The Fairy Princess is looking back a bit, tonight is New Year’s Eve – in America – (elsewhere everyone is already drunk and bidding adieu to the year formerly known as 2013) and there have been some highs and lows – so though she RARELY makes resolutions – the usual resolution is “I resolve not to make any resolutions”, she is going to sorta, kinda, make a few.


1. I resolve to keep placing my child ahead of my blog.

The Fairy Princess has had some complaints about not being as consistent a blogger as she could be. Totally a valid criticism. I understand that if something is entertaining, you want to ‘keep up’ and ‘check back’ and so on. But here is what – my child is, today, 18 months old. My answer to the ‘why don’t you write MORE’ is simply this – he is only going to be ‘this little’ for ‘thislong’ – so I am going to thank everyone for their patience, but taking him to the park is more important to me than writing, as of right now.

Don’t worry, he’ll grow.

See? This was me as a kid, and I grew - he'll grow fast enough

See? This was me as a kid, and I grew – he’ll grow fast enough

2. I resolve to keep my voice and opinions heard in a more immediate way on Twitter.

The Fairy Princess believes in a lot of things and she has never (NeverEverNeverEver) backed away from sharing them. So if you want to know what I am thinking at almost the EXACT moment I am thinking it – I invite you to follow me on Twitter – @EQuill

Look at all these gorgeous groundbreaking 2014 may they all be working, working, working

in 2014 may these talented women all be working, working, working

3. I resolve to be as good a Friend IN PERSON as I am on Social Media

The Fairy Princess is not able to be all things to all people – but in the coming year, she would like to see more of her Friends in person, and not just quietly envy their party photos and all the magnificent things they do all year around. The Fairy Princess knows that everyone is busy – indeed, she is busy too – but in an age where it is so easy to technologically distance oneself – she is going to make a bigger effort to be physically present.

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

4. I resolve to maintain advocacy

The Fairy Princess is a sh*t caller. She is. What can I say – my Dad was a Labor Attorney and my Cousin, Mike Quill, was a Union Leader. The Fairy Princess will ALWAYS say something if it needs to be said. The beautiful thing about what is possible in this day of the Internet is not that people who make toys that help people murder waterfowl get to have their voices heard, the beauty of the Internet is that there can be differing opinions and that a post about an injustice can often spark a bit of a revolution.

The Fairy Princess maintains that while yes, there are ‘internet trolls’ who are racist ignoramuses, the majority of folks fall somewhere in the middle – and if you can appeal to both their sense of absurdity AND reason, you may just win them over – not with profanity, not with abuse of any kind – but with a sense of fairness and a sense of humor.

The Fairy Princess will ALWAYS say something

The Fairy Princess will ALWAYS say something

5. The Fairy Princess resolves to write a bit more about her relationships with GLBT People

This blog originally started as a sort of ‘how to’ guide for Women who, as grown adults, were just now having friends who were GLBT people. It was a ‘do’s & don’ts’ kind of blog – but then it got…well…let’s face it – the blog got hijacked by Diversity in Theater. NOT a bad hijacking at all – but I have to do more to represent what my original intention was, because it is how I live my life, and this blog should be a bit more reflective of that.

In Theater, we work with all kinds of people – and it is only by maintaining (in my opinion) a vocal support of who we share our lives with and why – that we will show people that Equality is for EVERYONE. That is why it is Equality.

Equality - UNDER THE LAW

Equality – UNDER THE LAW

WOW! That is FIVE resolutions! When The Fairy Princess usually does not make ANY!

Listen, on a lighter note – Have a wonderful and blessed New Years Eve Celebration – 2013 was not the most stellar of years in many regards for me personally, but there were some wonderful advances in Equality and a bigger awareness of the need for Diversity – both of which were very satisfying to see.

Is there room for more?

Of Course. Always. Every day.

My Friend, Anderson Jones, who has passed, always used to say -‘ IF THEY KNEW BETTER, THEY WOULD DO BETTER.’

In 2014, please help everyone to DO BETTER.

Peace to You and Yours,

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!