The Fairy Princess is counting down the days to November 8th like…


let this be DONE already!

Randy Rainbow is the only thing getting her through this election season…and if the USA knighted people, she would write him in as a candidate, because…seriously though…

Now, TFP never has officially endorsed anyone – did not have to, this blog is only 4 years old and President Obama was doing great- but she will now. 

With 11 days to go in this election, it is her opinion that  ANYONE who could vote for the Orange Hate Pumpkin over one of the most qualified candidates to ever run for office who also happens to be a woman, well….ANYONE who could vote for THAT guy?


Let’s just say that not only will Houston have a problem if you try and list all your reasons why you think he’s a good candidate to TFP.

Done with the election BS, and done with all the arguing. TFP does not want to hear about your trust issues that stem from your Mommy issues that stem from your innate need to think your opinion is more precious than civil rights of everyone else in this country. If you did not get enough love in your childhood, go watch CHICAGO a few times and remember even Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly could not do it alone.


TFP sat through 3 Presidential debates, one VP debate and endless Social Media rhetoric and she’s finished with it all. Her friends are all well aware, as is probably all of the Twotter, but she is now, and forever, just like CATS…supporting the Democratic candidate.

TFP does not care about your third party ‘does not know where Aleppo is, sunk all their mutual funds into big oil candidates’.

They don’t know squat, and they are not qualified.

If you want to know who TFP supports for the highest office in the land – it is former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


Now here is some Asian American Broadway News….

Our favorite School of Rock-er, Miss Isabella Russo is leaving the show in November. She opened this Original Musical on the Broadway in the role of Summer, and is leaving it an older and wiser pre-teen.

TFP is sure you are going to hear much more about this multi-talent, and that is all she is going to say at this particular point. (But it’s good)


MISS SAIGON is coming back to Broadway and they are having their OPEN CALL in November.


An OPEN CALL – which was pretty much pioneered by the first production of MISS SAIGON low those many years ago – is when people can audition for the show regardless of if they are a member of the Stage Actor’s Union, ACTOR’S EQUITY, or not.

Please note, that you will have to join AEA should you land a role in the show.

Here is the ‘official’ notice from the Casting Office of Tara Rubin, which was sent to TFP earlier today:


Producer: Cameron Mackintosh
Music: Claude-Michel Schonberg
Lyrics: Richard Maltby Jr. & Alain Boublil
Adapted from original French Lyrics by Alain Boublil with additional lyrics by Michael Mahler Director: Laurence Connor
Musical Supervisor: Stephen Brooker Musical Staging by Bob Avian
Additional Choreography: Geoffrey Garratt
Production Design: Totie Driver and Matt Kinley based on an original concept by Adrian Vaux Costume Design: Andreane Neofitou
Lighting Design: Bruno Poet Sound Design: Mick Potter
Orchestrations: William David Brohn
Casting: Tara Rubin Casting

Coming to Broadway Spring 2017


Friday, November 11th
Sign in for Men: 9am – 10am
Sign in for Women: 10:15am – 11:30am

Dance Call:
10am – 11am – Men 11:30am – 12:30pm – Women

Actors MAY be kept to sing later in the day.
Women should please come prepared with a legit soprano song and bring your book if you have one
Men please come prepared with a song that shows your range

Pearl Studios
500 8th Avenue, 4th Floor, NYC


FEMALE ENSEMBLE – ASIAN; Strong Sopranos with excellent dance ability to play prostitutes, bar girls, refugees, Go-Go dancers.

MALE TUMBLERS – ASIAN; Advanced acrobats and tumblers; singing ability a plus, to play barmen, officers of South Vietnams Army, inhabitants of Saigon, vendors.

What to Bring:

Picture and Resume if you have one

Now, TFP knows that there is some reactions to MISS SAIGON that people have and she has some thoughts on that- which she has covered in the past.


However – she will defer to TONY Award Winner Lea Salonga (Now doing FUN HOME in the Philippines), whom TFP interviewed last year in regards to ALLEGIANCE:

TFP: …I think if you are looking at MISS SAIGON and only see prostitution, you are missing the point.

LS: You are missing the point.

Y’all can click on the link and go and read the entire interview – but basically – if you are saying you will not perform in a musical that mentions or shows aspects of prostitution, fine – but if you are only upset about Asian prostitutes being portrayed and not protesting equally shows like THE LIFE, or LES MISERABLES, or CABARET, or BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS…or the endless list of musicals that deal with prostitution – OLIVER, GIGI..then you are not really protesting because of the portrayal of women.


You are protesting a show that you do not want to see based solely on the fact that it has Asian performers – and that is ridiculous.

If  the Asian American Broadway performers or in this case, those who wish to be Asian American Broadway performers, want to go and audition for this show- it is their right to do so.

Do we go to your job and tell you that you cannot do it, simply because we do not like it?tumblr_n4ao20ujwv1rosb88o4_250

In theater, you vote with your ticket. You do not want to see the show – do not audition, do not purchase a ticket.

Those who choose to audition…may the odds be ever in your favor.


SPEAKING OF SHOWS THAT GET PROTESTEDTFP is appearing on a panel in regards to the new NY Gilbert & Sullivan production of THE MIKADO that is rapidly approaching.

The Mikado in the 21st Century:
A conversation with New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players

New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players will host a public forum on November 3, 2016, at 6:00PM onstage at Kaye Playhouse(68th street between Park and Lexington Avenue). The forum continues a dialogue between the Asian-American theatrical community, the NYGASP staff and creative team, and the Gilbert & Sullivan audience.

The program will feature speaker Dr. Jonathan Jenkins Ishikawa, professor of epistemology at University of British Columbia who is also a Gilbert & Sullivan expert and performer.

The discussion will revolve around broad issues such as the existence of orientalism in our culture and the need for diversity in casting, as well as the need for change in performance practice of The Mikado specifically.

The panel will share steps NYGASP is taking with the new production they are mounting this Dec 28-Jan 8 at the Kaye Playhouse. The discussion will raise questions of how a repertory company imagines new ways of presenting a classic work while maintaining the work’s artistic integrity.

The event will be moderated by Robert Lee, professor of Graduate Musical Theatre writing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Panel members include Assistant Director for the new Mikado production Kelvin Moon Loh (Broadway’s The King and I, Side Show); actor Scott Watanabe(Allegiance, Broadway Bounty Hunter); actor Erin Quill (The King and I, Flower Drum Song, Avenue Q); NYGASP Associate Director and director and conceiver of the new Mikado, David Auxier; and Producer/Executive Director David Wannen.

TFP is pretty sure you are all going…


because of course, TFP did ‘help‘ NYGASP come to the decision to table their production of THE MIKADO that was in their repertory, by writing a few (this one, and this one) pointed blog posts, based on the fact that she had actually seen their past production of the show.


That was then, this is now – let’s all get together and slug it all out and sing some high notes and patter songs in a civilized manner.

Won’t you join us?


TFP out.