The Fairy Princess has a lot to discuss – a LOT, but first…the United States is about to have a new President and Vice President and the first thing they are going to do is cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline – and this. is. EPIC!

Huge win for the Native Americans and the rest of us that live on stolen land, but would also like to have clean water to drink.

Don’t talk to TFP about jobs or anything else – you cannot un-pollute land and water – it’s not possible – so protection of our natural resources is literally the only thing that matters.

All the snaps to Joe and Kamala as they start off with the most diverse cabinet held by a President in the history of the United States.

Oooh TFP just wants to hug everyone!

(Unless you stormed the Capital Building on January 6th, and then she would like to jail your ass.)

The SAG/AFTRA Awards are coming up – the nominations will be announced February 4, 2021.

Here is what needs to happen – and TFP is not just talking to the AAPI SAG/AFTRA Nominating Committee Voters because…we do not have the numbers, and the nominating committee is, of course, secret.

TFP knows this because a few years ago she was ON the nominating committee for the television category. While she was absolutely chuffed to spend hours and hours staring at each and every qualified project she was sent and/or emailed a link to watch – and she watched every single one, yes she did – when her ‘picks’ were made, she realized that the majority of SAG/AFTRA does not vote with inclusion in mind.

They don’t.

The majority of voters would like very famous actors that they feel if not for a unkind twist of fate, they would be, to attend the award ceremony. Or they like the performances – anyway, it doesn’t matter, the majority of the voters do not have the time to watch every single entry and so they vote for the one that they know will have the most buzz, get the celebs to attend etc. etc. etc.

Here is what TFP would like the SAG/AFTRA Award Nomination Committee to do – she wants you to SEE us.

That’s it.

She wants you to see us, the AAPI Community and all our varied forms, shapes, sizes, multi-culti, breathtaking breadth – and vote to nominate:


For YELLOW ROSE, TFP would like you to nominate:

Eva Maria Noblezada – LEAD ACTRESS




Here is the trailer:

YELLOW ROSE is a film about immigration, familial love, and country music – all principals which should echo with everyone – they are universal themes, and it deserves nominations.

The films TFP is asking you to support do not have to win -but they do have to be nominated. Nominations mean that people see them, and that shows support. Support from audiences across the spectrum of how we identify and what we have inherited from our families is vital to have funders back these projects. If the success of one can be ‘pointed to’ as an example, then more people will have a chance to succeed.

That is what TFP is asking for for these films – give them a chance to reach the wider audience.

The Golden Globe Awards, which is the Foreign Press Awards, chose to put MINARI in the Foreign Film category for the United States because a large part of the film is spoken in the Korean language, despite it being an American lead, an American Production Company, and filmed in the Heartland of America, telling an American story.



They did not have any issues with LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL or THE GODFATHER or INGLORIOUS BASTARDS – they are only showing their innate European bias to the film that captures the American experience in an language that has no European roots.

They do it because they can. They will still be invited to cover all the junkets they did previously. They will not be ‘shut out’ of interviewing stars. They did it last year with THE FAREWELL, as a lot of it was in Mandarin. They also did it because well, misogyny – Lulu Wang is a female director – while they did nothing to Bong Ho – in fact, they nominated him for Best Director for PARASITE.


Which is why SAG/AFTRA and their Nominating Committee has to take a stand.

You must vote to include MINARI in the following categories:






Show the Foreign Press Awards that SAG/AFTRA members will not stand for racism and exclusion. Being American has nothing to do with being able to speak another language.

Finally – do not sleep on nominating Riz Ahmed for his performance in SOUND OF METAL

Playing a musician that is losing his hearing, you can catch it on Amazon Prime right now – remember, when you see the variety of the performances, remember that they are people who are not being seen by the larger audience, and nominations are one way of changing that.


TFP wants to congratulate DANIEL DAE KIM, who, after 31 years and numerous television shows, after being paid LESS to be on Hawaii 5.0 than the white guys, and who left to form his own production company and create, among other things, THE GOOD DOCTOR, on getting his FIRST LEAD on a television series. First time he is the focus of the show. First time he will be in every episode.

After 31 years.

In the business.

Many are surprised by this. They think, “I have seen him on television for years and he always delivers.”

Yes, he always does.

He has an MFA from NYU and began working in 1991 in American Shaolin. He had the ‘most experience’ going in to H50, and where the lead of the show had only been known for doing the lead in television mini Australia.

DDK has hundreds of episodes of experience, is an outrageously solid actor, also happens to be one of the most gorgeous men on the planet, and until THIS year, he had to play second fiddle.

Why, oh reader, do you think that is?

DDK will play one of the two lead roles in THE HOT ZONE, ANTHRAX. His character is Matthew Ryker, an FBI agent with a specialty in microbiological weapons. This is a limited series for NatGeo in their scientific thriller anthology series, and TFP could not be happier for him – this is tremendous.

The new series, DOOGIE KAMEĀLOHA has just announced that they have cast in the title role, 16 year old actress and former star of the Disney Channel show, ANDI MACK – Ms. Peyton Elizabeth Lee.

The new Doogie is set to premiere on Disney +. Remember that, it’s important.

This show is created by Kortney Kang, who is right out of the ABC Family – and frankly the Carnegie Mellon Family – who is mixed race and from Hawaii.

The show is about a medical genius who is also mixed race. Kameāloha means is “the beloved one‘. The character’s first name is “Lahela’ which is the Hawaiian form of the Hebrew name, Rachel.

TFP has seen some backlash.

All that has been announced is the casting of one actor. The show description is about a ‘mixed race girl’ growing up in Hawaii who is also a medical genius. The actress cast is mixed race, as is the creator, who again…grew up in Hawaii.

What TFP has seen being said around the trash barrel that is the world wide web said is that the casting means erasure of Pacific Islanders.

No one wants Pacific Islanders erased – not Disney who approved the concept, not Ms. Kang who write it, and certainly not anyone who will appear in the show. It is just not something that is in any way rational to assume. Stop repeating that – it is not true, and it just stirs the turd.

Has anyone read the pilot? TFP hasn’t – but based on the breakdown in DEADLINE, these are her thoughts.

First thing everyone seems to get upset about, is that if the actress playing the role is not Native Hawaiian what about the name of the character?

The character’s name is Lahela “Doogie” Kameāloha.

Lahela is the Hawaiian form of the Hebrew name, Rachel. It’s origin is not, in fact, Native Hawaiian. It came from intermixing cultures. Just like Bette Midler is from Hawaii. Born and raised. Though, by heritage – Jewish.

They could change the character’s name to Rachel and solve that lickety split. They could change the surname to Howser and it is still about a mixed race kid- just a mixed race kid living in Hawaii named Rachel Howser. You could have Neil Patrick Harris play her 2nd cousin or something and guest star.

Is that what any of us want? Think about it.

Here is a screenshot from the Deadline article announcing the casting:

Pilots are funny things – they are the ‘ideal’ of what the writer wants.

TFP thinks that Ms. Kang wanted to include Hawaiian culture in the show – and that, by the way, is still there. Still being shot in Hawaii, there are Pacific Islanders that are intended to be in the main storyline, according to Deadline. Her father is being described as a ‘local boy’ with Native Hawaiian heritage, though of course, no percentages are given, because people are not percentages.

They likely auditioned several actresses for this role – while TFP will not say ‘hundreds’, because she does not think that would be correct, she would still bet that it was more than a few.

TFP is taking a wait and see approach to this casting – because many people have played relatives to other actors and have not been ‘the right’ heritage, as written.

Casting is entirely different from writing a pilot. To shoot this pilot – and indeed even to pay Ms. Kang to write the pilot, involves huge amounts of money. Sometimes the Network or studio is willing to go with an unknown entity and sometimes it is not. Look at the facts – they needed a young mixed race actress who has starred in a television show or film before – the list of people who are appropriate are few. A known quantity.

In fact, there are a few – they include Miranda Cosgrove, who is now 27. Auli’i Cravalho (Moana), who is 20. Everyone else does not fall into the ‘held up a show as the lead character’. Keisha Castle Hughes from Whale Rider is 30, so stop pulling names from the sky.

There is Isabella Russo – she starred in Kang’s last pilot – TFP has known her since she was…2? Ms. Russo has been seen on Broadway as the star of SCHOOL OF ROCK since the age of 11. She is now 17.

Sienna Agudong? Yes, TFP agrees, she would have been a great choice as well. She is 16, she is from Hawaii and has been lead in the Nickelodeon series, STAR FALLS, her first lead role in was in a NETFLIX film, NO GOOD NICK, and she was the lead in Disney Channel film, UPSIDE DOWN MAGIC.

She is Hawaiian, Filipina, and European. In 2020, she was attached to star in a sci-fi feature film, LET US IN.

Was she approached?

TFP would say definitely. Could she do it? Seems like she has a lot on her plate for this upcoming year. Pilots may not be seen, they may not get the green light to go to series – most actors would keep their focus on feature films if they have an option.

Again, the list is short.

Peyton Lee is 16. She has been on a Disney show previously. She has been a series lead. She is a really solid actress. She is not a cute ‘kid star’, she is more like a Jodie Foster style of child actor. She is of mixed heritage and could reasonably be believed to portray a person of many heritages.

Disney would never have approved an newbie actor for a role of this size.

They just would not have.

They want a ‘proven’ entity and they want someone ‘known’ because that person brings with them a fan base. The ANDI MACK fan base is growing up, they were loyal for three seasons previously though – and they will follow Ms. Lee to her new show, to see more of her struggles as a teenager. As a really bright, precocious medical superstar teenager. Disney has invested a lot of money in Ms. Lee. Also in Ms. Kang.

So there can be changes, and as TFP sees it, here are the options:

  • they can change the Dad from a ‘local boy’ – and make her extended family Pacific Islander
  • They can ignore it
  • They can run Ms. Lee’s DNA and see if she has any Pacific Islander because both the Chinese and Pacific Islanders were seafaring people because now, apparently that is what Actors have to do. (WTF)

TFP can personally attest to having Pacific Islander heritage (thanks to that she was previously unaware of – which is apparently, the way the Gatekeepers both keep her out and then miraculously include her when she fits the narrative.

However if you had asked her prior to the DNA test she would have replied that while she did not believe so, she has always felt ‘something’ when seeing people do the Haka that she could not explain. Now, she can explain it. She thought she was ‘just’ Chinese. She’s not. Mind blown.

TFP considers people of mixed race to be one family – no matter what the mix is, no matter who they love, or how they identify – if you are mixed race of Asian Pacific Islander descent – we are a family.

TFP may not even like you, but she loves you. (Hey, just the truth)

She reacts VERY strongly to being told what she is allowed to do. She reacts very strongly to people telling mixed race people what they are allowed to do, what space they may occupy, and what roles they are allowed to be seen in.

Especially by those who are not mixed.

You are not enough X to represent X.

Even if Ms. Lee herself is not of Pacific Islander descent, this hiring means the show goes forward and more Pacific Islanders will get hired – not just in the cast, in the crew, writing staff, in the office, in the catering, in the security – it benefits the film industry in Hawaii, which has been decimated by COVID-19.

The benefits of the show going forward outweighs any one role. Particularly because pilots are just ideas – they are like buying off the rack, and then having to take it to a tailor once you know who is going to be ‘wearing’ it.

The world is not perfect. Sometimes the people you would want are busy, sometimes the people you would want have conflicts, or no interest in doing what you would like them to do. Rarely is anything without compromise, and in entertainment, that should be stitched on every pillow in town, as a reminder.

Remember all the nonsense over Randall Park not being Taiwanese when they did FRESH OFF THE BOAT? Everyone went crazy “oh he’s not Chinese” – well, no – but he is funny as hell, and he’s going to change the future of television with his production company, so have several seats.

He was cast ‘within the realm of belief”.

All the wringing of hands because Henry Golding is mixed race and was in CRAZY RICH ASIANS repping Singapore? He did a great job – the world still revolves.

Show Business is not always going to get things absolutely right – there is still an element of ‘magic’ that has to be made – absolutes negate magic. Actors connect or they do not connect with a role – it is what it is.

Grace Park played Officer Kono Kalakaua on H50, and she is from Canada- no one seemed to talk about erasure then – or is that just something we yell about when the actor in question is a teenager?

Within the ‘realm of belief‘ is the way that casting has always worked.

Perhaps things will change in the future. Perhaps everything will be perfect. Perhaps we can all stop swiping at one another and let the show get up and shot before tearing it to pieces.

C.S. Lee is Korean American – TFP just watched him be a badass tavern owner from China on WARRIOR. Did it bother her? No.

That is Andrew Koji on the right side of the photo – Japanese/White English descent from the U.K. btw. Andrew plays one of the main characters in WARRIOR, who is supposed to be from China. Now showing on HBO Max. He is awesome. Is TFP bothered? Nope.

(TFP has been watching a lot of WARRIOR.)

Did Dustin Ngyuen playing an insane Tong leader also on WARRIOR bother her? NO.

Does she know that he is Vietnamese American…um..yeah. So what?

Realm of possibility. Excellent Actor. Amazing combat skills. Breathtaking performance.

(TFP told you, she has been watching A LOT of WARRIOR)

Does Cliff Curtis playing Samoan with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – they were brothers – did that upset TFP? The Rock is mixed Samoan, Mr. Curtis is not.

Did TFP freak out that Mr. Curtis is not Samoan?


Does she know that Maori and Samoan are two different groups: YES she DOES.

She also knows it is pronounced SAH- mo- ahnnnn and there are two different groups – American Samoa and Samoa but that both are Pacific Islanders and they are both considered Samoan. She also knows that the Maori and the Samoans all fall under the Pacific Islander grouping.

(Are you kidding, she has cousins who are of Fijian descent!)

Likewise with Manu Bennett, Temuera Morrison, Taika Wattitti – Taika played HITLER (very on the nose nowadays, huh?) and did she jump up and down and say he could NOT play German because he was not German?

Hell no. Because movies are not documentaries. Television shows are not documentaries.

Show business is money and casting and complicated and we should all welcome one another UNDER the umbrella, ella, ella that is API. We know what it is like to not be seen. We also know, as people go ‘up”, they take us all with them. We do not succeed when we tear one another down, a point that seems to be understood except when it comes to mixed race projects.

TFP mentioning that this is a ‘mixed race issue’ was met with sharp chastising – WHY would TFP say that?

Well, because it is.

Then j’accuse TFP for pointing out the bias when, in fact, she is of mixed Asian Pacific Islander descent.

Isn’t that interesting?

The Mixed race population is currently at 13% of the total US Population, and growing. You can go on platforms like Tik Tok and see how the non-acceptance of multi-racial people is doing real and consistent emotional harm to individuals who straddle those spaces where the gatekeepers dwell.

The pilot is the pilot and can be amended and rewritten.

“We” are the only group that does this to one another.

TFP says if Ms. Lee won the part, then that is who won the part, and everything else can be figured out later. She is the only actor who has been announced. The overwhelming lesson here is that the people will always find something to bemoan when it comes to mixed race stories and portrayals.


Because, honestly, they do not like that we exist – and that is the hardest lesson to have to learn over and over and over and every time…EVERY is exhausting.

TFP out.