The Fairy Princess just put her almost ten year old on the bus. To school. An elementary school. She did not want to, because even though she is located in a “Blue” state, far away from Texas, people get shot here too. Thus far, no children at school, but let’s face it – it’s a matter of time.

In the past two weeks, 3 Korean women were shot at their place of business in Texas, 10 Black American, mostly seniors, were shot in Buffalo, NY while shopping, a Taiwanese American renowned Sports Doctor was shot dead at church while trying to prevent others at church from being shot and 5 Taiwanese American people were wounded, and now…we have the latest in a long line of tragedies – 19 Children were gunned down along with 2 of their teachers in Texas. Those children were mainly Latinx, as is the area, which is called Uvalde, and it is fewer than 80 miles from the border between the US and Mexico.

The reason TFP cannot say “all the Children were Latinx” is because their names have not been released, and that is because the damage done to some of their bodies that the shooter aimed his AR 15 rifles at, are so torn by bullets, that DNA swabs of relatives have to be used to identify them.

That work is ongoing.

It is time to stop screwing around. As a friend would say, “It’s been past time‘, and indeed it has.

TFP reaches people all over the world – and by the by – the world thinks America is crazy. We, yes, make a lot of money as our global superpowerness reigns over others and we step forward to take the lead in so many circumstances – but the people ‘we’ vote for refuse to stop gun violence because the NRA pays their bills.

That is not taking the lead. That is leading with greed. America is leading the world in gun related violence.

Just this last month we have found out that the Republican party wants to take away body autonomy from people with uteruses and, it must be stated, trans and LGBTQIA plus folx, while reducing their legal rights. They want to rescind marriage equality. We hold on to ‘child marriage’ in most states, so that a young girl can be forced into marriage with the permission of her parents, against her wishes. Now we have 21 more deaths to add onto their growing debt against America and it’s people.

Right now, America is a farce because we have let a domestic terror organization take over the Republican party, one lobbyist at a time. We became so convinced that it really doesn’t matter who is in charge, that we were not vigilant – and we let people like the Koch Brothers and the NRA buy all our politicians – and they are complicit, because they allowed themselves to be bought. We watch idly as Tucker Carlson and similar dreck spouting off on FOX News incite hatred and then shrug when there is a result.

There is a reason these gunmen aim at targets that are innocent. There is a reason that they believe FOX News – which should be listed as a Terror Organization, and be banned, as it is in New Zealand. They do it because all along, with it’s colorful graphics and it’s ‘us vs. them’ logic, they have been ramping up to this for years, and they are too far along now to pull back.

Unless America pulls them back. Mothers in Red States, you have to take a stand – for your children, and for our children. Fathers in Red States, the ability to hunt with a single shot rifle is a skill – tearing a deer apart with an AK47 is a crime against nature, and a cowards way.

When a similar situation happened in Scotland, they took away their guns. Likewise in Australia. Likewise in every Western Nation. Likewise in Eastern Nations. All over the world, automatic rifles have been taken away via access to purchase and background checks, from people who could potentially decided to murder someone.

In other countries, people may write their horrid manifestos of hate, but they do not have access to get the weapons that can kill 19 children in minutes, before they themselves have been taken out.

America will do nothing. Ninety per cent of America would like these laws enacted, but 50 Senators in Red states decided no, they won’t. They like the paycheck. Maybe they got into politics to do some good, but clearly they stay because bullying tactics to them, feel good.

There will be the usual howling of grief, and the Democrats will try and pass laws banning the sale of these weapons. However the NRA wants those weapons available if they decide to storm the Capitol Building again, so they will not allow that to happen. All those people killed in the past two weeks have been People of Color.

TFP repeats – the people gunned down and killed in the last two weeks have mainly been People of Color. Black, Asian, and now Latinx. America will do nothing.

This is not fixable by minority people.

Caucasian people in Red States are complicit in this crime wave against Americans. They have voted for these Senators that refused to budge on voting for gun safety laws. Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Krysten Sinema of Arizona, who purport to be Democrats largely vote with Republicans.

TFP is going to say the part out loud you are not supposed to say…Republicans do not care about our deaths. Heck they fear our birth rates unless they get to take those children for their barren women and raise them to enact white supremacy from a body with melanin.

Republicans do not care about the deaths of Black Seniors going shopping, Asian women at work, Asian churchgoers, or Latinx Children. They shrug and think “well, let’s see you rise those population numbers now’, all the while forcing women to have babies, but refusing to vote to help them feed their babies formula. They want baby farms and guns, and they categorically do not care.

Therefore it is on you, White America – to decide you have had enough. To decide you do not want these stains on your conscience. These deaths on your hands. You did not shoot the gun, but you pulled the lever to vote for those who made it easier to get them.

To be clear, one shooter was Chinese (He had a white supremacist roommate, which is probably relevant), one shooter was Latinx, and one shooter was Black – only one shooter out of the four incidents this past two weeks was white – the one in Buffalo who slaughtered 10 people.

They all enacted white supremacy. The skin tones of the shooters do not match. What matches, is the access. They had access to weapons, they had access to vehicles, they picked a target, and they killed people. The targets they chose, for whatever reason, they had been lied to about, they had heard propaganda about, they had created terrible fantasies about how eliminating them will fix the world – they were all psychopaths, in whichever way they got there.

Yes, they are responsible for their own actions, and yes, they can ‘just’ be evil – not discounting that angle whatsoever. However the people who voted for Senators that hold us hostage, and the people who watch FOX News and quote Tucker Carlson – they allowed it. They continually allow it.

If you are a liberal leaning white lady in the South- it’s time to step up. You have to call ‘those relatives’ and you have to keep calling them till they vote Democratic to get you to stop calling them. If you are a liberal leaning white man in a Red State who has been largely quiet because you feel it is ‘not your place’, it is time to take your place. It is past time, plus- YOU KNOW, but it was not comfortable to you to have ‘those’ conversations, so you skipped them. You owe America at least 10 conversations on gun violence per week till we get these people out of office.

Let it be known and SAY it, ‘Oh, you vote for killing kids and seniors? Huh, would not have pegged you that way, but thanks for letting me know.’

You have to vote these Senators out. Parents must take the lead. Gay Parents, Straight Parents, Non Binary Parents, Trans Parents – PARENTS HAVE TO DECIDE.

America is relying on you. No doubt you will let us down – because you continue to do so, but perhaps you will surprise us.

When TFP told her child about the shooter in Texas, her child replied, “A teenager! Wow, he just gave all his goodness away then?”

It is not just him, my child. It is not just him.

TFP out.