Fairy Princesses Don’t Show their Junk

Drag Queens are men, and so their junk is a penis, which they tuck out of the way – many times they pull it through their legs and tape it into place with duct tape so the front is flat. The idea is that no one sees it. Same with women, you wear a short skirt, we don’t want to see your “Queen Victoria”.

It’s a euphemism….think about it

Getting out of a Car Without Flashing…

If you are getting out of a limo, you remain seated, swing your legs out FIRST and place your feet on the ground, then have someone assist you in getting out of the car, so that we do not all get a flash of your ‘bidness’.

If you are driving, it’s the same thing – put both feet on the ground before you get out, then slowly stand. Just think of the scandals that Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton

I see London, I see (Paris) France….

could have avoided if they had hung around more drag queens that knew how to hide their private areas?

If you are sitting, wearing a short skirt, do not cross your legs at the thighs– cross the ankles and swing your legs a bit to the side, so that if your legs uncross, we do not see up your skirt. Some people who have very long legs can cross theirs and it looks all glam and fab and swoonworthy, but for the rest of us – keep the ankles crossed, it’s more comfortable, and that’s the strategy the Queen of England uses, so it must work.

All Hail, now THAT is a Queen

The impression you do not want to leave people with is Sharon Stone.