Even The Fairy Princess gets tired, kids.

This is, not even kidding – the third blog in a day and a half, and quite frankly here is what you need to know – Marvel Comics Film Division is not going to cast Asian Americans – ever.


The news came down today that the character of Ganke Lee is going to be in the upcoming film Spider-man Homecoming.

Ganke Lee?


Yeah, the BFF of Miles Morales!


Oh – catch up Buttercup – Miles Morales is the ‘new’ Spider-man now that Peter Parker is dead. He too was bitten by a radioactive spider, but check it – it was IN GANKE’S KOREAN AMERICAN HOUSE!


So anyway, Ganke Lee quickly gets on the computer and does research and finds out that the now dead Spider-man was ALSO bitten by a spider and thus…the legend continues. Hurling Miles Morales into the malestrom that is the latest incarnation of Spider-man.

Honestly, it’s a great idea.

Because here is Miles Morales…


and here is his BFF, Ganke Lee


Now they are casting the major motion picture and here is a list from Unreality Mag giving you their top 10 of who should play Miles in an eventual film- NOT this Homecoming film, Peter Parker is somehow not dead, so Spider-man is still Caucasian.

Which is a shame, TFP would rather see Miles.

TFP is a fan of Jacob Anderson, because she loves Game of Thrones, but who knows who it will be?  The good part is, no one is saying that Miles will be cast in any way that would go against the very real triumph of having a Person of Color become a Marvel Superhero.


So no, we do not know who is playing Miles yet. We don’t even know if Miles is getting a film any time soon. However because of the way Marvel has folded one incarnation of Spider-man into another- in a redonk cross pollination, Peter Parker lives and gets Miles’ BFF.

Again- don’t know who is playing Miles or when that will happen, but in 2017 there will be a new film released.

As of today, we know who is playing Ganke Lee.

This guy:


This is Michael Barbieri, and he is going to play Ganke Lee – although the character will no longer have the surname Lee.

Because that would be too hard to deny.


Now, the character will have the ‘characteristics’ of Ganke – the BFF relentless enthusiasm and support, but he will not be Asian American. If you are up for a read, Inverse does a great job of saying why this is not ok.

Several years ago…this would not have caused an eye blink – because America did not have a joyful, funny, husky child actor of Asian descent on television who could do anything like bring a giant audience with him to enhance the allure of this film, that we knew of.


Now, there’s Hudson Yang from ABC’s HIT TV SHOWFresh Off The Boat.


Which is so popular, it is making history by being renewed for a third season.

Now, Hudson is a bit younger than the Ganke character, so one can see if they wanted to do any of the icky kissing type things, that they might want to go older.

However that is an easy fix.


They could have run out and done a Casting session or two to find the right kid to play Ganke Lee at the age he is written. 

Asian American teens are not something that America is running out of anytime soon – and with Hudson’s success, more Parents may be willing to take their kid on that audition.

Which is how Hudson was ‘found’ – FOTB is one of the first auditions he went on.


Needless to say, this is pretty damn stupid – so much of whitewashing comes down to personal preference of the Director and Producers, and what MARVEL is telling us – yet again, is that they do not ‘see’ Asian Americans in their franchises…ever.


Like never, ever, ever kind of ever.


Honestly, APIs need to stop buying comic books unless they are written by Greg Pak!

TFP is tired.


Three blog pieces in a day and a half about stupidity based on the inability to see Asian Americans as part of America – as a real, moneymaking, vital part of America – when every DAY you can look up an article on us and all our disposable income?



Skip this movie, Folks.

Don’t go.

Not just ‘Asian Americans don’t go” – everyone don’t go.


Because this is some Trump-like movie making going on, and we do not have to buy tickets to watch our own erasure from popular culture, we don’t.

Oh and MARVEL Casting?

Watching you try to pointedly and repeatedly erase Asian faces from cinema is damn exhausting. The relentless justifications makes TFP want to take a Silkwood shower.

TFB fines you 150 whacks of the wand for this unbelievably stupid addition to your history of whitewashing.

We have ALL had enough already! 


TFP out.