The Fairy Princess‘s  toddler had four “Revolutionary Costumes for the Day’ – four, before Noon.


Oh HIIIIIII‘. Indeed.

Grandmas should not be handing out chocolate covered strawberries like it was revenge, but there you go. (And maybe it was, I was a tough kid)

Short post today, just to ‘sum up’ as it were:

Ok, so fun things – The Fairy Princess spoke on her friend, Dennis Hensleys Podcast, “Dennis, Anyone?”

Dennis is a writer, a director, and most recently, was one of the Writers for Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, on E! We have been friends for a ton of years, and I find him outrageously delightful. He also has two books I heartily recommend – Screening Party and MisAdventures in the (213)


The Fairy Princess appeared on Global Village Broadcasting, on the show, Cabarabia, Hosted by Director/Producer Clifford Bell. Clifford directed me in my very first cabaret show, They Shoot Asian Fosse Dancers, Don’t They?, so it was great to catch up with him.


AND…just to wrap up, she found this really fun little clip from when she went on the Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius, Jim Colucci was hosting, and she talked about the 10th Anniversary of Avenue Q.

And this is what a gal dressed as a Drag Queen looks like:

The House of Xmas Eves...

The House of Xmas Eves…

Only in regards to myself, of course – everyone else looks fantastic.

And THAT is probably one of the shorter blog posts I have done, but in case you wanted to hear what The Fairy Princess sounds like – there you go!