The Fairy Princess is feeling this kind of way about the National Election


For those who may read this blog and who voted for the Orange Hate Pumpkin who is now putting a White Supremacist in the White House…which one supposes would make it the whitest of houses indeed, TFP has something to say – and this will not be long, and it will not be overly harsh and she has stated it on social media, so this is just an expanded version.

You may not consider yourself Racist.

You may not consider yourself a Misogynist.

You may not consider yourself a Homophobe.

However if you voted for the Orange Hate Pumpkin, TFP considers that you are.


Cuz you endorsed it – with your vote. You voted against reason and science and rational discourse – you voted for hatred.


Hatred did not bother you, it was not a deal breaker – and that is why you are a racist misogynistic homophobe.

Because you voted for it.  You endorsed it.

You have showed who you are, and TFP is doing you the courtesy of believing you.

You voted against TFP‘s Family and Friends, and their Families – you voted against Parents and their children and the kicker is – those who voted for HRC were voting FOR your Families – even if we disagreed, even if we didn’t know you. We were voting for you.


A vote is something that you exercise because you want the country to turn in a particular way – and the way you want it, Trump voter, is full of a lot of hate. You cannot dispute economic reasons – Nobel Prize winning Economists said it would be a disaster.

Before you get up in arms about how you voted and your reasons why – they don’t actually matter, because sh*t just got real.


There is a White Supremacist who is going to be Chief of Staff. They are appointing a Climate Change denier as Head of the Environmental Protection Agency. They are going to phase out Medicare. They are going to force members of a religion to register themselves.

Which violates the First Amendment, which reads:


The Hate Popsicle that is a certain blonde spewer of vileness even suggested taking away voting rights if all four grandparents of a person, were not born in the United States.


Now, TFP is actually a dual citizen of a fairly lovely country and so, if she is deported unlawfully because none of her Grandparents were born in the United States…well, at least she is not going to a conflict area. She is either going to be going to Australia or Ireland because…that is where both sets of Grandparents hailed from.

How many Americans could claim that all four of their grandparents were born in the United States? All four.


There are many reasons that Hillary Rodham Clinton did not appeal to different demographics but the one area that people seem to be ignoring is education. It seems that there has been a lack of teaching critical thought, and if we do not all step up to that challenge, we are only going to sink down into the tar like the dinosaurs we have now become with this election. Everyone is so concerned with trigger warnings, that critical thought is going by the wayside, and that is one thing we have to stop.

There has been quite a bit of justifiable weight given to news pundits normalizing hatred – which they did. There has been quite a lot of weight given to Bernie Sander’s supporters and the vileness they spewed at Sec. of State Clinton during the primaries.

Calling someone a ‘corporate whore’, when the candidate is a woman, is not running a clean campaign. Calling someone a ‘bitch’, even if you yourself are a female, is not running a clean campaign.

By the by – no, Sanders did NOT denounce it right away – so look, there we are, 2 Caucasian men called upon to denounce hatred against females and minority groups and there – with both Trump and Sanders, no immediate response.

Sanders later told his supporters to stop, but they had already shown the way in to creating a nice wall of misogyny for Sec of State Clinton to have to scale.


There has been quite a bit of weight given to Third Party Candidates and people who were just too damn lazy to get to their polling place, or who thought that waiting in line is a drag, or that they were just ‘not that into it’.

You did not have a candidate to ‘believe’ in? So what? Life is rough. Life is not about you and your precious feelings – life is about making the better choice for society.


Life is about sometimes you have to ‘suck it up, Buttercup‘ and vote for someone who would keep us going in the right direction, who had been working for women and children for thirty something years and who knows how to make things happen domestically and internationally


…or someone who repeatedly lies, but who happens to have a penis.

There is NO moral high ground here for anyone to look over the disaster the United States – which, we should really start by changing the name, no? – is going to become under the Great Hate Pumpkin and his tiny hands minions.


TFP has had six friends report acts of confrontation and verbal assaults since the election – one accompanied by physical assault on a child  at school – on their social media pages. Without sharing too much of their personal stories – they are all well educated, tax paying, society minded, contributing adults, or in the case of the child, the Parents are. Some are white, but members of a minority community, some were of Asian descent, and some were of mixed race.

These were in Coast areas – so imagine how bad it will get in the middle of the country?

However – before we all totally and completely despair – TFP has a thought.


The people on the front lines of changing America and American thought for tomorrow are…wait for it…Librarians and Teachers.



Librarians and teachers can actively combat the lack of critical thought that is a pox on our houses right now. Librarians and teachers can introduce this thing called…wait for it…books.


Books about other cultures, books about humanity, books about exploring, and kindness and manners – all those qualities we are desperately lacking right now in many areas.

Diverse books can help us all. Here is a list for teachers, that is pretty good – and here is another one.

Children are like seeds, you have to water them so they grow to be an actual plant. Librarians and teachers, along with parents, have an opportunity to show them worlds through books, that they have not dreamed of yet. Better yet, we should give librarians and teachers a mandate – to open one child’s mind, per day. At least.

Let us support Librarians and Teachers – approve their budgets! Pay them what they are worth! Pitch in, Parents and Community Leaders!

Creative and critical thinking is required to be a human. They are required to grow.


Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton were not born with silver spoons in their mouths. They got to where they are now because of education.

Because they read.

Just like, in fact, this guy.


So while we, the adults of this nation have royally screwed the pooch on this last election – inciting hatred and all kinds of bad behavior – we do not have to pass it along.

We have to help our Librarians and Teachers, and support their ability to teach subjects like science that is actual science, and math that is actual math, and reading that is not just about one book, but about ALL the books.

After all, if David Duke’s stepson, Derek Black can change his mind, so can anyone else.

We can all, perhaps take a page from the book that TFP reads, and has read to her child since it was given to him at about 3 months old.


Because as Oscar Hammerstein wrote all those years ago – you’ve got to be carefully taught.

And it seems like much of America, has been – much to the shame of us all.