The Fairy Princess saw a happy tweet from Actor, Lewis Tan.

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She tweeted back.

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And…Lewis Tan ‘liked’ it. (No, she is not blushing, YOU are blushing)


As there is no “official’ announcement yet – but as he is an Actor of Mixed Descent, who does Martial Arts, all she can say is HELL YAAAAASSSS (HELLYES) for Lewis Tan – and thanks again, Ed Skrein for being a mensch.

Happy Dance!



Variety says the role has gone to Daniel Dae Kim. Very fine actor. Not Mixed race. But all rights- congrats DDK!

Continue Dancing!

Let it be known that TFP is watching the tomfoolery that is happening at North Shore Musical Theater in Mass – casting a EVITA with no Latinx leads – and she had a thought, oh Actor’s Equity.

The Artistic Director cited in his only response thus far, that the theater is the recipient of the Rosetta LeNoire Award from AEA, which was under the LAST Artistic Management Team – she would venture to guess that now is the time to revisit if that award should be rescinded or not.

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TFP is getting REALLY GOOD at screenshots!

Something to consider AEA.


Then, she read this article from VULTURE where GOT Creators, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss defended their choice to continue on with their new greenlit show, CONFEDERATE- with African American EP’s Nichelle Tramble Spellman and Malcom Spellman, who have worked on The Good Wife and Empire respectively.

Now, this foolishness is going to be about what America would be if the South had won the war.

The Civil War.




TFP knows.


Hideous idea.


Cuz we do not need to see a altered reality where Black People are still enslaved!The only people who think this is a good idea, are the four people above. Who are getting paid and paying people to like it.

WHY do they want to do this show the way they are going to do it?


Because they are both – the GOT Dudes – wait for it –  ‘history buffs’.

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They want to do their own The Man in the High Castle (where the Germans and Japanese won WW2) because then they can use all the Unsullied again. This is not a great idea. TFP knows they THINK it is a great idea – but it is NOT a great idea.

Not for this country right now, where we are – with White Supremacists marching openly and shooting at people and #Charlottesville.

So HERE is an ‘alternate reality’ that these ‘History Buffs’ may also consider – one that would not be offensive to anyone, save perhaps the White Supremacists who love, love, LOVE to see People of Color in chains – be they actual physical chains, chains created by educational mobility and social status, or chains that are institutional systemic racism.

White Supremacists love that sh*t – which is a great reason NOT to do it.


Here, oh HERE is TFP ‘History Buff Fantasy” – and HBO, seriously, call her because there is a need for some new thinking up in there.

WHAT IF: The Columbus and subsequently the Pilgrims had never come to America and it was ruled by Native Americans?

WHAT IF: The peoples that were here were overwhelmingly Native American, with pockets of Vikings and Chinese – because those ships actually got to America – oh yes they did?


The Vikings have beendocumented landing in North America500 years before Columbus in Newfoundland, Canada.

Researchers discovered Chinese pictogramsetched into the rocks around the country that are an Ancient Chinese script in Alberquerque, New Mexico which indicate that they arrived around 1,300 B.C. In fact, the pictograms detail (in so far as historical etchings from thousands of years ago can) interaction between the Chinese and Native Americans.

Columbus arrived in 1492.

Not in America – in the Carribbean. At that time, “The New World”.


What you have now, is an actual premise that elevates people – what if the Vikings took Canada, which is where they landed, and settled there. Of course there would have been bloodshed, because…well, Vikings. That was their ‘thing’. But they have managed to have a peace between the Indigenous Canadians and themselves, a wary peace that is often at odds with individual ambition?

Meanwhile… the Native Americans are trying to mange the vastness that is the Country, and the many tribes that are fighting for supremacy – while also trying to manage the Chinese, who of course would like to settle here en masse .

Meanwhile… people from the Caribbean have made it this way – perhaps on Chinese Armada ships which docked there en route?

Meanwhile…Latinx people who have naturally wandered up through what is now Texas to…who knows? Look for gold because the Aztec Empire is running out of gold and they want everyone to play jai alai?

Everyone is still scheming. Everyone is looking for an ‘up’.

However it is PoC all the way, all the day, in every way!


Then you could have an exchange of ideas, negotiating, intermarriage perhaps between the Chinese, the Native Americans and their MANY tribes, Caribbean natives, Latinx peoples and the Vikings.


And if there are a few intrepid French people or English people that have ventured to the Alternate America – they are immediately captured, made to run gauntlets where they are beaten with clubs and  THEN are forced to become servants.


See what TFP did there?

She changed the narrative, so that it is not offensive.

People are empowered. They have their cultural identities, and yet – of course there is strife and conflict, but it does not come from the open, running wound that is slavery in America.

You need TFP‘s take on ‘alternate history’  – cuz one of her FB friends said it was ‘genius’!


Now TFP knows some white guy is going to steal this idea. That is what happens – someone is going to run with it, and she will be sad. However – if HBO is serious about all it’s competitions, and searching for diverse talent, well – here is what diverse talent can do.

It can change the narrative.

(Luedtke Agency – call it)


TFP out.