywood.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 3.53.46 PM

Keanu Reeves, Dwayne Johnson, Moon BloodgoodNancy Kwan, Merle Dandridge, and every other person of mixed race descent  have all had to explain their right to tell stories that they were entitled to tell based on Family History.

Imagine if you were under as much scrutiny as a mixed race Actor or Actress- eternally justifying your existence – having to constantly avow your ‘loyalty’ to every faction to which you do and should lay claim.

“But I make my own (insert traditional dish)”

“I practice traditional dance every day”

“I have tattoos that show my pride in my heritage.”


You would be as exhausted as TFP is- and that is not something she would wish on anyone. Inherent in the need to justify – is also blatant sexism – women are asked to explain themselves more than men- this is common to all women.

People always want women to explain themselves more than men.

An example would be Actor Jason Momoa, who has a host of races within his heritage, and also played a mixed race Native American in his series on Netflix, FRONTIER. His being of mixed descent is a huge plot point and he is surrounded by Indigenous Actors and Actresses who also have roles of great importance within the show. He used his heritage to help get the project off the ground, and he used it as a plot point.


TFP recalls absolutely no one questioning his ‘right’ to self identify as Native American.

Of course, Jason Momoa is JASON MOMOA!!

No one is going to ‘check’ Drogo.


No one.

But a young gal in her twenties…they will come for her.

Because, men.

The issue to TFP is the bias that is shown towards people of mixed heritage on a regular basis.


If we audition and happen to do the best that day, it is never ‘unchallenged‘ unless there is a qualifier, a reason that ‘purebloods‘ can accept for our casting. ‘She is fluent…’ or ‘They are an expert in…’ there has to be what TFP laughingly refers to as ‘plausible inclusivity’ when we are cast.

When the truth is – we all get called in, we all look a variety of ways within our ‘grouping’, we all read, someone reads ‘the best’.

They get the job as long as the physicality of the actress fits the role and casting finds them credible.

Bias, for mixed people is everywhere – there is honestly very little winning.

For example, on her personal Social Media page, TFP had people discussing the fact that Major Ben Daimio, who has been identifed as a mixed race person both by Ed Skrein and in press reports was ‘probably not mixed race’ and ‘they didn’t care, but probably not“- because it is hard for people to embrace mixed race people if they come from a homogenus background.



(She still loves them, but come ON!)

That is bias against the concept of mixed race people – even if it comes from well respected and talented people.

It is still bias. 

It is ingrained in our various cultures that Mixed People signal the end of culture, when that is usually very far from the truth. Mixed Race people, TFP has found, in general, try harder to get those cultural representations correct- we have a lot to ‘prove’, that is the load we carry, every day.

That Ms. Asbille is proud to represent for Native Americans is not something that has been taken into consideration – what is important is that she participate in activities that the Native American Acting Community, and Mr. Beach deem worthy.

TFP imagines that he has a list.


Mr. Beach said that Native American actresses should not have to wake up and be slapped in the face by Ms. Asbille’s casting. 

Mr. Beach never envisioned what Ms. Asbille’s morning was, as a mixed raced person, to wake up to being personally attacked on the internet, being slapped in the face by the reasoning that she was not ‘enough’ to ‘count’.

Of course, he is the counter of all things.


However if the ‘greater’ NA Community is against ‘blood purity’ aka “Genetic Marker” teststhen the issue should be moot, especially as the IPCB – Indigenous People’s Council on Biocolonialism has this on their front page:

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.33.32 PM

Here is a ‘still’ from the film WIND RIVER –


Ms. Asbille did not say she was 100% Native American – she says she has heritage from Eastern Band Cherokee. TFP does think she looks like she has ‘more’ in her DNA than Asian and Caucasian. 

To TFP, she looks ‘extra’ .

TFP is familiar with these issues, and what mixed race NA people could look like. The range of what appearance ‘could be’ is vast- it involves every sort of eye shape and color, skin tone, and hair shade and texture. She is familiar with this because her Father represented two Tribes.

 Her Father, who was not Native American ( he was Irish American) but who was a Tribal Judge and a lawyer for both the Abernaki tribe in Vermont, and the Schagticoke Tribe in Connecticut before he passed, made her aware of some of the issues facing the Tribes in question. She would drive him up to the Rez, talk to the Chief….

TFP is perhaps more aware of some of the issues facing the NA population than, say, the average person –  she is not an expert – but she is familiar – and this is what it comes down to:


The first Europeans who settled in America visited enacted tragedies upon the Native Americans.

This is not up for debate – they did it.

They raped. They murdered. They deliberately stole the children from Tribes, and sent them to schools where they were not allowed to speak their native language and they cut their hair. 

They deliberately removed them from their traditional lands and placed them on lands where nothing would grow. They spread contagion and death through smallpox deliberately. 

They sent them on the Trail of Tears that killed thousands. They used the Native American populations in ways that are unspeakable.

This was all deliberate.

The repercussions of what was done to NA Tribes is with us today and will honestly never be fixed unless America looks hard at itself and takes massive steps to improve the situations that keep NA people from thriving within modern America.

It was done by the White people and it was done as part of a concerted Government Effort because historically, White People like to take things that other people have.


Thus, many Native Americans – not all Native Americans, but many, will have strands of alternate DNA within their genes. In the 2010 Census, it was shown that nearly half of all Native Americans and Indigenous Alaskans claim to be of mixed race.

This does not negate their cultural identification or love of being Native American.

What it means is that their ancestors survived.

They did what they had to do. They may have fallen in love, they may have used what they had to escape what was worse. They may have had no choice in the matter. 

They were strong and proud and people of mixed heritage are living testaments to their strength and will to survive. They are , to a certain extent, definitive comment that walks and breathes that shows America no matter what happens- Native Americans are stronger than anything thrown at them by racist and sexist America.

They survived. Again, to reference what the Professor said above, Native American Identity is equally political and community driven, as it is racial.

There is the issue of tribal cards and what it means being part of a tribe – now, the rules of joining and substantiating a claim of heritage are strict. This does not account, on many levels for the sustained attack that the Native American population has had thrust on it. Many people left and did not look back.

Both for personal and for socio-economic reasons.

The fact that they left, does not negate their being Native American.

It does, in many cases affect their heirs attaining ‘tribal status’ or to being able to obtain a ‘card’. While there are issues with the ‘card’ system, it is the system we have currently in the United States and adjustments are being made constantly.

So if there is no ‘genetic marker’ test desired by the larger NA community – then what is the issue with Mr. Beach?


Well, like most actors – he wanted one of his friends to get the role.

TFP totally understands this inclination, everyone likes people they know to succeed.

 The point of representing the community through various types of activities is a valid one – but it is ‘sticky’ because sometimes people are not ‘joiners’, and sometimes younger actors really are just focused on their careers and not attending different events.

Community Awareness tends to grow as one ages, in TFP‘s observation.

Again, if Ms. Asbille is not in any way NA, TFP will jump right on that bandwagon and implore her to not take the role, as Mr. Skein did not take the role of Major Ben.

But what if she is Native American? 

What does the NA Community do with her then? 

No one is allowed to ‘swab’ anyone else to prove something – but let’s say she chooses to do it as a way to prove herself – because again, mixed race people continually must prove themselves – and it is totally and completely legit and she is definitively NA.

Where does it end?

Do they invite her participation at a greater level? Do they ‘court’ her as a potential Activist?

TFP is sure that that would be the greater end game to play. To involve her. Perhaps she will not like it and choose not to continue to participate, and it will make her not respond to Native American castings. Perhaps she will become involved on that community level.

However, as she and Chloe Bennet have stated – what they do as people, change their names, or color their hair – that does not negate what is in their blood, and Ms. Asbille will likely continue to represent as Native American. Certain people will again take issue – because she is mixed race.

The cycle begins again.

The optics of People of Color attacking other People of Color as to their ‘worthiness’ and what percentage they have in their DNA are bad. The writing of this blog or any blog  will not ameliorate this situation. 

However TFP felt this should be addressed.

Yes, there have been issues in the past with Elizabeth Warren and Johnny Depp – and those kinds of issues will play out again and again. Ms. Asbille is not taking on a role that was mired in trope as Mr. Depp did, she is taking on a role of a modern NA woman that will ostensibly be written as a nuanced piece, it is not the same as Mr. Depp’s playing Tonto, and it should not be compared as such.

(BTW TFP was in the Diversity Showcases for FOX and due to a scheduling issue with her scene partner – they had to go up on the night of the Native American showcase, so she is well aware that there are many and varied Native American talents out there, and she wishes there were more projects out there to showcase them.

Yes – the scheduling snaffoo was explained, as was the fact that we were not trying to represent as NA – and our scene was up last – to prevent any misunderstanding in that regard.

Anyway, she is fully aware of the greatness of the NA Acting community, and she wanted to acknowledge that. She is FULLY supportive of Native American heritaged people being cast as Native American)

Here is what TFP thinks- as a mixed raced person herself –  and one whose Family is mixed in multiple ways-

(her extended family includes people who are of Australian Aboriginal heritage, Asian heritage, Brazilian heritage, French Canadian heritage, African American heritage, White European heritage) 

When a Person of Color claims a certain heritage – she is inclined to believe them.

There is no real benefit to lying about heritage when you are mixed race – because to most people, you are not enough. Of anything. The more mixed you are, the more upset they seem to get.


Mixed raced people are Sisyphus going up the hill, again and again, only to have that giant boulder come crashing down on them, with the words “DOESN’T COUNT” emblazoned on the side of it.

People in this country like things to be clear cut. They like definitive answers and bright colors. They like things to be to be in absolutes. Good guy, bad woman. Locker room banter versus her emails. No shades of gray.


When you are dealing with mixed race people – things are not simple. They are messy. They are complicated. There are constant ‘tests’ from people who try and define what exactly you are. – so the question TFP leaves you with is –

When do we stop asking mixed raced people to prove how much they count?

When do we let them just be?

It’s a valid question.

Look, certain people have asked that the AAPI community turn on Ms. Asbille because they equate it to Ed Skrein being cast as Major Ben Daimio. 

Many have. It is in their purview. TFP cannot tell people what to do -but this is not the same situation as HELLBOY.

This is not a Caucasian playing a mixed raced Asian. This is a person of multiple heritages who – unless proved otherwise – should be believed. 

Let her do her job.

If it comes out she is not NA – that is something else entirely – if she embarrasses the NA community – again, that is something else entirely. However TFP does not think she is out to do that, she thinks Ms. Asbille will do her job.

Dismantling bias against people of mixed race is hard – people look at us and feel we are the reason that they are losing their culture. That the complexity of our ancestors survival which is written in our features threatens their way of life – and in such a way that we cannot be accepted for the many things that we are.

It is time for that to end- if we learn nothing from #Charlottesville and #HurricaneHarvey about the importance of sticking together and supporting one another, that would be a shame.

Representation is important and vital – but the judging of it, of one another, the quantifying and quizzing of mixed race people has had it’s time.

It is now upon mixed race people to reclaim it.