The Fairy Princess has been that kind of holiday busy where everything is a whirl of everything else but she was getting many ‘requests’ for comments – which she thought would kind of die down, but have only been increasing, so she is going to just share thoughts about a specific viral video…

Most recently, NBC’s Saturday Night Live aka SNL put forth this comedy sketch – Asian American Doll.


People have asked, via email and social media, what The Fairy Princess thought, in an ‘official’ kind of capacity, so…


She thinks it’s funny.

It is a funny video.


Here is why – it’s making fun of Corporate America.


Making fun of Corporate America is fair comedic game.

TFP also believes that SNL is making fun of it’s own LACK of diversity amongst its writers and cast – and as they are willing to address it, TFP has to believe that NBC is on their case about it, and is working hard to ‘fix’ this issue.

What this video is showing us is the fear Corporate America has of getting ‘it’ wrong. Everything  Corporate America tries so hard to sell us and to brand us is brought to us via focus groups and demographics. Creativity starts with one person thinking differently. This video is skewering the concept of cultural co-option by committee, and TFP will laugh at and with that every time.

Because WHO runs Corporate America, Folks?

Think hard.

Yes, they all are, but who really RUNS Corporate America?

Yes, they all are, but who really RUNS Corporate America?

White people.



And those darn Caucasians are so hilarious, how can you help but laugh at…er…with them?


Now for APIs who are flipping out about this, here is what – you are exactly who they made this video for. The people who get annoyed when we are mentioned, but then who flip out every time we are not – you wanted to be included right? Well, there you are…

Enjoy it.


All that hashtag activism that has been done so much better by Australians (#IllRideWithYou), our  API watchdog groups and bloggers (TFP included), is both necessary and absurd. We can laugh at the fact that blogs like this one, and media watchdog groups have to exist.

We can laugh at it because it is absurd in this day and age to have to remind people that…


In this day and age to have to do this is…well…laughable. Infuriating and absurd and frustrating all at the same time. So ‘we’ will continue to go on writing and hashtagging – etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

For the record, ‘we’ exist because of things like this:


But that is NOT what the SNL sketch is Folks, not at all.

We are included in the joke here, we are not the butt of it. This video, to TFP says that ‘we’ are being heard.

It is the same premise that vaudeville existed under – if they are including you in the joke, that means you are breaking through. This video says to TFP, “We SEE you, we HEAR you, we have NOT gotten this ‘right’ yet, but we are working on it.

And…it’s funny.

So thanks SNL, you made TFP laugh, and that is just what her wings need, every now and then.


Oh dear, TFP just realized that her power cord is in the room where her kid is sleeping…ok, so that is all for now, will go “Into The White’ later on…