Before this blog begins, TFP wants to extend her condolences to the Families of Nick Cordero and Naya Rivera.

Mr. Cordero fought the fight, he was #BroadwayStrong and he is now at peace.

TFP strongly supports the renaming of the Longacre Theater with his name, supporting both his Family, and the Broadway community who is reeling from mass job loss.

Ms. Rivera was a wonderful actress and singer, who led the way for teens struggling with their sexuality with her performance on GLEE, and in the end, she was a brilliant Mother, who gave her life to get her four year old back on that boat.

TFP wants to honor these two Parents, who are now, among the stars.



The Fairy Princess is back!


She is so serious, she’s using a gif of HERSELF, which…hey, means it is serious.

Look, she didn’t mean to go away, she left you with five or so blogs of things to watch and take in, and then she stepped aside.


Because bigger things needed the space.

Bigger issues. Systemic racism, and police brutality, and the fact that the country is being run by someone crazier than a rat in a coffee can, who is not content with jailing everyone, he literally wants BIPOC citizens to die, so he is not doing a thing about COVID-19.

Not a thing.


Please vote in November. Your lives depend on it.

Please wear a maskeveryone in the country has a life that depends on it.

Please do not watch FOX news or listen to MAGA relatives – they have ‘volunteered as tribute’ in the great intellectual race of 2020.

Don’t let them suck you in – no one is safe, the pandemic is still going on. Here are the stats for BIPOC from the CDC.

COVID 19 just keeps going down the line – state to stupid state because of stupid people – you want to step out of that line, and protect yourself and your family.


While New York has been through the worst, we hope, of COVID-19, everyone in the rest of the FOX NEWS listening world, has been blatantly NOT wearing masks and spreading this virus like it is glitter at a pageant.

People who do not wear masks are a danger to themselves and everyone else around them.

People who do not socially distance because of some sort of psychotic belief that they are impervious or ‘they would know’ if they were contagious, are ignorant and mistaken, and they have intentionally chosen to be.

Do not listen to The White House, you have a man in there whose Niece, Mary,  is telling you is a racist, a narcissist, and a ton of other stuff that has not been clinically diagnosed because the amount of tests it would take would topple a small regional hospital, and she would know, she has a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

He’s a bad dude.

A Lesbian is trying to save the United States here by letting us all know how awful a person he is, and we should all listen.

TFP mentions that Ms. Trump is a Lesbian because the world at large usually fails to acknowledge the contributions of the LGBTQIA community, and that is wrong.


Thank you Ms. Trump for your service to your country.


Moving on to a train wreck waiting to happen – the production company, BAD WOLF, famous for their show, A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, has announced they are working on an adaptation of the very successful book by Chris Bohjalian, THE RED LOTUS.

Mr. Bohjalian is half Armenian, and his Grandparents were survivors of the Armenian Genocide. TFP mentions that, because many people have identified him as a white man, and the Armenian are actually a group of people from Southwestern Asia.

Although it is a Indo-European group.

It’s confusing.

While you would look and think, “Oh, that is a white writer”, he is and he isn’t. His heritage is from Southwestern Asia.


As described by Deadline, The Red Lotus follows Alexis, a young ER doctor in New York whose boyfriend goes missing while on vacation in Vietnam.”

Thus far, all we know is that Kate Brooke is the showrunner. She is a very experienced television writer and show runner, as evidenced by her resume.


Her resume has strong female characters, strong Caucasian female characters, and her experience with shows that are period dramas is mighty, but this is a modern mystery drama set in Vietnam. Specifically.

In fact, the women who founded BAD WOLF Productions did so with the intention to help the Welsh Production Industry, and that is part of their goal, so…are they branching out, or are they going to film this story in Wales, recreate Vietnam in Wales?

If that does turn out to be the case, Vietnam via Wales, are they going to avail themselves of the BESEA (British East and South East Asian) writing pool? Are they using their American offices to search for Vietnamese American writers?

Where is Vietnam for these white women?

Wouldn’t you need, one presumes, people who know the country and the culture? Since the writer of the book and the show runner are not from Vietnam, TFP really hopes she is wrong, but there is nothing to indicate that a diverse writers room is the goal.

Not from the writer’s rooms of shows that the Show Runner has previously worked on.

Not from the shows that the founders of Bad Wolf created for the BBC. Or any of their others.

Time will tell.


Clock is ticking, Ladies….please don’t give us a train wreck.




Having a inclusive writers room diminishes no one.

Having a diverse writers room, helps your show reach more people.

TFP says this as a Welsh Multi Racial Person – her Great Gran was from Wales – BEING CAUCASIAN DOES NOT GIVE YOU AN INSIGHT INTO ALL PEOPLES.

Fix it.

For those at home, you can tweet directly to the show runner @KATEBROOK2 to let her knows your thoughts on the matter.

TFP is sure she is waiting for the input.


Now is the part when TFP is going to TFP, and amplify – there is a group of BIPOC Theater Artists – and they have been working particularly hard on a website that contains some demands that have occurred to them – TFP cannot say ‘us’, though she agrees with what they have written, specifically because she was not asked to contribute.



The website is called : WE SEE YOU WHITE AMERICAN THEATER!


You should read it.

All of it.

Some of it you will agree with, and some of it will leave people feeling…well..


It is ok.

You should feel attacked. That is the point.

If BIPOC can survive White, Liberal Theater and it’s tropes for…well, since Shakespeare’s day, you can survive a 31 imaged list of demands.


If nothing else, it is a start.

Look, Broadway and theater in general is shut down and has no real intentions of opening till 2021, and that is if a vaccine is able to be discovered, distributed, and is effective.

Till then, Theater creators have a lot of time on their hands.

You can distract yourself with a million Zoom meetings.

You can work on your own stuff.

Or…you can think about someone other than yourself and do a deep dive into a document that was born of rage and pain, and systemic injustice.

The theater world is, by it’s very nature, a racist institution that caters to an elite clientele.

It is produced by an elite group of people that have money, went to the ‘right’ schools, have the ‘right’ training, know the right people, and it is an engine that feeds itself. White people create white stars, and if they feel generous that day, perhaps they create a BIPOC star, someone who is ‘acceptable’ to them – someone who perhaps went also to the ‘right’ schools, and who does not seem particularly ‘ethnic’ to them.

But just one. Per…decade?

Maybe that is too mean to say, one every…five years or so.


Or they ‘need’ that person for their talent, so they allow one,  because their ‘business’ is in presenting like a liberal, well meaning person who is an ally.

But do they have ‘us’ over for dinner?

Are we going away for the weekends with them?

Are we having playdates with their kids or hanging because we have an odd hour to go grab coffee together?

Some are. Definitely there are those producers and creatives who fall into the Mensch category, and TFP is super proud to know them and feel included because she is seen as a person. As a contributor. As a friend.

They know who they are, names need not be spoken.


Some aren’t. They may ‘think’ they are – but they aren’t. Those people – Producers, Performers, Designers, Theater Admins, PR Folks, Crew – they know who they are as well…

Some believe that they are ‘neutral’, which is peak performative, because they truly do not care as long as they are working and their shows are running.

All of those things have their own validity.

However their ‘validity’ begins in bias. It begins in judging appearance before talent. It begins in the ‘do they fit’ category – and that, is bias.

Bias is hard to face. It is hard to face when you see it, and it is hard to acknowledge when you do it. TFP is not going to tell you “LISTEN TO BIPOC PEOPLE” because that statement is pointless.

You already do it, or you don’t.

But you must face it, head on.

Bias is what makes us, as great as we are to work with, carry our own suitcase of untapped rage around with us, hoping that the bunjee chord around the middle does not pick TODAY to snap and unleash the pain that we all carry around, real fury at the ways we have been erased from existing at something we are really, really good at.

We are on the stage and in the screens on a white person’s say so.

Which needs to change.

It needs to be acknowledge by all parties, and it needs to change.

So read it.

When you read it, when you feel all the anguish that is there on the page for even the most casual of viewers to pick up – perhaps you will get a sense of what really is going on with the ‘delightful ethnic people‘ you work with or employ.

You say you ‘love” us all the time, if you really do – you will read it.

Perhaps you will change a bit. Perhaps you will acknowledge more. Perhaps you will get a glimmer of an understanding as to what it is that people are fighting for.

The humanity of BIPOC people.

BIPOC of all kinds within our Industry.





All of us.

All of us together. The Humans with which you share this planet.

Read it.


TFP out.