The Fairy Princess has been asked…repeatedly…what she thought of the Oscars. She didn’t really want to discuss it, but people keep asking.


Overall, she thought they were boring.


Binary discussions of race are boring. Binary discussions of racial discord in this country leave out so many, they should not be even considered as adding to a significant conversation.


A word about the #OscarsSoWhiteTFP had the honor of meeting and chatting with, and totally enjoying a conversation with the creator of that hashtag campaign, April Reign, at BroadwayCon.

TFP knows firsthand that #OscarsSoWhite was always inclusive, she knows it was always to be an open invitation to all People of Color, LGBT, Differently Abled, and so on – it was to be an inspiration. It was never to be an attack or an exclusionary hashtag campaign. It was never meant to mean that discussions of race are binary within the United States.

Chris Rock and Reggie Hudlin misunderstood the message. Perhaps because they felt under attack – but they misunderstood. And what was with they playing off Oscar Winners of Jewish heritage with Wagner? Come ON?


TFP was a music major – you’d better know she caught that one!


Did she think the Opening Monologue had a lot to say…well, sure, but she doesn’t know that talking about how disruptive Jada Pinkett Smith has been to the Oscar Show is the effective use of a Host’s time, nor did it come out as anything resembling the smart and funny comedy that Chris Rock has displayed time and time again.

He was sporting some Good Hair though.


TFP is a fan of Chris Rock, or she was, and might be again at some point – however this blog today is to celebrate some cool things that are going on, not revisit old stuff – and by now the Oscars is old stuff.


However she did want to say something to both Sascha Baron Cohen and Chris Rock as a Parent – and then she will leave it to better minds than hers to analyze and dissect.

As a Parent, watching you ‘diss’ Asian people – both by emasculating the Asian male and by telling us that Asian kids are both geniuses and child sweat shop workers – you made me scared for my kid.

Some might think that is an exaggeration.


How can you watch an Awards ceremony and feel scared for your kid, just because a couple of hundred very rich people laughed at jokes about his heritage?


TFP was scared for her kid because it is quite clear, at least in this broadcast, that Asian Americans are not included in America – in the America that was represented at The Oscars. Also, not only were people that looked like him NOT included, they mocked people that look like him. Those people that laughed at those two instances, laughed ALL ACROSS THE WORLD.

The Oscars are not a finite American Broadcast – they go internationally.


Sascha Baron Cohen and Chris Rock – you made me fear for my son, that if he goes internationally to any other country than an Asian one – including by the way Australia which he has direct lineage from – he will be mocked, possibly attacked – either physically or verbally because you have endorsed this kind of prejudice and helped it spread across the globe.

People will think he is an easy target, because even though he is only 3.5, you have emasculated his heritage- TFP has resolved herself to making sure, now, more than ever before, that he can defend himself physically and verbally – and trust and believe – you are not ready for the rain that is coming.


Comics are comics – TFP’s kid is her kid. You have made it unsafe for him, in a world that is already fraught with the normal xenophobia, you have both shown kids of other disenfranchised groups and kids of groups with advantages, who will suffer their own growing pains, a reason to take down my kid physically or verbally. You showed them this is socially acceptable. You both gave them the tools in this Oscar Broadcast, you gave them the “reasons” – physically or verbally he could be hurt because of your actions.

Both of which could scar him.

So you go sell those Girl Scout cookies to millionaires in an attempt to appear as a regular concerned Parent, when you and your wife are involved in a dispute about your $70 Million dollar fortune – and you think about that, Chris Rock. You have 3 kids, Mr. Cohen – so when you tuck them in at night, consider that you have made the world just a bit unsafer for TFP’s kid.

TFP had one more thought…


Now on to some good things – the casting for the new Broadway show NERDS was announced and TFP’s ‘Brother from another Mother“, Raymond J. Lee is in this new company at the Longacre Theater in NYC.


Along with fellow cast member Katie Lee Hill, they are holding it down for the APIs.


NERDS is exciting for a few reasons – female director – Casey Hushion, diverse cast, and well, because it is new! Although The Longacre Theater is feeling a bit Hunger Games for API’s right now – 30 go in, 2 come out… ALLEGIANCE we miss you – she wishes the cast and crew a long and happy run.

Geek it out, NERDS! Meet you in the Broadway Computer Cluster!


JJ Abrams, well known Director, Writer, and Producer and founder of Bad Robot Production company has announced that his Company is implementing immediately a different policy regarding submissions in all departments – acting, scripts, production – to diversify their talent pool.

Now, TFP knows that people will start screaming about ‘quotas’, this is not about quotas at all, it’s about access.

It is about all those folks banging away at their laptops with the next great TV show or film, getting past the rejection pile simply because they are not represented by the top 3 agencies. This is about the actors who keep trying and trying and trying – who are trained and marvelous, but who often get rejected because the Casting team feels they are not the ‘right look’, getting a chance to come in for more than one or two lines at a time. This is about kids who always grabbed a camera to go out and fram a shot, or edit sound, or any of the hundreds of other jobs in production – it’s about them getting a shot – that is it.

Could this all result in ‘business as usual’ on film sets? Of course. But TFP is willing to see if Mr. Abrams can make a change – he’s a pretty ballsy guy. Let’s choose to go with this and see what happens. Two things Mr. JJ – TFP will be watching this closely, and also…she’s available!


The Asian American Film Lab 72 Hour Shootout Competition Registration process has BEGUN!!!! Yes it has – that means in 72 hours, once the the theme is announced, within 72 hours, contestants have to submit a short film which will be judged by Industry Sponsors. TFP is proud to be a media sponsor for this event – which is an active way for people to gain recognition, experience, and accolades which empowers their careers as filmmakers.

It’s helmed by the brilliant Jennifer Betit-Yen, produced by Youn Jung Kim, and honestly, it is a hoot and a half to be there to see the theme announced, watch last minute pair ups for crews and then watch them all tear out of the room. TFP saw it last year – it was awesome. (Photo by Lia Chang)


The website run by Phil Yu is looking to fund another year. What started as an outlet for his personal use has grown into a full time job, that website is of course – Angry Asian Man.


The website is having it’s annual subscription campaign, and  would be grateful if you would contribute.


Likewise Drag Sensation  – Miss Coco Peru,

has a kickstarter campaign going on to turn her show, “Conversations with Coco’, which has been a sensational fundraiser for LA’s LGBT Center, into a pilot. Her first guest will be someone who could probably host the Oscars and do it in a faster, smarter way – Lily Tomlin!!!!


Wolf Trap Opera has announced their season today – Wolf Trap is a place that shows America what Diversity in Classical Music can and should look like. If you are an opera lover, or if you want to see yourself reflected in the Opera Scene – TFP suggests you go and visit Wolf Trap this summer. They will be putting up three operas – The Rape of Lucretia, L’opera Seria, and La Boheme.

There you go – there is a few cool things that are helping TFP get through the week. Let’s remember we are all in this together and if you happen to be a registered Democrat – there is a bit of voter fatigue going on – don’t let Drumpf happen!

TFP rarely turns the blog over to anyone, but take it away John Oliver – TFP Out!