The Fairy Princess’s head is kind of spinning – there was a LOT this week, so since the post was getting too enormously long, she’s going to divide it up into THREE!


Here’s just two things that I am happy about:

Here Lies Love re-opened at the NY Public Theater. What she loves about this is that it proves that a show starring Asian Americans, telling an Asian story, can not only be a sellout success, but it can come back and sell out again! This bodes well.



Then the kerfuffle at The Lantern Theater Company that she first addressed on February 18, 2014, had a bit of closure when the Artistic Director, Charles McMahon sat down with Japanese Artist, Makoto Hirano.

Mr. Hirano, wrote his letter addressing the situation titled “How To Stage Your Show Without Being Super Racist” in early March, on or about the 5th.

Would she have asked some different questions? Undoubtedly. However, Mr. McMahon makes it clear in the video that that would not have happened in any case, because The Fairy Princess is not a local Philadelphia Artist.

So be it.

Closure asked for, closure received.

Thank you Mr. McMahon for your honesty and candor. The Fairy Princess appreciates that you agreed to talk about this issue on camera, with a Japanese born American staring you down the entire time. She gets that this was uncomfortable for you, and she appreciates it.

But Lantern Theater….we’ll be watching you.

Cuz you thought THIS was ok:

Jered McLenigan as Anthony - Photo by Mark Garvin

Jered McLenigan as Anthony – Photo by Mark Garvin


It’s not.

So just know that we’ll be watching, and if we see it again….