The Fairy Princess was flitting about the world wide interweb today and it is..damn, the news is awful. Truly awful. She absolutely does not want to send condolences one more time to any school, town, church, or city where terrorism – domestic or otherwise has occurred. She wants these things to stop occurring.


In other countries, when they have had these things happen, they have restricted guns and guess what? They stopped happening. Australia. Sweden. Ireland. England. Germany.


It’s time to shut this all down, and vote out the people who protect the NRA and fail to protect the innocents who are the victims of our lax gun laws.

Everyone is saying it – but you all, come Election Day, can change it. It does not matter if your opinion is conservative, or if you don’t like the Democratic candidates – you have to actually vote the conscience you are supposed to have.

You have to make this election, this coming election about one issue, and one issue only.

Establishing gun control in America.

You have to vote against random acts of violence by voting for people who believe in gun control. You have to vote for this on a local level, on a state level, and a national level.

You don’t like someone’s fiscal policies, or you think they are too left wing? Who cares?



If you do not,  then you know what? If you do not vote these people out, you are the endorser OF gun violence. If you do not vote these people out of office, you know what you are – you are an enabler of gun violence.

It’s really that simple.

Gun control in this country is the issue. If you cannot vote for people who believe that gun laws should be tougher and mandatory, then you are allowing guns into the hands of these terrorists that are homegrown.


Write to your elected officials and tell them what is important to all of us in this country, before any other family loses a member to senseless violence – write them RIGHT NOWhere is the link.


The Fairy Princess wanted to take a moment to tell you about a campaign that she is supporting, yes, she knows one of the writers, but this is a unique situation, it’s a bit more interesting than the normal crowdfunding campaign.

She is talking about THE AMERICAN SIDE.

What makes this campaign different is – the film is completed.


That’s unusual with a Kickstarter campaign, usually the project is not complete.

In this case it is. Seems also to have some very fine acting going on – Matthew Broderick, Jeanne Garafalo, Camille Belle, Grant Shaud, Robert Vaughn, Alicja Bachleda, and of course Greg Stuhr all look to be turning in fascinating performances.

So – first reason – film completed, second reason – excellent acting.

Third reason she is supporting it is because the plot revolves around the work of Nikola TeslaTFP has always had a soft spot for Nickola Tesla. His genius got a raw deal.

Finally, TFP liked the pitch trailer – and…as they are not asking her to help fund the film (that is a big peeve of hers), but to help with the theatrical release of it, she gave them some money. Just like buying tickets ahead of time on your phone or computer – all those services charge a fee – this is her fee prior to getting tickets to the film.


It seems like a smart action film – and the world could use more smart action films. Also, it’s a noir film, and TFP truly loves noir films…


This one is set in Buffalo, New York – which, when you think about…surprising more films are not set there, it’s kind of perfect.

If you would like to see THE AMERICAN SIDE at a theater near you, take a digital walk to the KICKSTARTER link.

This is their last week.

Let’s hope they make their goal – TFP really wants to see this one.