The Fairy Princess wanted to acknowledge some good things – every once in a while…we need some good news – and we have HAD some, so everyone give a big YAAASSS cuz the the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians just walked in on some early influencer screenings like..


Take a look at the very first Rom Com that has Asian Americans, British East Asians and Asians from Asia, working together, speaking English and various other languages, but primarily English, in something that was not set in a mythical long ago-ness, that does not have a white haired witch, flying, bamboo forrests, swords or dragons….

Looks hot.

Looks really hot.

TFP would not be lying if she had been afraid that too much pressure was on this film, like we were all looking at it and coaching it to do better in math, piano, science, ballet, violin, open a charity, and get a perfect score on the SATS…


But, it looks like it just might have…and that is #ALLTHEFEELS, and all the phoenix from the ashes BS that we are fed from cradle to the grave, and…that is some GOOD NEWS!

Special shout outs to Constance Wu and Nico Santos- having very very briefly known you at some point in the past, TFP is beyond thrilled for you to be featured in glorious technicolor, breathtaking cinemascope and stereophonic sound!!!!

Here is a commitment TFP asks you to consider…she would LOVE it if you can take the #TFPChallenge, all ye early influencers – promise to get ten friends or family to purchase tickets for OPENING WEEKEND, which is in August 17th.


Come on, nothing big happens in August, everyone wants to be inside anyway, because it is too damn hot!

TFP does not want only AAPIs in this film – she would request that all People of Colorwho enjoy going to the movies, ALSO purchase a ticket.

AAPIs have come out in the past, not in ye olden days -in the very recent past, for movies where People of Color needed support to show that they are influencers and money makers just by being present in a story that needed to be told, and TFP would like to call upon those who have called upon us.

Quid Pro Quo, Clarice...we are all going to hear these lambs TOGETHER….


Another big win for the world in general is that Sandra Oh, everyone’s favorite Grey’s Anatomy alum is on a new show on BBC America, KILLING EVE, for which, she said during an interview,she did not think she was up for the lead when she got the script.

She was all about combing it to look for a plucky sidekick.

But no one puts Sandra in a corner, so DANCE BREAK!!!!!


Playwright Lauren Yee is on the bill at The Atlantic Theater Company in NYC – her play, THE GREAT LEAP is set to open on May 23rd. Directed by TAIBI MAGAR, and starring BD Wong, Ali Ahn, Tony Aidan Vo, and Ned Eisenberg.

Here is from the Atlantic’s website:

San Francisco, spring 1989. Manford Lum, locally renowned on the sidewalk basketball courts of Chinatown, talks his way onto a college team, just before they travel to Beijing for a “friendship” game. When they arrive, China is in the throes of the post-Cultural Revolution era, and Manford must juggle international politics and his own personal history. Inspired by events from her father’s life and (short-lived) basketball career, playwright Lauren Yee (The Hatmaker’s Wife) makes her Atlantic debut with this tender and fearless new play.

TFP thinks that one of Ms. Yee’s most dazzling qualities is that she has the ability to combine humor with stories of the past that are engaging, personal, and continually pose questions that need answering in today’s world.

You can grab that Off Broadway Ticket on the Atlantic Company’s website…




And now, we gots to have a moment….


Now, remember when Ed Skrein stepped down from HELLBOY? Well, Broadway’s Sierra Boggess, has alsostepped down from a role that had a lot of repercussions about representation – the London Concert of West Side Story.

Which is something she certainly did not have to do, but she listened and showed openmindedness. Generally, when people stand up and do something that noticeably affects People of Color – you acknowledge it and appreciate it – it honestly does not happen often.

Having only briefly seen her as a ‘person’ on the stage @BroadwayCon and then of course, on the stage in performance, TFP always had a feeling that Ms. Boggess was a cool chick with raging high notes – and now we of the theater know, she is indeed a cool chick.

Thank you Ms. Boggess.


The idea that concerts are not the same as shows, and that what ‘flies’ in an orchestral setting does not mean endorsement of long held problematic castings is…well, it is naive to say the very least.

Sometimes, those concerts give the spotlight to people who are underrepresented getting to show off their skills and open up minds about what the possibilities are when ‘we’ get the ‘same’ opportunities to shine.

Sometimes, they just let people sing songs that are culturally messy and the premise that they are just concerts allows them to do that.

A non-Latinx Maria is a problem.

Thanks to some activism spearheaded byProject Am I Right, and various other folks on social media, this concert – which is yes, to be filmed as a permanent record – will show that they can find an outstanding Latinx Maria, and no small Latinx girls who are watching will think that they do not matter.

Don’t make this super personal Folks, it is all about the kids.

Representation does matter.


Speaking of which – “RICANSTRUCTION: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico” is, for the FIFTH WEEK IN A ROW – the NUMBER ONE PRE-ORDER on Amazon!


TFP is thrilled about this because Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is da BOMB for getting this all together and getting support from DC Comics, Celebrities, and Artists to pull off this 200 page comic anthology.

Please pick up a copy!


The Good Doctor from Daniel Dae Kim‘s Production Company, got a pick up from ABC – showing us again, that they do have a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

Brava Tamlyn Tomita and the rest of the Company!


Also…this just in…


Literally days away!!!!



Overall…it has been a good week, Y’all – let’s remember that

TFP out.