The Fairy Princess was perusing periodicals when there was, she noticed at casual glance, a mention of The Tony Awards, she was mildly interested.


Absolutely no one noticed her interest, it was subtle.


As she read on MacDuff, she noticed that the big kerfuffle in announcing a host was that Tina Fey had dragged the poor Tony Awards along like a third string prom date, and ultimately had to just tell them flat out, it was a no.


TFP was left wondering – who was going to watch the TONY Awards this year with her, if there was no host?

Who had they asked?

Hugh Jackman? Busy.

James Cordon? Busy.

That guy with the three names who always does a great job?

Totes Busy.

For consolation, TFP resorted to the internet…and she remembered THIS video!

Upon first viewing – she had thought this was genius, and since then…well, Rachel Bloom has gone on to have a hit television show on the CW….that is produced by CBS Studios…which is broadcasting the TONY Awards!!!


TFP had a VISION – the Cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend should host The Tony Awards this year!

First of all – there is, of course, Rachel Bloom – totes hilarious, great writer, obviously an lover of all things Broadway – obvious because a bunch of the main cast of characters of her television show have actually BEEN on Broadway!

Let’s start with this lady – Ms. Donna Lynne Champlin!


Drama Desk Winner.

FIVE Broadway Shows!

Donna Lynne Champlin belongs to the the theater – however we are letting the television world ‘borrow’ her so she can make a lot of money and more people will fall under her spell.

Let’s face it, she is so talented, she will one day HAVE a TONY Award, so why not give her a hosting gig and see why people all over the country fall in love with her Paula every week?


Moving on….


Santino Fontana.

SEVEN Broadway shows!

WHAT? Seven in one…er… career?

Plays and Musicals.

And…Disney Prince – possibly the only Disney prince who turns out to be a villain – but let it go, Folks, it was AMAZING!


He gave you full on “don’t trust the good looking guy, he only wants your castle’ realness.

He can sing and dance – as can the entire cast – and isn’t that what we want to see on The Tony Awards?

Triple threats?


Everyone’s favorite Asian “Bro” – Vincent Rodriguez III came right out of the National Tour of ANYTHING GOES, performed in HERE LIES LOVE at NY’s The Public Theater…


Mr. Rodriguez can sing and dance his ass off….


As well as tap!


BEST OF ALL – because he IS the love interest, Josh Chan – he comes with a whole host of Asian Americans playing his family!


including fellow Broadway Performer, Amy Hill as his Mom and the one and only TONY Award Winner, Lea Salonga as his slightly self-absorbed Aunt who insists on singing at his sister’s wedding.


(The funny part being that no one would actually argue with that.)

Shall TFP continue?

She shall!

Gabrielle Ruiz!

THREE Broadway shows!


Pete Gardner!

Yasss, gurl – Broadway Show!


Vella Lovel!

She’s a West Coast gal! There is time! 


Not to mention, not to mention –the guest stars!!!!

Mega Broadway – TONY Winner Patti LuPone and TONY Nominee Tovah Feldshuh!


In fact, the only thing more Broadway than the TONY Awards on television now is the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

C’mon -they even do throw away musical references that only a few hundred people get and make no big deal out of it….


That is like, everyone that TFP hangs out with!


TFP is voting yes! She is voting all the yes-es!


Come on CBS – who do we need to talk to? If you are not going to go ‘snarky female comedian power show runner’, why not make it a #TonysSoWoke ?

Why not make it the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for the win? 

Er, the Hosts?

Why not?

Other people are booked – there is still time for them to write and learn a kick ass show – and it would be great to see all those Broadway folks who left us for television have a big, warm welcome home.


Best of all – this time there is no Electoral College to screw up the voting!

CBS – they’ll be swell, they’ll be great- plus they clean up good, and they’re funny as hell – a no brainer!


Get it!

TFP out.