The Fairy Princess wants you to know there is good stuff going on around the USA, and she is going to make this a ‘feel good’ post – because every now and then we need that.

First off – on the SAME NIGHT – Cinemax premiere’s the new series WARRIOR, which takes place in the United States, at a time not anywhere within recent decades. Why is this important? Well, because – Asian Americans, and the first immigration wave of course was Chinese, were in the United States since 1815.


1815 was the first ship to arrive in the United States with sailors who became merchants – or one supposes they could have been merchants first, then sailors for the purpose of the trip, and then merchants once again – who knows – the POINT is – how many Asian Americans have been aware that ‘we’ have been here since 1815?

WARRIOR is set among the Tong Wars in the late 1800’s. The concept of placing Asians within America’s history via a series like this was Bruce Lee’s – and he would super proud of his daughter, Shannon Lee for getting this series up and running.

What are the Tong Wars? Basically – gang wars over territory or ‘honor’. They were in every city where there was a Chinese faction, though San Francisco was the most brutal and long running – and only one, the Hip Sing Tong was bi-coastal. Though originally founded by the Chinese, they welcomed the AAPI diaspora – which, when you think about it, was very forward thinking.

The cast includes British East Asian, Andrew Koji in the lead role, and then a roster of badass talent best known on New York stages like, Hoon Lee, Perry Yung, and reunites director, Justin Lin with his Better Luck Tomorrow star, Jason Tobin. Rounding out the main company are Dianne Doan, Olivia Cheng, Joe Taslim, Dustin Nguyen,  and some white people who do not need the promotion.


Next up – TONIGHT is the 100th Episode of ABC’s FRESH OFF THE BOAT and TFP needs you to turn on your televisions and keep the love going. This is history making – as it, this has never happened before.

That is correct, 100 Episodes of a Television show about an Asian American Family that has made it into the zeitgeist has NEVER happened before.

Let TFP interject a personal story here – her son was sick, and as a result he had to stay home. On the day he stayed home, TFP at a certain point during the day, turned on the television and he was fascinated. Because he was watching FOTB ‘on demand’. TFP had tried before with him, but honestly, he was too young to understand it.

Now, at six years old, he understood. He asked for episode after episode and when he was asked why he was now fixated on this show, he said “Because they look like me.” Even with all the media reluctantly adding an AAPI cast regular, even with as varied as the landscape is now – and as sure as TFP is that that trend will continue – her son was fascinated by Fresh Off The Boat.

Representation matters.

He has seen ‘himself’ on television, he can watch it from his couch. He knows he has a ‘place at the table’ moving forward. Who knows what this does to his brain?

TFP is not sure what that feels like, but she is thrilled that, at age 6, he has that knowledge.

Congrats to ABC and the Cast, Crew and Creatives of FRESH OFF THE BOAT.

2nd Annual CAPE Poker Tournament - Arrivals

RIZWAN MANJI has been cast in Bradley Witford’s new pilot, PERFECT HARMONY, where he will play Reverend Max, the pop culture loving pastor where Witford’s Ivy League Music Professor comes to take charge of the church choir.

Long may it run!

KILLING EVE Season 2 is coming!!!!!! THIS COMING SUNDAY APRIL 7th!

So much love for Ms. Sandra Oh, who is living her BEST life and getting to do all the things that we, as supporters wish for her, and all the things she wishes to do.

Starring in a show? Check.

Hosting Saturday Night Live? Check.

Winning Awards? Check. (Golden Globes, SAG Award, Critic’s Choice)

You GO Sandra Oh!


One of the funniest people in the world – ALEC MAPA – has joined the show DOOM PATROL as Animal-Vegetable-Mineral- Man, with an extra Dinosaur Head and some other features on the streaming DC Universe.

TFP doesn’t quite know how to handle this show, but she is known for her love of puppets and the bizarre – so she LURVES it! Also – seeing ALEC MAPA on any screen makes your day better!



WAIT – there is MORE!

#StarringJohnCho is yet again, a thing!

He is taking on the lead role in a live action series about a Space Hopping Bounty Hunter, based on a popular anime series,  COWBOY BEBOP for NETFLIX and this is super exciting.

The writing staff looks somewhat inclusive and gender diverse – Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Vivian Lee, Jennifer Johnson. Liz Sagal to name a few – TFP thinks this will be a fun watch, she is going to gear up to binge it.

Go John Cho!

(And go @its_willyu for developing this concept and creating art work to show how easily one casts great talent in major films.)

SARAYU BLUE is going to be be in the Jenny Han book inspired sequel “ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE along with star, Lana Condor!

Super Hawt! Wow, this month is LIT and we are only 5 days in!


Finally, Asian American Film Lab has opened up it’s 72 Hour Shootout Registration – the actual shoot out will take place the first weekend in June 2019. The theme will be announced at the ‘launch’ of it – so not to have to contend with cheating – and then the clock ticks down.

What it is: you and your team have 72 hours to write, cast, direct, film and edit a short film based on a theme, which varies from year to year. There are a bunch of workshops to help you prepare for this adventure and there are a ton of prizes to win, which include mentorships by Entertainment Professionals at NBC and ABC, cash prizes, and so on – with a chance for your winning short to be shown at the Asian American International Film Festival in NYC.

You want more stories – make them yourself!

There you go, this post should make you feel all the feels – #AAPIApril – who would have thought it?

TFP out.