The Fairy Princess DOES NOT have COVID-19 – despite her being of Chinese heritage, and she says that simply to remind you that

  1. Viruses do not adhere to boarders – where one starts is not where it ends.
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS FOR 20 SECS at least!
  3. Social Distance is staying 6-10 feet away from people
  4. Stay home as much as you can
  5. Hoarding supplies when we do not have a supply chain issue is stupid/selfish
  6. Most people who contract the virus will recover, although we do not know if that means that they will then become immune from a re-infection
  7. This is transmitted via airborn droplets – not by race, not by blood, not by sexuality


Now, TFP has been ‘fighting’ – that is correct, she said ‘fighting’, the recognition fight for a long time.

By that, she means, she has been fighting for the right of Asian heritaged people (and btw, let us remember she has fought for not ONLY for AAPI people) to be visible on our stages and screens for nigh on…eight years come July. That is eight years of showing some of the best that humans can be – operating and creating art on the highest levels, and eight years of seeing some of the most racist crap to ever grace the stages and screens of the world.

Lucille Ball was quoted as saying she could walk into any living room in America and be welcomed with open arms – and that is what TFP wanted for AAPIs.


This virus and the resulting attacks on AAPI people falls in part, at the feet of the Entertainment industry for NOT embracing diversity, for NOT including AAPIs as main characters on a variety of shows, and for NOT having a variety of types of APPIs on our televisions.

They have not seen us, they have been, as Oscar Hammerstein wrote, “carefully taught’ not to see ‘us‘, and racial attacks during a pandemic is the result.

As we have NOT, for the most part, been seen by the mainstream of America, it does become easy for prejudiced people to dismiss us AS Americans – to ‘other‘ us – and the Entertainment industry  – Creatives, Casting, Executives – has been complicit in enhancing the bias that ‘we’ are not ‘real Americans.’


When a little kid gets knifed in the face at a Sam’s ClubTFP remembers that only ABC had a prime time AAPI family on television.

When her pal, Filmmaker/Writer/Actress Lucy Sheen gets harassed on public transport, with a man feeling comfortable enough to whisper in her ear, TFP recalls that though PARASITE won the multiple Oscars – not one of the Actors in the film received recognition or three picture deals from any studio.

CRAZY RICH ASIANS was hot for a summer, but did not lead to a huge bump for any of the actors save Henry Golding and Gemma Chan.

TFP could cite a million examples – but when the President goes on television and repeatedly calls COVID-19, “The Chinese Virus“, it perpetuates racism towards AAPIs. The only way ‘we’ could have repudiated it and challenged it was by having a multiple and varied representation in place well before this POS POTUS got there – and we did not.

Now, there is a Facebook group regarding attacks on AAPIs – every day she sees the numbers go up – let us be clear – though it originated in China – the chance of your average American being able to discern who is and who is not of Chinese origin in next to nil.

They are going crazy attacking everyone- particularly people who look vulnerable- the elderly, women, young kids…

Therefore, AAPIs of all shapes, colors, genders – we all need to be prepared.


We cannot be walking around without the B.D.E. – Big. D*ck. Energy.

You have to move like you are going to punch a mofo OUT, like out of nowhere you can pull a roundhouse kick, and you are going to have to walk TOUGH, my People.

This is some base level intelligence that we are dealing with – and the only way to survive is to be aware of who is around you at all times.

Do not look down, maintain aggressive eye contact and make them think you are a martial arts expert – walk like you expect trouble.

TFP does not want anymore senseless attacks on AAPIs in America – and if you call yourself an Ally – then she expects you will say something at the same time you are DOING something to stop the attack – you are witnesses.

Don’t just film it – stop it.


Make it happen, TFP has faith in you.


TFP has also – since the advent of HIV and so many of her friends and co-workers getting infected and dying – been a huge reader on the subject of viruses. Some might say, obsessively so.

She did not just pick up THE HOT ZONE and read it, dust off her hands and say “welp, problem solved’, she has been actively reading about viruses since the 1990’s.

She reads the CDC website on occasion.


Which is why she is ‘not surprised’ by the current situation – it was always going to come, the issue was going to be would ‘we’ the United States, be prepared for it.

Obviously we are not – because we have a person in charge who seems to be ‘sundowning‘ every news conference. He put someone in charge of it whose talents are better suited to being a televangelist, meanwhile his Senators, instead of warning people about how to prepare, are dumping stock left and right as early and as sneakily as they can.

The United States is not prepared.

We had been prepared under President Obama, and we would have been under President Hillary Clinton, but we have the Electoral College, so she was not POTUS despite being 3 million votes ahead and now we are not prepared.


TFP is not a virologist – she is not a part of the CDC – however she has done a lot of reading about viruses, and this is what she has learned from people far smarter than herself so she wanted to share some of their videos and what she has picked up over the years.

She hopes this will calm you.

To begin with, Viruses are looking for a host.

All viruses want a host that they can exist within. This is basic biology – they do not want to ‘die’, they want to live in symbiosis with their host. Finding the right ‘host’ will also have the virus finding a lot of ‘wrong’ hosts, and if that host is unable to bear the virus, in the first wave of infection – the host may die.

Most of the people who contract the COVID-19 virus will live, because that is what the virus is designed for – to find a living host. Many people will die, because that is also part of a virus that is respiratory in nature, and anyone that has a weakness is particularly vulnerable.

Most lethal viruses are not of human origin. They come from another ‘source’, aka species and likely they have lived within that source for a while, and then a ‘trigger’ happens, and where HIV has lived quite steadily in monkeys for a while, or while coronavirus occurs naturally in bats, the virus gets an opening to jump species, and it does. Usually there is a ‘secondary’ host for the virus and it is that host that ‘actually’ transmits it to the humans.

Flu naturally occurs in birds. People and birds have lived with one another for thousands of years and thus, the flu we get now is a watered down version of what it once was. Unless you go back to 1918, when a quarter of the world was killed by a virulent flu that had people drowning in their own body fluids, because for some reason, nature went back to the ‘pure’ form.

Did the practice of eating wild game contribute to this virus?

Almost certainly.

Did the practice of ‘wet markets’ – where live animals are sold for consumption and/or pet ownership contribute to this virus being able to jump?

Very likely.

You have a ‘market’ where you have panicked animals, in cages, from all over the world, possibly trading viruses among them, then they ‘nip’ a finger of a human, or they are consumed – and BOOM – there is your ‘jump’.

These ‘wet markets’ exist throughout the world – and it is not just Asia that has them. North America and Latin America also – it is a market that sells live produce.

Back in 2009 in the USA we had ‘Swine Flu” – which was basically a recombination of the flu that birds get, the flu that humans get, and then it found itself back in pigs.

Did we call it “San Diego Flu” because that was the point of origin?

No, we did not.

Did we call it “The 10 Year Old Flu” – because the first patient was 10 years old?

No we did not, that would not have been accurate and every parent of a 10 year old would have lost their mind.

It was named for the animal most likely responsible for the transmission to human hosts.

Which is why calling COVID-19 “The Chinese Virus” is racist.

It implies only Chinese people pass it, when in actuality, anyone that has it, is able to pass it.

It is an airborne transmission, and the ability to infect can be undetected, until it reaches a ‘vulnerable’ host. There have been just as many, if not more cases in Italy, and no one is attacking Italians or refusing to eat pasta.

However infection from an Italian citizen is generally more likely for Americans than one from a Chinese citizen, given that we pop back and forth to Europe like we are going to the market – not to mention, it was just Fashion Week.

Viruses can be anywhere, and pandemics can start anywhere there is human/animal interaction.

It is only by circumstance that the virus originated overseas. We have plenty of chances here in the USA to start a pandemic, and scientists have been screaming about it for years.


Right here in the American South for example, there was a pig farm in the USA who spilled excrement into the Mississippi River and now there are fish with holes right through them – meanwhile people continue to bathe and swim and wash their dishes in the river – that was just as likely  to cause an infectious virus, and it very well might.

We have in America “farmed fish’, where the sanitation is deplorable and they are eating their own feces as well as, on occasion, taking a nibble of others of their species. We have deer that are being shot and consumed that are not always screened for Chronic Wasting Disease, we have cow meal that until recently was being made of cow parts and which has a ‘human form’ it is possible to contract- leading to Mad Cow Disease.

The point is – wash your hands.

The point is – do not be racist.

The point is – self isolate/quarantine/social distance until they figure this out.

The point is – check in on your elderly or imuno-compromised neighbors and see if they need help.

The point is – panicking is not beneficial to your mental health.


TFP is really concerned not just about transmission, but about how people are going to economically survive this period.

If you have the ability to be financially generous, please look for places to give – meals for medical workers, vemo a financially vulnerable friend, give to a charity.

If you belong to a Union, see what they are going to do to help their members, and consider contributing.

We are going to get through this – if you are lucky enough to not contract it – good for you.


If you have contracted it, TFP sends you her very best wishes for a full and complete recovery.


If you have lost someone close to you to COVID-19, TFP sends you her deepest condolences and this hug.


Finally, TFP asks you to keep in mind that is it kindness that will ‘save’ us – not toilet paper.


Be well.

Wash your hands.