The Fairy Princess is so tired of all the ‘winning’ we seem to be doing as a country – we now have more cases of infection than the country where the virus first appeared, and that says a lot about the ineptness of our leadership – except, everyone’s Zaddy Crisis Manager, NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo.


You’re doing GREAT, Sweetie!


So, there you are – self isolating – AS YOU SHOULD BE – and going out for solitary activities and/or groceries, and that is it – but…you are bored.

Perhaps you have Netflix and Chilled yourself into a coma?

Perhaps you have a small child you have to teach at home during this crisis and you now want to give every teacher a million dollars and send them back to school because you just CANNOT take it ANYMORE?

Perhaps working from home without pants was fine for the first few weeks, but now you miss your pants – which is something you never thought you would think in your life?

In any case, you need momentary breaks – and TFP has compiled a few for you, so that you can get away and get happy – or as happy as you are going to get during this crisis – and no, TFP does not expect you to write a book, create award winning drama, or come up with a new style of au gratin potatoes – that is some bullshit.


In any case – here are some things you could ‘catch up on’ while you are just me, myself, and I-ing –

ALEC MAPA, BABBY DADDY is available to watch on SHOWTIME


A riotous special about the ins and outs of adoption as a Gay Parent, it will make you laugh as hard as it makes you cry about the state of the Foster Care System today in America. TFP was lucky enough to be in the audience for this taping – she stans it.

Broadway’s JAYGEE MACAPUGUAY, (School of Rock) has just put together this short film – The Language Lesson, based on the Filipino Song Cycle, “On This Side Of the World” – which mirrors her pride in her heritage and her hopes for the future – directed by Garth Kravits and choreographed by Karla Puno Garcia.


TFP‘s recommends the webseries, JADE DRAGON, a faux docu series about a struggling Chinese takeaway in the UK.


Lots of British East Asians doing ‘their thing’ – being funny – written by Rebecca Boey , directed by Joseph Brett, starring Daniel F. York, Rosie Revan, Rebecca Boey, Anna Long Brophy, Stephen Hoo, and William Harry – it is a fun way to spend some time.


Not just to recommend things that can be streaming on the internet – have you all seen FAMILY KARMA on Bravo TV?

In terms of reality shows, this one is lining up to knock it out of the park – Feuding Aunties! Kids who are not Married and in their Thirties! Divorce! Rumors! Diwali! Hot Cast!

It is LOADED, and TFP is obsessed:


Come ON!

Also available on Network TV – NBC – now it will be ‘on demand’ is the show, PERFECT HARMONY which features a diverse cast and music as a main component – and who does not love that?


Lynn Chen‘s Directorial Debut film – which she wrote as well – will be available on Apple TV beginning May 26 ‘on demand’ – hopefully quarantine won’t go that long, but if it does – here is the trailer, and something to look forward to:


But to ‘prep’ for May 26th, you could go watch the previous two films, Dave Boyle’s SURROGATE VALENTINE (2011) and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS (2012) – and then you will be ready!


Again, with Lynn Chen, as an Actor – and a cast of very funny AAPI Actors comes, GO BACK TO CHINA, a film available on iTunes as of March 6th – about a spoiled rich Chinese American, whose Dad decides to pull her funding unless she comes back and works at the Family factory in China for a year.

Starring Anna Akana, Kelly Hu, Lynn Chen, Richard Ng, Kendy Cheung, Michelle Lukes, Akemi Look, Brittany Finamore, Ines Laimins, and Aviva Wang – you can view it right in your own home!


Alan Yang‘s new film, TIGERTAIL is coming out on NETFLIX (a format which has been beyond responsive to the AAPI audience and their need for content – Ali Wong, Jo Koy, Always Be My Maybe) and now….


What is it about? – According to Netflix – ‘A Taiwanese factory worker leaves his homeland to seek opportunity in America, where he struggles to find connection while balancing family and newfound responsibilities in this multi-generational drama from writer-director Alan Yang.’

Starring Tzi Ma, Christine Ko, Hayden Szeto, Hong-Chi Lee, Kunjue Li, Fiona Fu, James Saito, with Joan Chen.

It will debut on April 10th – again, something to look forward to


Please remember that you can also catch up with AKWAFINA IS NORA FROM QUEENS on demand, on Comedy Central,  as the season has ended now – here is a great interview with show runner, Teresa Hsiao, on the past season.

Remember, this show has a guaranteed second season! So if you missed it, you can pick it right up.

Starring: Akwafina, BD Wong, Lori Tan Chinn, Bowen Yang

If you think you cannot watch these shows and not be an über critical ass- we all trash talk one another – TFP is an expert on being on the receiving end of THAT- you CAN.

You can watch all of these talented people and not be dismissive.

Just remember, years ago – AAPIs would not even have been considered for shows/films like this – just as BD Wong states in this interview, TFP was told the exact same thing – multiple times – that Asians were not funny, and/or charming/charismatic enough to be anything other than bit players.

TFP was told this. To her FACE.

So she has tried to show you here – that statement is simply not true.

There are a variety of AAPI performers with talent and a sense of humor- and they have been walking against the wind a long time. The least we can do is turn on the TV or stream their work.

All the sh*t people talk about others – to elevate themselves, to make themselves feel safer, or more confident – it simply is not true.

Facts are facts. Science is science.

This virus could have happened anywhere in the world that humans and animals interact.

Keep your heads up, Kids – walk around like a badass – and wash your hands.

TFP out.